Ursula Rucker – Poet (Full Movie)

to get into what it takes to be a good spoken word artist I have no idea I'm I don't know what that is the role of a poet I could tell you what the role of poet is the role of a poet is to like I think it's John Keats poem England who said that um poets are the midwives of reality which is to say that all of us have a relationship to our got to our intuition you know oftentimes the first articulated is the poet when you're looking for something from within yourself you become forward so whether it has a musical background or not we instead of what we're doing poetry and we we use it to communicate ideas that we think I think that many of us who came through the Black Arts Movement understood our role as an artist and that was very much to involve people with themselves to to get black folks again to love themselves to love their communities to love their noses and their lips and their color to make sure that they understand we understand as a people and we understand as humans our role in the universe on this planet and begin to answer the most important question that I've said that is facing us in the 21st century and that question is what does it mean to be human the artist attempts to answer that question of what does it mean to be human muffled sound of fists on flesh blows to chest no breath air gasps you ain't nothing but white-trash bitch with each hit each kick each broken rib crack crack bones are crying mommy's crying and bleeding and pleading and then daddy wants to dick heart swelled with power rush and as if all that wasn't enough mommy is seven months heavy with birth as daddy grunts and Kersh trunk nothing's in her bloodied ear first lullaby first son will ever hear and never forget mommy almost bled to death when she had him finally she'd already lost three uterus shredded bruised and weak from being daily beat and Friday nights were the worst and daddy never came with flowers instead he spent hours at some corner spot with some bar pop named cookie putting his thing down soiling mommy's sheets with cheap talk cookies cheap lipstick hair grease sperm and Jezebel juice to hell with the good news that he was a father for the first time his thirst for wine and women clouded his vision no warm welcome for mother and son just the rank smell of ass crack long and calm but mommy's prayerful strength her best defense she burned the dirty linens made a fresh bed laid sleeping first sundown and never made a sound as sheep urged her scourge with birth blood and quiet tears watching as her fears and a love and sacrifice live air in his soft skin and new life breathing dreaming fresh from God's eye mommy's little survivor like her mommy called crazy and scorned because she too more born one boy soon after the girl much later and although they were both sung the same lullabies of hate her first son the first one whose womb world was profaned came of age playing street games with Stewie rezzy and little brother till his heart start to wither in pain and shame blamed mom for the wrong she let Daddy do to her and him let sins of the father cause his innocence to wander chose to squander his dream found honor amongst thieves stopped believing in himself became prodigal with his life made impossible right with gang ties crime lives erased why's woeful words of mother we placed them with absurdities of others who had also lost their way played a different kind of street game now first son plunged deep speak to treat family Valve's espoused no causes but his own see he couldn't protect mommy's neck from daddy's grasp he couldn't protect mommy's ass from daddy's wrath he couldn't shield her ears from daddy's foul mouth liquor breath Cheers syrupy confidence his best defense brown bottles housed his swift descent phones called cops on block frequent for his shenanigans now daddy and him twins in addiction driven to false-hearted Heaven's and friends buy liquefied demons had become what he despised from conception till end destined for demise survived nine lives of staying high conning jewelry pawning arrest theft womanizing only for money never for sex bullet in chest baseball bat to the head left for dead so eyes wide and glossy speech slowed and slurred lips twitched with picked up codeine candy in mouth corners one December 24th first son and false friend take final ride to suburban supplier shots were fired by an old Jew man with the shaky hand but not cheeky enough to miss it lost boy him back boss friend runs for a door leaves first son bloodborne lying in blood on cold floor death was the cost of returning to innocence lost I think poet best describes what I do as what some would consider a career but also a mother and willing to claim activists as something that I do and em I think that pretty much encompasses everything wife my mother is an italian-american my father is southern black but moved up here when he was like 9 or 10 and grew up in nice town in Philly and they were married in like 19 I want to say 1952 they got married which in itself was was a bold move you know and my mother kept their marriages secret she lived at home and never said anything and then it came out like she didn't tell her father her father found out from like someone and who are her stuff down the steps and through it all no I was do you I'm very glad that have her because I wondered a little girl she came late but she came and I think I for her she was everything in school everything she went to a st. us Catholic school and Sicilian Academy where she was very creative very creative this is the dress that I bought her at Saks Wow ladies ladies yeah rob was her very best friend oh that's when she graduated from Tempe oh that was a happy day look how cute she is there's their Sicilian Academy uniforms she was a fashion designer all the fashion shows that Sicilian Academy they're still all friends today isn't that amazing in this time that you can have your same friend you grew up with when I met them at the same time on the same day Cliveden