Unused Content: Pokemon Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) PART 2

hello Internet users and welcome back to unused content the amazingly named show that lets me play Pokemon and call it work what you are watching right now is the second part of an episode discussing pokemon ruby sapphire and emerald version if you haven't already seen the first click the annotation on screen to be brought to it otherwise sit back and enjoy the video during the last part I had brought up how rse possesses some sprites that aren't seen anywhere in the game another one of these is apparently an early version of the Team Aqua grunt sprite wait a second win Team Aqua and general count as unused content for Ruby version and vice-versa for sapphire and team and I don't even care for most of my life I've always assumed that the order of the Pokemon in the pokédex was the order that the Pokemon were created and however by taking a look at the index numbers assigned to each Pokemon it is revealed that there are a few Pokemon that aren't listed in the same places as their national dex order one of the two biggest differences involves the Gardevoir family in the final game rolf Karelia and Gardevoir are listed early on in the Pokedex as the first form Rahl is able to be encountered in one of the first routes in the game but from the index numbers assigned to them it appears that they were originally meant at the late game Pokemon being bunched next to Pokemon such as the Salamence and Metagross families perhaps even strangers the Pokemon Chimecho is listed at the very end even coming after the event legendaries Jirachi and deoxys this seems to imply that Chimecho was added into the game very late into development which I really don't understand I mean it's Chimecho it literally serves no other purpose than to be an extra thing they grabbed for the Pokedex no offensive power no defensive power and it can only be found in one place in the entire game with an extremely low encounter rate in fact this Pokemon is so pointless oh and be surprised if the reason it's listed at the end here is because somebody actually forgot to program it into the game I hate you Chimecho you're all that's wrong with the world something that is a series staple is that every Pokemon has their own cry with the sound files of our se though we can find that there are actually two cries that are not associated with any Pokemon what I could gather it doesn't appear that these unused prize ever found a use within any of the Pokemon introduced in future generations it remains unknown whether these cries were simply scrapped early versions of two other cries or if they were supposed to be two additional Pokemon planned even stranger sprite can be found in all three versions though this weird stretch sprite sheet is some kind of redesign of an existing sprite from another game that Pokemon developer Game Freak worked on called Mendel palace while the sprites for the bike animation at least make a little sense for being in the data it's hard to say what these ones are doing there as well in Ruby and Sapphire the mossdeep gym has some very unique tiles to it for its puzzles it appears however that this area went through some changes visually as there is an early version of its tile set left over in the data on a related note there is also an image within the games that shows some early interface graphics most noticeably the Pokemon party screen sprite seen here are mostly different than the ones used in the final game and if you're wondering the text on the bottom here says sushi get Don a which is the Japanese name of the Pokemon Bulbasaur a feature that was exclusive to the Hoenn games was the ability to create your own secret base one of the things the player could do with this was place furniture around well as it turns out there are some sort of unused furniture items to go along with it what I'm referring to are the dolls of each of the Reggie's I say they're sort of unused because it technically is possible to obtain them legitimately but it's pretty difficult to do while they do exist in the data of all versions of the games in different regions they were only meant to be obtained with a special eReader card that was only distributed in Japan the only way to access them on a non Japanese cartridge would require you to follow the steps you see on screen here and since they're nothing but aesthetic items they're probably not worth the effort if you ask me what we're going to cover next is what I think to be the most interesting piece of unused content I've covered so far in this show a feature added in generation 3 was that the player could collect ribbons for Pokemon this was mainly used for the pokemon contests minigame but also featured some ribbons for doing certain things such as defeating the elite for winning a certain amount of times in the battle tower however almost unbelievably there exist sixty-four unobtainable ribbons within the game's data every single one of these was also programmed into generation 4 having added Durer descriptions for them which you can see on the right side of the table here by taking a look at the first bunch of them you can tell by the name that there were clearly plans to distribute many of these ribbons at real-world tournament event for up to 3 years in the future from Ruby and sapphires the initial release at the end of 2002 in Japan surprisingly enough it's actually not even known if any of these ribbons were given out at any of these events but it's kind of amazing to see that game freak's thought this far ahead another peculiar set among the unused ribbons is the Pokemon Center ones if we're clearly men should be distributed to players cartridges among the real-life Pokemon Center store locations however obviously these plans never came to happen the most interesting that the other ribbons though has to be the quote-on-quote Tower ribbons these ribbons were apparently meant to be awarded to the players Pokemon for clearing the areas called The Darkness power red tower black iron tower and final tower even to this day no such locations exist anywhere in any Pokemon game making the origin story of these ribbons a complete mystery it should be noted though that of these 64 ribbons two of them would actually see a use one year later in the game Pokemon Colosseum the two ribbons are the ribbon for clearing all difficulties and 100 straight wind commemorates Riven the first one is awarded to a Pokemon when it is purified from being a shadow Pokemon a game mechanic exclusive to Pokemon Colosseum and its sequel Pokemon xD gey love darkness ii is awarded to all pokemon in the players party when they complete the mount battle challenge which has the name of the ribbon implies requires the player to go through 100 straight battles and win is that once in a child and I am never doing that again a pokemon with these ribbons is sent from Colosseum to any of the generation 3 games they will have these ribbons viewable on the Status screen it's not known if when the developers were making Ruby and Sapphire that these two ribbons were always intended to be obtained from Colosseum as it was likely not very far into development at the time next up we have some leftover content related to weather effects seen in the games overworld aside from some variants of a fog effective is already seen in-game there surprisingly exists an unused animation for snow besides from the deeper areas of Sheol cave there are no outdoor areas or routes to have snow or ice in them it wouldn't be until years later in generation 4 that we would properly see snowy areas and weather in the Pokemon games but this unused effect implies that there are originally plans for us to see a much sooner in fact within the data we can even see a list of unused trainer rosters among these is an unused trainer class known as order again a closer look we can see that's the majority of the unused trainers that are a part of this class have nothing but the ice type Pokemon spheal it's possible that border refers to trainers that would be near the border to another region one with a more colder climate this could potentially be with this onion trainer class and snow effect may have been intended for but of course that's just all speculation it's also worth taking notice that among these unassigned trainer rosters there exist some extra Pokemon teams for the Team Aqua and team magma leaders and admin suggesting that there may have been more encounters planned with the villainous team and what there was in the final game also for some reason one of these magma admin teams is set to use to strike for the beauty trainers I can only guess that this was supposed to be for Courtney or something next up we have something that's a little weird but cool by hacking the game into calling upon moves to go beyond its list of valid moves we can see that instead of displaying a name of the moves we'll instead display the type of moles this is likely some kind of relic of what was used as a dislodging tool by the developers perhaps to test the type effectiveness and resistances we're working properly on the new engine made for Ruby and Sapphire surprisingly pokemon emerald version seems to contain the entire soundtrack to firered and leafgreen despite this only a few of the tracks are ever actually used the majority of which only appear in areas are encounters with Pokemon that require the player to attend realized distribution events beforehand in order to even access them such as the islands where the players can capture hoo lugia and deoxys all right now it's time to get to everyone's favorite part it wouldn't be an unused content episode of Oak Pokemon without hacking our way past those silly things called walls just like what the last two generations there are some cool things to be found when we move and interact with things in areas were never supposed to be in the first thing I want to cover is this house in sootopolis city it's absolutely bothered the crap out of me when I was a kid why in the heck is there a set of stairs they're blocked off by trees unfortunately even when hacking your way past the trees there is no warp point assigned to the staircase so nothing happens from what I gather this house is supposed to feature content that can only be accessed through the e-reader add-on which by the time Pokemon emerald came out had already cemented itself in North America as a huge flop so while the second floor of this house may have been used in the Japanese version it's completely pointless in the English version with all eReader functionality unavailable but knowing that now just makes it even more confusing if they had to move sprites around to prevent you from going inside why didn't they just put a freaking wall there no clearly it makes much more sense to block it off with random house plants another thing i've always wanted to do as a kid was to go past the fence into the Pokemon daycare sadly unlike the Pokemon Zoo in generation 1 the Pokemon here don't even have placeholder text and you're not able to interact with them well the grass here works anyway well that may have been a bit of a letdown but I've got something to make up for it while I was messing around with walking through walls I found that the PCs act really weird when you interact with the from behind obviously you're never supposed to be able to use PCs this way so I can't really fault the developers for having them work this way but now we come to the single greatest piece of unused content in Pokemon history forget the battle with Professor oh forget the woman who is banished to the void none of that compares to the legendary sight you are about to witness ladies and gentlemen I present to you nurse Joyce backside do you think she'll think I'm creepy for recording this to put on the Internet hey everybody thanks for watching this video sorry I couldn't get it out a little sooner here so I am doing one more unused content video for Gen 3 the firered and leafgreen video that will be the next one I'm working on hopefully I can get it out soon in the meantime while you wait for that you can check out some my other videos obviously if you're watching this you probably like Pokemon so you can check out that video I made about five things in Pokemon that make no sense or you know you can go over to my let's play channel and watch me play I'm oh I'm on Nuzlocke or mystery dungeon with my brother it's a whole lots of fun lots of fun indeed anyways thank you for watching as a record this I'm just about to break 1000 subscribers and thank you very much really means a lot to me I'm glad people are enjoying these videos but anyways I really got to get the I got to get going now I've been working on this video all frickin day anyway thanks again and see you all later

