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all right welcome back thanks for logging on and tuning in if you haven't already hit that like button and subscribe that way you can keep coming back over and over to hang with us on our wonderfully talented and creative guests in the arts and entertainment world when you're done with the show today head on over to our other social media sites we have Facebook Instagram and Twitter like us and follow us there we're constantly updating and posting new events that we're gonna be at new and exciting things that our guests are doing and right now we are at the Embassy Suites in Syracuse New York and we're at the intuitive expose hosted by Pam den and we're hanging with author Laura pentacel oh thank you so much for hanging with us oh I'm so excited to be here I'm so excited to have you this is Laura's book so tell us about your book give us kind of like a buckler well the entrepreneurial compass is really accumulation of my 20 years of coaching experience and life experience and really what it does is encourages people to kind of hit pause reset because life can be so hectic especially if you think about it running a business you're tasked with doing so many multiple things so the first thing is the more in balance we are the more we can operate our businesses from a space of clarity the second thing is we need to have fun at work and create joy right yeah so much so there's stories that are weaved in there to encourage you to not only run your business from a centered perspective but to really operate from a place of clarity joy and who doesn't love prosperity right everybody loves it so that's also woven in there very good so tell us about your literary pilgrimages how long a is this your first book er no yes nice horse but forth so how let's talk about your first book how long did it take you to write that book well it's a new kind of writing is such an interesting career because I think you can approach writing all different ways I teach creative workshops to all different writers and there's really two different approaches one you could just sit down very methodically and say I'm gonna allocate these number of hours to write or you could go with when you're inspired to write so my first book was become really a combination of seven years worth of journal entries and that was a lot of material so I consolidated that into a shorter book that could be opened at any point in time and it was a journey with that book because I think as you evolve as a writer your writing gets stronger you get more familiar you see the world with a different set of eyes yeah what's it challenging to get published the first time for you you know I had been published by leadership articles and magazines so for me the concept of being published I have my own publishing imprint so I've had that for about seven years and part of that was I just wanted to give a voice to not only myself but other people's stories so that's divine Phoenix books and they're all stories of transformation okay now that's gonna be my next question do you what kind of genre do you like to publish do you look at that I do definitely we're definitely inspiration self-help it's really stories about someone overcoming something in their life so memoirs would be the other category and it's been awesome we have so many a word winning authors but for me you know if you think about it like what do you love to read what do people love to read there's so many awesome genres out there and then this is very super exciting because I'm announcing this in telling the universe I'm crossing over to become a novelist oh yeah I'm gonna need about 18 months to write my novel and really it's about a woman's journey to step into the truth of who she is and to really encourage people to not only find self-love but to experience all different aspects of life to get there the trials and tribulations betrayal Wow joy dismantling and then elevating yourself and always coming back to the heart of who you are oh my goodness that's gonna be a good book so my next question is since you do teach creative writing do you find that writing exhausts you or energizes you Oh totally energizes me are you kidding I'm a creative being would it be energized by writing why would I be teaching feel if I'm not energetically right I freaking love writing Wow teaching people but here's what I found is there's a vulnerability and I think this is important to talk about writers are very vulnerable because you go through this phase of is anybody gonna like my work have what I you know written is anyone gonna read it and the biggest piece of advice that I would offer is right for yourself first okay I know in fiction it's a little bit different right and what and you know young adult but you can't write for your audience all the time or you're gonna be not rating from a place of vulnerability when you write from an emotional space your readers gonna connect a lot more with your book it's very good advice do you have any rituals any quirky rituals that you do before you start writing oh I totally do if you think about it most writers do well one of the things I do is I send her myself so I usually meditate or do a yoga practice and then I like to have like a crystal near me or use an essential oil to kind of help me get in the zone that's interesting do you read book read your book review absolutely how do you feel about the good in the bad gopher stuff you have to kind of have a tough skin to evolve it and remember you know we all come from different walks of life so we're gonna all be you