and Rodney and Mount Airy I was 14 there were 12 I have scoliosis so I got the surgery bubble I was in the hospital all this time when I came home I had to wear briefs but then I asked her is that a metal bra you had like and she didn't slap me and I think Ursula is very insightful I think I told you this like a couple of weeks ago Ursula studies people and has a way of being able to explain why something is the way that it is like if I say Oh we'll be like be like we'll see back in slavery we didn't have the freedom so we have the Liberty Philadelphia especially in the early 90s to mid mid 90s had a very special resurgence and what she called the slam scene there were there weren't very many outlets you know in Philadelphia for an up-and-coming MC or poet or musician I mean I can't play rich Medina you had sure Peter Mason you had why dude you've had major Jackson get an unknown name Jill Scott and you had her in the record because of that you know genres overlapped you know and and emcees would have to go to spots which this is poetry thing going on tonight just so you could get you you know your verse all for what I was just so you could be heard your pop is not a music category it's a culture it's a culture one two three oh you want something done right you got to do it yourself you want something done right you got to do it yourself you want something done right you got to do it yourself you got to do it yourself don't underestimate me cuz I do poetry my rhyme is sweet but deadly turn your platinum and I stand man novelty cuz all you do is ski on the mic with trade slang talking yangyang while I speak your language aromatic and got a spit no gun click cuz life is hardcore now don't need to wax gangsta to be tough cuz being black in America is rough powerful powerful is the word that I would use to describe her slower as a person as an artist as a writer as a vocalist she has a real powerful vocal quality and definitely has a mother her children are outstanding bright young individuals that are you know independent and they got that from her yeah she's a powerful woman Celestia she's a celestial being she's really not human she's like beyond human she has this energy that comes from somewhere in the heavens I mean seriously this is I'm really into kind of life beyond what we understand as human being and I think she's a celestial being she's like from somewhere else here too you know in human form to kind of project some sort of message tests done well and we'll strong she here no play songs all we think was tribute for beauty nightly warmed evil spawn and spurned but burnt Prai is never burned what she must she do and be damned but the most pride is earned in dory so damn easy see archfiend means to break the spirit down to ashes but alas his devilish designs find no easy target in the heart to hit sorrow sobbing soul of black gold so so hold on don't be sold on a clichรฉs I say damn if I do if you don't and you won't you will never discover the power is so true so true hold on don't be sold on a cliche they say that if I do if you don't and you want you will never discover the power so true so true we now fall in rooms that were once filled with the sounds of lovely sweet Ling's toying and needful things enjoyed in secret secret places with smiles and warm hearts have sadly now become evasive how could we ever waste this love once absolute cold words fall hard and empty one of us must choose to our hearts be true or our lives will lose to our hearts be true our love will loose off so hold on don't be sold on a cliche they say damned if I do if you don't and you won't you will never discover the power so true so true so hold on don't be sold on that cliche they say damned if I do pass if you don't and you won't you will never discover the power life's power those powers so true so true don't be sold on occasions if you don't and you won't you will never discover the power we joke about it in the spoken word community event if there was the love Jones phenomenon that before that movie it was much more of an underground people who were really dedicated to the word and to the sort of lyricism of it all one of the problems sometimes with this quote-unquote spoken word folks is that they assume that anyone can do it and that's not true you can do mary had a little lamb and you could just do that piece you know what I mean mary had a little lamb goes over well but poetry pay specific attention to the content Ursula does what she does at a very high level it takes a certain level of concentration a certain level of gravity and emptiness and openness and ability to to you know detach your being from your ego and allow yourself to become you be a spoken word artist maybe just need a nice voice ursula Rucker is my personal Savior I'm gonna tell you how I was working out to paint a bride he calls me up can't talk to King I think and knew that I was doing poetry I had done the recording with King and ntozake Shange who by the way lived right behind the painted bright at the time she stood us up and he was like yeah and sasaki Shange was supposed to do this poem to close our album but she's away we need it done now we all know why she's kind of a we can't get in touch with her can you do it Ursula said well I'll do it I'll never forget that moment I dude are you crazy why don't you call me up I'm working at the painted Brown the box office girls first I didn't have faith I knew about Ursula I knew about her reputation as a poet have you completely lost your mind but um the idea and the roots is that you always give somebody a chance to at least hang themselves with their own roof he's like you don't have time to think about it we only have a couple days and we have to record this we're at the end we're like past the deadline so we gave them the basis of what the piece to be how's that oh oh yeah we gonna write about somebody that's ping gangbangs but they're not the victim they're the victor she said okay call me call me in about six hours okay now you really have