35 thoughts on “Unused Content: Pokemon Generation 3 (Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald) PART 2

  1. As for Chimecho I believe what I noticed growing up was every now and then you would see a few Pokemon from the next generation at the end of the game like one or two maybe five

  2. Just to point out, the unused cries kind of sound close to Volbeat and Illumise. Perhaps they were meant for evolutions (based on the deeper cry)?

  3. Chimecho could have been intended to be a mythical pokemon. Similar to how snubbull was also most likely intended to be a mythical in the gen 2 beta

  4. I really like chimecho, I love the Sprite, and it's kinda cute. I love the journey you have to get it

  5. I love all of your pokemon videos! I have watched everyone multiple times. Keep up the amazing content, i hope the internet treats you good ,your a gem in the rough

  6. 2:50 If I had to guess, it was either placeholder sprites for testing or as a cameo character.

  7. 7:26 Pretty sure "boarder" meant snowboarder. If I recall correctly, this trainer class was seen in later gens.

  8. I always thought chiemecho was a 4th gen Pokémon, as a child I was never able to finish the Pokédex and as I got a little older and started playing pearl, there were all sorts of rumours online about birth giving you lucario and other fake things so I always assumed it was like that and never thought to even go look.

  9. The boarders were most likely snowboarders. Since there is no snowy area in Gen 3, their presence would have been moot. GF could have just made them skateboarders in that case. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  10. I actually cought a chimecho once..and it had pokerus. 2% chance and pokerus. As a kid i didn't know how rare the odds are of happening such a wonder. So I traded it xD lmfao not even myself as a kid liked it alot.

  11. i believe nurse joy's backside can be seen normally, as i record there is one close to the bridge near mt.pyre, you can talk with her and she will heal your pokemon, and if you interact with her from a certain angle you can see it.

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