Undisputed ERA vs Roderick Strong Pete Dunne vs Authors of Pain Match NXT TAKEOVER NEW ORLEANS

larry's the newly crowned American champion North American champion what did he get ahead of left when he has to defend their songs tonight wow you just heard Adam Cole saying hey this tag team title defense I don't know Kyle O'Reilly saying can you cancel it hey as decreed by NXT general manager William Regal who is not with us tonight because he's under the weather we wish him a speedy recovery but Adam Cole must compete in the tag team triple threat match that is not only for the NXT Tag Team titles mercy but also for the coveted Dusty Rhodes company Dusty Rhodes tag team Oh God this is the opportunity that Alice their black hands to the bringing forth and the great city of New Orleans and in front of the NXT universe he looks to be thrown the chip and rotted sing it off [Applause] with Bubba fish engine and as we just saw Adams home exhausted from winning the North American Title early tonight the odds are now stacked heavily against the undisputed era but be that as it may if they win tonight the area not only retain the NXT Tag Team titles they win the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic as well the triple threat tag team match isn't it following contest is a triple threat match scheduled for one fall and it is the final match of the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic tournament for the NXT Tag Team Championship winner [Applause] erinite foolery my pitch to win tonight the dominating team of the authors of faith into the zippers accompanied to the ring by following and a combined of making resort the offer Theory tweets from for delving at the plate stating the world is are you ready for fate of the doomsday the angel Gabriel color it's Judgment Day how can you be ready for these super image run the trailers before they run the dusty classic before the most dominant team in NXT looking to become two-time NXT tag team champions looking to be table bagged teas watching tournament champs a comb and a raised arm you don't tug on superman's cape you don't like Beyonce and you don't anger the office of bang they're always angry that these guys not going to forget that ere is the [Applause] [Applause] here's the champion Bruce Wayne Pete [Applause] the dusty road stuck to his hardware collection it was at takeover in Chicago last year and he was involved in the match of the urine and XD when he became the WWE United Kingdom champion beating Tyler Bates and now he and Roderick Strong looking to go from a footnote to the lead Telegraph in this tournament fuck up how about the Tag Team Championship defeat the Radley strong one here tonight eat that beauty that's the highest decorated superstar we have the United Kingdom title the Tag Team Championship the dusty road to this become that is that required wait 205 Barratt red [Applause] to make every opportunity [Applause] take over New Orleans what Italy select redeem code from the extras menu with bold Wrestle Mania Roderick Strong who was always looked at getting into it and you know what mother trunk always had 5-hour energy shots when your battery's running below grab a 5-hour energy shot and get back to 100% but strong and done together they are an energy drink and boy have they done well in this tournament thus far a champion Semyon notes I 100% [Applause] you ladies second-generation whispers of old-time was just inducted into the Hall of Fame last night sighs congratulations you triple threat match three men in the ring at all times no disqualification or count-out only way to win is via pinfall or submission winner-take-all here at NXT takeover New Orleans for the first time ever the NXT Tag Team Championships are being defended in the finals of the Dusty Rhodes tag team classic as you said wiener tango and that means the era could retain the titles and at the same time win that prestigious cup without actually competing ground-and-pound right for Cole's ribs I guarantee you're that strategy came from Hillary nice hip toss oh what a boot by a cook now it's more by a rope before he gets tagged by rates are so a-comin rates are laying wasted water to Doug's home outside primal battle cries from a command razor combination this could be over quickly fellas the lp are absolutely dominating there have been 13 different NXT Tag Team Championship teams as Adam Cole and colas and Moksa ceremoniously thrown out of the ring [Applause] that Spanish broadcast table about to be used as a weapon by the authors of painter and set up strong and done a command rates are out of gold desperately trying to escape the clutches of that table [Applause] Kyle O'Reilly running off the apron with a vicious knee strike and you can see Kyle O'Reilly now fully aware anything has to be a one-man team here without Riley is on his own now equation being a factor in this match he's done for the title risk look in the middle of the ring but all right he knows how to get out of that transition to getting the cross armbreaker by Kyle O'Reilly as he and Dunn grapple O'Reilly well-versed in mixed martial arts and submissions and he's putting on a striking clinic not to be outdone as Roderick Strong wait catches O'Reilly and on the side of the backbreaker Wow what I need to 1/2 of the authors of pain I was a come here from Frank rod eats a dropkick Roderick Strong has made it clear all he wants is gold around his waist supposed to be attacked but it is this chaos absolute chaos from the start of this match because Ellering had his men prime direction fireman's carry by strong and they're looking for a guillotine guillotine gotta watch his shoulders though beautiful the right pushing the arm across the hips and again and he his partner has been put on a commission at ringside oh this is absolutely insane well alright he had no way of protecting himself then all of his limbs were used applying submission and holds so when done got poppin in team hey guys I was told this would be a tag-team match whoa this is every man for himself bravery trying to maintain law and order with luck which his the Reilly heavies in their long contract strong being killed in the corner by the authors of pain again strong fared well in the 205 live cruiserweight title tournament has come close to becoming an XT champion has vibe before for the NXT Tag Team titles in a makeshift team with Alistair black now he's would be done and they hope to be the Cinderella story of this tournament mr. Manish strung also teamed up with IOP at takeover wargames not taking any lighter on him because of it from the team from ALP definitely coming you are with the lateral press and strong able to escape and rays are no slouch when it comes to mixed martial arts training as he looks to secure Roderick Strong keeping him grounded heading armed clutch applying pressure to the carotid artery to get a tap out here big rugged strong is wasting value energy trying to get himself out of this position thumbs up in the corner if he can get over there to make the check as what he needs to do cereza back elbows by strong momentarily breaking the grip belly-to-belly suplex by race are and now Kyle O'Reilly with his ferocious striking trying to chop down the bigger half a bother the pain typically are you so right away there the size difference ironic and aplomb pounds the problem is there is Kyle O'Reilly tag-team partner Adam Cole but went through just too much for the decorated striker and Submission artist from Canada and this has been all authors of pain and going into this match they had to be heavily favored when you look at the rest of the landscape of this field Nigel these guys are just too dominant strong and Dunn had never seen before this tournament we have Cole who's been put on a commission Kyle O'Reilly trying to regroup on the outside this is the authors of pain match to lose it's they want to secure their legacy of dominance rowdy could just find a way to get to his partner in the corner Pete dug again as we take a look there on the outside Adam Cole nowhere close to getting up neither is Roderick Strong with Pete done that didn't look too eager to get into make the tag we're June I'm he gonna think we've done BB United Kingdom champion maybe at some point in this match he says you know what I'll cut my losses a come with a vicious knee into the ribcage of Roderick Strong and now toying with strong taunting Pete Dunham and this is where the authors of pain have to be careful Nigel I hear what you're saying but I just don't believe that I think Pete Dunn will wrap up as many tickets as he can oh here comes Kyle O'Reilly jumping on the back falling off the back what a kick by strong Roderick Strong will this give him the opportunity to make his way to his corner tagging me Todd Ronnie was there to stop him strong kicks O'Reilly done and a volley of strikes Oh forearm shiver by juggling smacks of fall what a knee to the midsection by O'Reilly done sent into the corner standing switch by O'Reilly German suplex got lands on it just clocked O'Reilly with the kick on the neck brace off waiting slam but John turns it into an opportunity at opinion I'm making the most of having the most energy of everybody left in the match now he's going to try and get into his world should be using to it manipulation or the strikes look at that what a roundhouse kick by O'Reilly and followed by these scintillating strikes ins and now John and O'Reilly break him he done double collar tight Oh Bom listen to the impact of those strikes just like up both John and O'Reilly with those running lariat things look very good for the InP right now a OB a boat on the verge of becoming the only two-time winners and on top of that lucky to become two-time NXT tag team champs Kyle O'Reilly is dead white at this point he's like a sacrificial lamb [Applause] the plane hit the last chapter but strong was there to save the match it was in the final chapter in this triple threat tag team match Adam Cole barely stirring here at ringside Roderick Strong finally back up to the apron and now go people to each other Lodi police yeah it's like Beckham and he just snapped the fingers like just drink it home Oh strong avoids race our race art doesn't avoid that heinie strike by strong strong Olympic slam goes for the five frets oh I almost said yes Virginia there is a UMBC in NXT but we had the authors of pain kicking out in this triple threat tag team match continues tag is made in LA total a legal man that was as close as it gets [Applause] come on back first on the apron and be done with the double foot stomp Kyle O'Reilly laying in a supine position a trained sighted a driving need by Roderick Strong daily instrument done pushing the advantage this is their biggest will they make the most of it peak and they come in to save his partner Oh strong low britches make him strong all right he does anyway he misses with that wrecking ball drop came a come a come crash is into the ring steps feet on misses with that step-up enziguri buoys and Oh Kyra Connor by Dawn [Applause] will it be the better end gonna like a big dog [Applause] [Applause] history strong making dubious history tonight [Applause] they can't believe what they've just seen start in the wrestle-1 fuck about a shock to the system [Applause] [Applause] Josiah took me a champion [Applause] believe what went down in New Orleans [Applause] the closing moments of the match these two parter you would have to think he would win at this point it was not the road and the bottom [Applause] showing its power in New Orleans you got a mess device done right what does this mean for the future that taxes into the next day muttering strong neutral NXT period