lost your mind cuz I only had two days I'm like I have to think about how I can do this because I can't write about something that's not mine in some way even if it's somebody else's story it has to have to have one little thread that's mine you know so so I thought about it and I found that one thing and I said okay I can do it and we call it exactly at 7 p.m. and sure enough she said it's finished it's called the unlocking she did a for us and our jaws just dropped yeah two days was short enough I've the void air here as she begins her ritual paying sexual tithes for few and untrue words of admiration translation sucker as lines of trash spewing from first ones unskilled lips that beg for tricks that make his dick go quickly limp she pimps her innocence as second one demands entrance through the back door bend over bitch you know this is what you were born for to dig those soft and lotion knees into the floor and take it in that sweetly spread ass like a real pro or her subsequent scream scene to praise send messages of pleasure and pain to his Tina brain but her screams mask laughs at his dumb ass as he quicker came than third and fourth one just as dumb invite themselves to join in third one want to hit the skins old-fashioned style Wow fourth one say no she got some dsls making nigga George as well to think I want to sink my inches into that bitches very framed mouth so one goes north the other south to sanctify places were in-house spirits will later wash away all traces of their ill spoken words and complacent faces and then like their Minute Men predecessors lewd aggrandize sexual endeavors and abrupt cuz neither one of them could keep their weak up corrupt fifth one step to her hiphop clothed jester think like the others he's going to impress her hey hey slim I heard she was a spinner sit on up top this thing black dick and work it like a winner so with the quickness he had his pseudo thickness all up in her but suddenly he stopped mid thrust seems she nameless to cuz had his stuff in a death hunt clutch he fast falls from the force of her tight punch just like the rest of that sorry-ass bunch now now here comes six ready to add his enactors to the mix talking smack at that saying girl I'm gonna wax that ass and stick that slip so hard you're gonna be calling me God so he proceeds to poke and pride with clumsy finger and whack sex slinger condoms make me last longer wrong cuz her motions of snatch however detached from the situation cause his pre pre pre ejaculation now seems to me she just wasted good and time on dudes like number seven who ain't learned their lesson he wants to enter the flesh divine by dropping a kind of semi-sweet line your honey hole so fine and mile-deep I'm gonna leap into you like the ocean do you write and make your head spin so he jumped in and he drowned that lost and bound in her talk canal slaved to the waves made him come for days eighth and last ones turn arrives plies her with familiar lies even more familiar still cuz cuz this one here she used to love but he never could quite see above her mound a pound of flesh is all she was no name no face or even voice so poised she Rises phoenix from the flame finally bored with their feeble games she smooth reaches behind her and take straight aim and eight shriveled up hocks with a fully loaded Glock parts lips no not expressly made for milking dicks and then she speaks your shrieks of horror bring me bliss I must admit the thought that I could shred your tips with eight quick clips why why that excites me see y'all with the but I with your minds lack of soul and respect was the crime this this here was a setup so I want you to tell me what what's my name what's my name Ursula is is what I call a consummate artist always I think digging into her story her history you know always daring to taste her own blood and then and she'll look up and say it tastes good you know you know I be because I know my bloodline on this day there will be no top of war or politic or disaster or death love is alive today so we will speak only of love there will be only love on tongue and lip and in heart and thought and it won't be that Hollywood type of love not TV love not dime-store novel love and certainly not certainly not mainstream music love love love you know love love that has been worked on like Gardens and term papers love that has been nurtured like children and well like children love that Falls crashes even burns but dusts off fixes up and phrases rises more brilliant than before Phoenix love yeah Phoenix love so let us speak only of love healing love no herbal or over-the-counter love real healing love like like God's love like Mama's love lovers love child's love best friend love change the world love human love humans love love soft love hard but just love enjoy this new garden work on it together and it will be beautiful that will be perennial that will grow from year to year it will win blue ribbons into everything folks will come from far why just to see it I wish they had it had this kind of garden this kind of love la pochi gives me hearty it gives me joy and it's given me a life I mean I live off of my art somehow even when I don't have any gigs or not doing any recordings on that necessarily like making money that's the scorpio for you gave you the most information see covergirl I can be queen Queen Latifah

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  1. I love Ursula Rucker …. for what she stands for and for the total woman she has become. Her message is always poignant and insightful and enlightening. She's a real Supa Sister!

  2. I remember buying this dvd when the Sound of Market was open but didn't watch it because my dvd player was broken. Thank you for this. One of my favorite artists of all time. #phillylegend

  3. I appreciate you uploading the documentary because I've never heard of her before. I'm uncertain if she has stuff on Amazon.com, but I'm checking so I can purchase it. thank again.

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