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Hey everybody! It's Mark Brown- the author and creator of the Zen Pig children's book series. There's my son Noble! Wow – He looks good! Hey guys I wanted to come in here really quick and share with you that I'm giving away the first book in the series FREE. Now, Zen Pig is the children's book series that teaches mindfulness, compassion, gratitude, self-forgiveness, and so much more! All things that it took me way too long to learn, but I'm on fire to help that next generation Learn these values way before I did. Now, I don't know if you're like me, but I see a lot of either superhero stuff or wacky weird stuff But there is such a place and need for emotional intelligence and that's where Zen Pig comes in. This is not a subscription service. We're not gonna be charging you every month to send you over and over that's not this okay, now every day you can see that these are $10 plus shipping and handling on our main website and on Amazon But no, this is a special promotion limited time. We do have limited numbers of copies. So you need to fill out the form I think it's going to be below but I'm not super techy To claim yours before they run out. Okay, but as soon as you do Noble and I We're gonna get you packaged up and ready to go. So anyway, I appreciate you guys and we will see you next time!

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