43 thoughts on “Undisputed ERA vs Roderick Strong Pete Dunne vs Authors of Pain Match NXT TAKEOVER NEW ORLEANS

  1. Up to this day….
    This heel turn still gives me a goosebump. Long live Undisputed Era.🀘🀘🀘

  2. Adam Cole's face at 20:19 (lol) – you can see the sparkle in his eye, the excitement, he was over the moon!!

  3. All these post on rodrick strong ( not that I don't like the undisputed era) but poor pete dunne he gets betrayed

  4. 16:11 O'Reilly's face expression πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  5. The most ironic thing here is that kyle&adam were a team in roh who tried to kill each other at final battle 2016 only to allied here & fightig together again pro wrestling sure can be interesting

  6. My favorite wrestling moment of 2018.

    Roderick Strong: "I feel bad for you guys. Things are about to be very painful." 22:55
    Β Awesome.

  7. Joining the Undisputed Era is the best decision that Roderick Strong did for his career. Now he became big.

  8. Undisputed era best 4 man faction in wrestling today, I haven't seen a classic 4 man group since EVOLUTION

  9. en el posible caso de que Adan Cole gane el campeonato de NXT el se convertiria en el primer campeon triple conona de la marca de desarrollo, aqui campeon en parejas y norteamericano al mismo tiempo

  10. en el posible caso de que Adan Cole gane el campeonato de NXT el se convertiria en el primer campeon triple conona de la marca de desarrollo, aqui campeon en parejas y norteamericano al mismo tiempo

  11. Roderick Strong has crazy cardio. He can easily start a 50 men royal rumble match and end it in same pace

  12. Main roster really has fucked AOP getting rid of Paul putting them in a meaningless feud with Titus worldwide they used to be a big deal in NXT if that wanker Vince fucks up UE I will stop watching WWE or the brand they are on

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