US Schools Try New Bilingual Education Method

at the London town Elementary School in Centerville Virginia the day begins pretty much the same as at any American school except that in some classes only Spanish is spoken during the Pledge of Allegiance the patriotic oath that kicks off every school day in America it's only story other feet soon hi this is a second grade class where the children are learning crucial subjects like language and math completely in Spanish later in the day they'll switch and learn only in English it's a method that's called Dual Immersion bilingual education and its proponents say it's been very successful muy bien viral Maeda used to teach in her native Puerto Rico in her class here half the children are from families that speak Spanish at home and the other half are native English speakers so what happens is when this both groups comes together they are learning from you know one from the other which is the greatest thing that is happening plato's tsk be fear and they start them young here guess esto in Eleanor Zola's kindergarten class children from english-speaking families may have never even heard Spanish being spoken before okay a child before eight is a language learning machine that's their reason for being for the most part so this is the time to learn a language these dual or two-way immersion programs are certainly a hit in the last decade hundreds of schools across the country have started them barzola says spanish-speaking children benefit from learning their own language the goal of the dual language program is to teach low income Hispanic children English good English social English and academic English and that can only happen if they have a good solid foundation in their first language really want to get some good reading done but critics are still not convinced these programs will work they argue that in the past bilingual education discouraged Hispanic students from learning English KC McAlpin is director of the advocacy group pro English the experience of history has made us a bit skeptical okay because it's another thing that sounds like on the surface is a great idea but immersion programs are on the rise in major metropolitan areas around a dozen schools in this County outside Washington DC have them in Spanish as well as French German and Japanese some of these sixth graders have been immersed in Spanish since kindergarten my parents think it's good for me no more languages Joe megusta ah I attended español porque yo quiero up in their fortress linguist it's not really teaching it's really just like being in the environment of everyone's talking Spanish and you just catch on control American schoolchildren still don't learn languages as well as in other countries in fact many US schools are cutting foreign languages to save money while some states are passing English only laws but schools like this one still believe multilingualism is the best way to keep the door from closing on their children's future jerome socolovsky VOA news Centreville Virginia

26 thoughts on “US Schools Try New Bilingual Education Method

  1. This is why people speak half Spanish half English and it makes ZERO SENSE TO ANYONE EVEN 911 operators are not sure what they’re saying—

  2. So they gave up English for Spanish.
    Shame on the USA administration. Do they teach English in Mexico and Puerto Rico schools?????????

    American children are being PUSHED OUT for MEXICAN KIDS.

  4. This is not “new” and it’s not brain surgery. Most children around the world are easily able to be bilingual or multilingual— I don’t know why so many people in the US think US children are incapable of the same.

  5. I was in bilingual education from kindergarten through third grade, in the late 70s to early 80s. Bilingual ed isn't new.

  6. I absolutely LOVE how there are a plethora of videos about the research on bilingual education that are well presented….oh but these videos are in other languages sorry Monolinguals, you probably wont' be able to get anything out of it.

    You will get to comfortably and easily slam bilingual education here in English videos because frankly, you can't speak about it to a wider audience and thus are handicapped unfortunately by a natural ….ignorance of any other people speaking other languages who ALSO have these conversations.

    You can comfortably comment in these videos, completely ignorant of the wider world and their hundreds if not (for some regions) thousands of years experience in living in the REALITY of various cultures and languages trapsying through their lands.

    Seriously, SO MANY other countries speak more than one language as a STANDARD. Are you going to let YOUR failing to learn another language impeded the rest of children who have the opportunity to connect globally?

    Are you going to REALLY let your ignorance cloud potential learning for other children? 

  7. If I am biased, then I am biased in favor of America & it's de faco language – English.  My step children briefly attended a bilingual school while they lived in Califonia.  The reality was that they received only half of the course instruction because they simply tuned out the teacher when the class was conducted in Spanish.  Presumably the same happened the other way around.  What this meant was that when they got home, their mother had to teach them the material they missed which was presented in a foreign language.  But, on this account, I doubt the same happened the other way around.  What it all boils down to is the refusal of Mexicans & other Spanish speaking immigrants (legal or illegal) to assimilate & become Americans.  All of the other ethnic groups that have come before them have accomplished this.  The extent of our ethnicity is borne in our last names; the vestige of our paternal grandfathers.  We are, by all other accounts, American.   Assimilation means abandoning the old & embracing the new.  It means the melting away of the former cultural identity & the blending into America; not remaining seperate & distinct.  It means not engaging in self-segregation.   

  8. I don't believe Bilingual programs the way they are built now don't have promising results. The solid native language should be home-schooled, or done in an all Spanish environment like they do in Chinese-American schools in the U.S. Chinese-American kids are placed into these weekend and summer schools by their parents. Chinese-American kids attend these classes and regular American schools; it might mean more homework for them but they still attend. They are sent their to finish learning their native language (they also learn more about their culture). Just like the teacher in the video said that it benefits bilingual students to solidify their native tongue. This program should only be applicable to bilingual not mono lingual students.

  9. White people and closed minded it's the United States let's make this country better by learning more then one language you redneck

  10. Americans speak English.  If you want to be here, you need to adapt & assimilate.  You need to become an American, not merely some foreign national who happens to live in the USA, benefitting from all of its advantages.  If you wish to remain what you were, then please stay where you are.  But, if your desire is to become an American, then you are more than welcome to come here legally.  It might be a lengthy process, but it is well worth the wait.  And, as stated before, Americans speak English, & only English.  There is nothing in the day to day existence in this country that requires anyone to do anything else.

  11. Bilingual education is best effective when teaching at the elementary level. The rapid growth of the brain allows for language development to thrive. Studies show that it takes on average 7 years for a person to master a language, it takes longer if you start at 7 years of age and above. Other countries including Mexico have started to do this in their schools. Every year they are deporting 1,000 u.s citizen children to mexico because thy dont want to be separated from their families. The districts who are receiving these student are paying for bilingual teachers to teach at their schools in order to communicate with the mexican american students. Interesting right? I learned this in class last week.

  12. This is a waste when teaching fully in Spanish to kids who speak mostly Spanish.  Teaching Spanish to English speakers is really cool.  It sounds nice but Hispanic kids need to get a super grip on English while they are young. 

  13. A Multi-Ligurian culture is best for the future of this country. It will make us much more competitive in a globalized economy. I don't know why the entire country hasn't switched to this method. Well I know why, because there racist, extreme capitalist, bigot, dumb, selfish, reluctant to change, ignorant fucks;)

  14. yes, i know mandarin, english, portuguese and spanish
    sim, eu saber mandarim, ingles, portugues e espanol
    si, se que mandarim, inlges, portugues e espanol

  15. usa bilingual english and spanish oficial lenguages ,is the best for the future of our children and the same time usa because de the comunity of hispanic is very big.

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