Urdu Novels List that should NEVER be made DRAMA – Peer-e-Kamil, Raja Gidh

38 thoughts on “Urdu Novels List that should NEVER be made DRAMA – Peer-e-Kamil, Raja Gidh

  1. Pir e kamil or aab e hayat ko novel hi rehne den q ki usse kio drama main uss tarah bayan hi nahi kar saqte jis tarah umera ahmad ne book main kiya hai……

  2. Koi bhi SALAR SIKANDAR ka role play kr hi nhi skta or agr PEER E KAMIL OR JANNAT K PATTAY pe drama bn gaya to novel ka saara maza kharab ho jye ga HAYA SULEMAN ka role bhi koi play nhi kr skta

  3. Mushef jennet k patty and peero Kamil is tha best novel Allah Talah hamy sehi meino me perda Kearny ki tufeeq Ata Kary ameen

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  5. Pir e kamil bohat zaberdast kistab hai. It has changed lives and brought a positive change in our society.
    The fitnah of fake firqas like Qadiyanis need to be exposed so that people should become more aware of the existence of such people and be cautious. These people attack our religion in the name of peace and debate. A Qadiyani is never a true friend of any Muslim. They are always trying to convert even if they seem they are not. The whole muslim society has said that they are kafirs but they persist and try to fool people again and again.

    Anyways to read this novel kindly visit this site. I have made a great android app to read this novel with great ease. Kindly check that out.

  6. What about Naseem hijazis novels!….these are the bestest novels based on MUSLIMS islamic history…they cant make drama on these novels as well..

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