know how do I say this different things are gonna appeal to us so we can't get our feelings hurt okay if you're out there to be liked you're probably in the wrong career field right so what I'm looking to do like with my novel is stir a huge emotion so even if you hate it I've done my job exactly that's a good way to look at it don't take it personally right right I know that's very hard for writers yes the writers are an obsessive group of people we obsess we re-edit our work yeah what's the most difficult part of the creative process for you for me it's not idea creation ideas come it's being diligent and carving out the time you know because we get pulled in a lot of different directions especially with me rubbing and running the publishing company I'm also a publicist so it's you've got to kind of create a writing schedule for yourself but when inspiration hits you have to pick up the pen or get on your computer and start writing don't park it do you believe in writer's block you know I've had clients who have had places in their writing where they're not sure where they're gonna take the character okay and so the character the character can go in a couple different directions yes I think writer's block exists but I also think the more fluidity we have in our body so like movement helps get up and move get out in nature for me essential oils meditative practices help I've been very very blessed I have not had writer's block do you when you're starting like you're starting your novel do you have already where you want the book to go to and then find that it well if you're going to be a new process for me so I started just writing then I stopped because I had all these other things I had to do and I learned something from that I shouldn't have stopped the inspiration was coming so I kind of blocked my own creative process so what I what I do have is a framework for the character what she's excited to experience but I don't know that ding okay there you have involved the character enough to know where she's going okay very good and where can people find you and your books well you can find me on Laura panecillo comm I'm also on social media Twitter Facebook the publishing company is divine Phoenix Books calm all of our books are also on audible iTunes and I have just been so honored to be here I totally love your show of energy and I love creativity oh thank you guys are the best oh wait that's why we do what we do Jerry don't have time for a game because we like to play game I'm the game girl they stay fun fourth I'm gonna play with you harry said played mad gab okay the word out plays game before mad yeah mad gab is kind of fun because you're not really talking English oh interests the the syllables are all mixed up so we have to guess what we're trying to stress just pick any card any card I want and there's a bubble you can pick a bubble that you want to do and then the answer is on the opposite side of the card under a Orbeez I feel like I've been school like you have to spell this out I know you go first okay I'll go first and let's see if I can get it John may have egg hello Don make hub egged hello Fitz what does it mean so you have to guess what the acts what I'm trying to say Oh English morning good luck with this okay we hit a replay yes I'm ready dawn make hub egg hello face well in my literary mind I'm going to make this up into a story so dawn she's pretty amazing she decided she was going to fry an egg and then she was going to flip it over to get more information now it's pretty good it's don't make a big deal of it oh my god Wow okay let's see if you're the master okay crown doggy Hey crown doggie hey don't frown doggie hey I don't know that's a hard one the answers on the back it's on the back underneath the letter so you are gonna flip it over and it's up here oh wow Groundhog Day well let's look at now you know you want to play one more time yes now we know how to piss groundhog well it's way past of Sion Britt makes sense yes crowd maybe we need to stay grounded okay there we go when you're really challenging me I'm not thinking I can master this game you have I've only gotten a couple right let's see okay column he tees Harlem heating call them heating long heating you're almost there GT did you think today was Cinco DeMayo day you're being kind all right let's see if you can get this these are hot this is a hard game card sheet urn ditto her she earned earned my fern you're okay she turned it over while you were good with the sheet I'm not even sure how that relates okay we're done with this John we're done this looks hard well guys have spent so much fun hanging with Laura today I am Alison Marie but before we go we would like to give a very special thank you to our partners Krypton radio out of Al a famous faces and funnies off-the-chain radio with Yvonne Mason asylum convention entertainment services Heather Reed embellished effects out of Orlando Florida celestial healings out of Liverpool New York without these guys we couldn't do what we do these are the folks that share our videos all over the world wide web and we hope you will too don't forget to hit that like button leave a comment let us know what you think of today's show and our guest you can also check our guest links below remember to subscribe log on and stay tuned to see who were hanging with next

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  1. Excited to share insight about creativity, storytelling and living the Entrepreneurial dream. Thank you for having me on the show. Super fun time.

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