Use The Donkey to Collaborate with other writers – Screenwriting Tips

Hi this is Pietro. Would you like your
story to be terrible? I do. Don’t be afraid of getting bad ideas,
they can always get better. Befriend the bad version, the
embarrassingly bad version. Me and some writer friends we call it: The Donkey. You would hear us
pitching some ideas with phrases like The Donkey is that he hides
her in the closet. It works great with using cliches as examples like “He spills coffee on her and their eyes meets” or “The Donkey is that he gets shot but turns
out he was wearing a bulletproof vest”. Terrible, right? Yes, that’s what you need. Something to work on and something
to share what you’re aiming for. It’s freeing and it puts everyone at ease. They start sharing their bad ideas and
you’ll be surprised how much bringing something new to the table can do.
Someone else can take your bad idea and turn it into something great. So, how do you write a great story? You write the bad version and then you fix it.

One thought on “Use The Donkey to Collaborate with other writers – Screenwriting Tips

  1. Great message to screenwriters. People fear bad writing because of confidence. They worry about criticism. If we embrace all writing, we will show respect for the craft!

    Your screenwriting tips give me positive energy. I went through a lot of these challenges nearly 20 years ago. Even put my dream on the side to focus on a better way to live my dream..

    Truth is, there is no better time. Just like you shared in this video, we just gotta write no matter what we create. It can always get better in the revision process. Other writers can be hired to revise.

    I like your office space. I see R2D2 in the background! I would love to have an office space like you do. One day, it will happen.

    Keep on sharing those awesome screenwriting tips! Your wisdom is greatly appreciated! Enjoy your day! Thank you for what you do to make a difference. ✍️🌟✨😊

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