Unforgettable Family Dynamics in Romance Novels

– Hi guys, it’s Ashley
from Ash Heart Books and I’m here today to talk about family dynamics in books. I think all of us who love a romance love the love story aspect of the book but one of my other
favorite parts of a romance is the interesting family dynamics that authors can kind
of blend into the story. So there’s so many
different family dynamics that you can see but I
just think it really adds to the character and helps
kind of flush them out. As well as also kind of
making the characters more realistic and a little bit easier to relate to sometimes
because these family dynamics are things that we all
see in our regular life whether it’s our personal
family or friends or someone they know, family
dynamics are around us everywhere so I just
think it makes a romance a little bit more relatable to all of us. So today I’m gonna share
five different books that I think have really
interesting family dynamics. The first one is “Her Favorite Maverick” by Christine Rimmer. This one has to do with a step-parent and particular in this
one, it’s a step-dad. Now in this book we have one
of my other favorite things to read about, which is a single parent. We have our single mom, Sarah, who has an adorable little girl,
she’s about nine months old. So Sarah is a really hardworking mom, she wants to take care of her daughter and she doesn’t really have
that much interest in dating, she’s had some really bad luck with men and is kind of just over it. However, our hero, Logan
Crawford, really wants Sarah and he wants to date her
and he very quickly realizes that he’s falling in
love with not just her but her daughter as well. It was a really interesting
concept because Sarah is like mamma bear and she
really didn’t want anything to cause her daughter any harm. She didn’t want to start
dating someone and have that, kind of have any
repercussions on her daughter. I just found that really fascinating because so many people are
amazing single parents out there and they do think of their children first. So I think that ads a really, kind of cool concept to a romance. And is an obstacle to kind
of put between the couple that’s very realistic. So the next book is a series
and that’s The Hathaways by Lisa Kleypas, in particular, this one is “Mine Until Midnight” which is Book One in the Hathaway series and I love this series for the siblings. So this is a book full of
siblings, The Hathaways, and this family really
had to come together. In the first book they are
inheriting a lot of money and title and basically
they’re kind of thrust into the aristocracy
that they’ve never been a part of before. So a lot of things are changing and I think it could pull people apart but what I love in this, and this kind of family dynamic, is that
they all come together. So obviously each book
has a specific person finding their love story,
this is a Cam and Amelia story but I love that each of the siblings, so in this book we have a
bunch of sisters and one boy and they’re not perfect. They all have problems
their working through, they have things they need to work on but I love the kind of tough
love, I guess you’d say. So these siblings are not
afraid to kind of give that tough love but they’re
also there for each other and if their sibling is
going through something they’re gonna help them work it out and help them kind kind
of become a better person. And that was just one
of my favorite things. I love reading about siblings in books and this one of my all-time-favorite
families to read about. Next is “Cooper’s Charm” by Lori Foster. This book has to do with two sisters. So I love that it was kind
of a dual-narrative type book and both of these sisters
are coming to Cooper’s Charm because they’ve both been
through something very hard in the past couple of years. They kind of are trying
to rebuild their life and so they’re coming away
to kind of figure that out. What I loved about this family dynamic, is first of all, I love sisters. I don’t personally have a sister,
but I’ve always wanted one and I thought that the
representation in this was really realistic to sisters and also just a great description of them. In this book you have these two
completely opposite sisters. You really couldn’t find two
sisters that are more different but I love how even in
the book it states how even though they’re
different they are still loving each other and they’re
still there for each other. So I found it really
rewarding to kind of see each of these love
stories for these sisters kind of bloom and come to fruition and I just love the aspect
of again, these sisters being there for each other. What I also really enjoyed was the fact that they knew when to stop. In particular, they knew
when to not push each other, that they just needed some space to give back to them and that
they would still be sisters and love each other in the long run but that they didn’t have to
be pushing the entire time. My next book is another favorite family and that’s The Winston
Brothers by Penny Reid. This is “Beard Science”
which is Cletus’ story and it’s book three but it’s
probably my personal favorite but overall, the family
dynamic that Penny Reid works into all of her books is just outstanding. They are hilarious, they
are always doing something and they’re always up to something. So in this world, we
have the Winston Brothers which is a group of a bunch
of boys and then one girl. And this family’s been
through a lot in the last couple of years, especially
with their father. There’s a lot of backstory
that you kind of get throughout the series. And it really shows how this
family is there for each other. And they don’t really run
away, they come together and they form a unit
and each kind of brother has their own personality and their sister has her own personality. But it’s just amazing to me. What I loved too is that
each person is really rooting for each other to find their love story. And they’re, in each book you see them kind of scheming behind
the scenes, trying to help each other get to the happily-ever-after in their love story. So they’re there helping them but again, they’re not afraid to
kind of like bang them upside the head and say
what are you thinking, just like a normal sibling would when they start making like silly mistakes in their relationships. So I love that these guys are hilarious. And I just don’t think you could have any of these Winston Brother books without that family dynamic going on. Each brother brings something
different to the family as well as their sister and I just think it really works for a romance. But I just love that family aspect of it. And the last book is “The
Austen Playbook” by Lucy Parker. So overall I think all
of Lucy Parker’s books have amazing family dynamics in them but this one in particular
kind of struck me because there’s a couple of
different family dynamics going on that are really seamlessly kind of woven into the love story. So the first one would be siblings. Both of our main characters
have a sibling in this, Freddy her sister and
Griff has his brother. So it was really
interesting to kind of read those different family dynamics and those different sibling relationships because they both were
there for each other but in kind of different ways which is always fascinating to see. On top of that, you also in this have Freddy’s family who is a very, kind of wealthy, well known family entity like show biz business and so that was really fascinating to
kind of see the pressures. And that sometimes the
family dynamic in books isn’t always for the best. Sometimes it’s showing a
kind of darker side of things or a kind of, maybe just
not as light and bright and supportive as some of
the ones I mentioned before. So for Freddy, she’s
constantly kind of battling with what she wants and what
her family expects of her. So the family expectations
are really a big part of this and I think I really enjoy when that comes to be a part of the book
because so many of us, whether we put it on ourselves, or our family puts it on
us, have expectations. And I think that’s just kind of a part of being part of a family. So to see it in a romance
and how that kind of wove in. It was amazing, plus,
there’s also a plot in this that has to do with how the
hero and the heroin’s family kind of have a past together. So that was really
interesting to read as well. Overall it was kind of
steeped in all of these really fun family
dynamics that I just think always make her books really work. All right guys, so those are five of my favorite family dynamics in books. What is your favorite family
dynamic to read about? Is it like a step-parent,
sibling, some kind of rivalry, I’d love to know down below. Definitely tell us your favorite. If you enjoyed this video,
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3 thoughts on “Unforgettable Family Dynamics in Romance Novels

  1. Good things to think about. Good famly story lines can make or break a book for me. I enjoy stories about people finding their long lost relatives, especially.

  2. I'm always drawn to stories and series that are based on sibling groups having not had that experience growing up myself. But I also really love found families and this is a very strong theme in virtually all of TJ Klune's books.

    He writes awesome MM romance in a variety of different sub-genres and the family dynamics tend to be a vital part of the plots. My beloved Wolfsong (the first in a 4 book series) is a STUNNING example of this and of male siblings that aren't afraid to show their love for each other by being tactile which I find beautiful.

    I'm on a mission to get TJ Klune known and spoken of on BT (no I'm not on a commission or anything!) because he is a very talented writer with wonderful books that is virtually never mentioned here and everyone is missing out! TFS 🙂

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