unboxing books & watching frozen (cc) 🌼 weekly reading vlog 001

hi guys the lightning isn’t the best, but
welcome to my first weekly reading vlog I’m currently reading through a torch
against the night by Sabaa Tahir I’m listening to the audiobook I’m currently
55% into a torch against the night and I’m also reading queen of Shadows by
Sarah J Maas my goal for the week is to finish a torch against the night and try
my best to get to page 200 I’m currently on chapter 12 and my goal is to get to
chapter 25 by the end of the week it is currently the 1st of January which makes
it a Wednesday so have four days I work tomorrow from 7:30 to half 4 p.m. so
that means that I will not be able to read during that time period
but um I have weekend off so that means I would get a lot of time to read I really want
to finish these books so I can get on the 7 husbands of Evelyn Hugo as well and
I should probably make a TBR video right now my plan is to shower wash this greasy hair get off my fake lashes and stuff so I’ll be listening to the
audiobook in the meanwhile and yeah I’ll update you guys later tonight as it’s
almost half 9:00 p.m. and I should be in bed in two hours yes ok see you later hi guys, update time it is currently quarter past
9 p.m. I’m gonna take out my braids because I’m gonna stream today so sorry if you
hear anything background noise my mom is home talking with my cousin so I decided
to sit in front of the Christmas tree because it’s a little bit more
festive. I’m still in the Christmas mood even though we are in another year so at work I was very unlucky with dropping my phone so it actually broke so I got a new one because I’ve been saving
up a lot of money throughout the months of since I started working in August and
it really hurt using that money yeah so before updating you guys with what
I’ve been reading and such I got a package in the mail actually several but
I got a gift from a very good friend of mine her name is Julie yeah she gifted
me four books and I have never read anything up Seanan McGuire but I guess I
have to now she decided to give me Every Heart A Doorway, In an Absent Dream,
Beneath This Sugar Sky and The Unkindest Tide I feel like this one is
something completely different Oh all of these are hardback alright
will be looking under the dust jacket oh oh that’s pretty
I don’t think I have any books that I like green oh I didn’t show it I don’t
think you can see it’s like it has a logo on it I don’t really have a lot of hardbacks so I’ve never really been good
to know what to call like dustjacket or the symbols or anything like that so I
have ordered quite some books and bought myself some books and I have a video
filmed already and I’m excited to post it so you guys can see like what I spent
all my money on I also have two packages from BookDepository I ordered them a
while ago maybe week ago, two weeks I also ordered Ninth House by Leigh
Bardugo it has already arrived I’m very excited
to see which one these is or these are we’re off to a good start yes Oh everyone has been talking about
this and I’m like so far behind on everything but
I bought stalking Jack the Ripper by Kerri Maniscalco in the back it says he
murdered women in cold blood he terrorized an entire city he taunted
those of us who hunted him down but despite all these horrors in the end I
could not deny it I was the girl who loved the Ripper I’m so excited oh I
want to buy the entire series but in case I don’t like it imagine, and yellow!
2020 is my year, even though I broke my phone I just I’m lucky because I’ve had a really
good day even though I broke it um these books are so pretty
wait I still have one more package I never order books and I never really
receive them so people have been really kind to me this year or
last year as well wait how did this arrive before it Kat
also known as paperbackdreams I blame this one on you I have finally decided
to get Radio Silence by Alice Oseman and in the cover it says hello
I hope somebody is listening, it’s just plain black and mysterious I I dig this, I dig this so much oh yes okay it is the second of January we are now on a
Thursday I’m done with work I didn’t get to read a lot I listened a lot of the
audiobook of torch against the night I think I am 75 or 80% in maybe even more
since I have two hours left and it doesn’t really say how many percent
unless I listen on my phone I really like it I was so close to be sobbing on
the bus and I was heartbroken and right now I’m at a part where I’m just so
furious and irritated and upset and I feel scammed by one person in the book
um other than that, I continue reading at Queen of Shadows a bit I’m currently on
chapter 13 I think that’s page 110 and then I’ve been reading as well The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski I’m currently on page 132 but
I’m in a chapter that I don’t really dig that much and it’s a long one
I need to read 25 more pages until I’m done with this chapter and I feel like
I’ve been reading it forever now my goal for the week is finish a Torch
Against The Night try to get to page 200 of Queen of Shadows and we’ll see how far I
get into the last wish tomorrow is the 3rd of January and I will be watching
frozen 2 with my mom I am bringing my mom with me outside to watch the movie
and we are also going to eat some sushi and it will be very nice because it’s
just us 2 in the house now as my brother has traveled my plan for tonight is that
I will be streaming for a couple hours as it is Thursday and we’re currently
playing The Witcher there will probably be a link to my stream in the
description if you’re interested other than that I will be hanging out on Twitter
a bit I’ve seen that people have been adding me
and people have been sending me their youtubes and all of that so that’s it
for this update I hope to do more reading tomorrow oh this might be this might be quite
dark okay I should’ve just sat down over where the light is, okay I’m too lazy
hello um I’m finally home and now I can update it it is currently half 10p.m. I watched frozen 2 today and I loved it so much
another thing that happened today was that I finished a Torch Against The Night
and I ended up giving it 4 out of 5 stars the only issue I have with the
book is that I wasn’t able to connect with them and I wasn’t very surprised
with the entire plot so yeah it’s basically that I have
started on a Reaper at the gates I’m only on chapter 4 so that takes
me four percent into the book that’s what Scribd says. my plan for
tonight is to read more of queen of Shadows so I will have a little reading
sprint with myself oh I will have a little reading sprint with myself I am
on page 104 and I want to try to get to page 130 that is chapter 15 and I’m a
chapter 12 next week I want to try to finish the last wish and maybe start on
the seven husbands of Evelyn Hugo but yeah we’ll see how that goes
also today I published my first youtube video but the audio and the lightning
was so bad and the quality was trash so I think that I might delete it after a
while but I’m gonna keep it up for now just so I have something to have up and
we’ll see where it takes us okay let’s get to reading hi friends
it is currently 10 p.m. one minute over 10 p.m. and I didn’t manage to get to
chapter 15 I got to chapter 14 I am annotating like crazy because their
stuff happening all the time that I love and find important and get upset
about and stuff I really want to talk about this book so I will put an emblem
or sign or anything on top of the screen a picture of something and then you could
just skip over it yes I used to be team Chaol all the time but right now
he’s being a massive trash bag and I really don’t like it and I also fallen
in love with another character Lysandra I love her so much and I really see now
that she could be a great friend for Celaena, Aelin whatever you want to call
her and I really hope that she can be because she deserves someone after
everything that happened with Nehemia I’m currently I just annotated something before continuing and here it says you
bring my court into this Chaol, Aelin said it with lethal softness and I don’t care
what you were to me or what you’ve done to help me you betrayed them you hurt
them and I don’t care how long it takes or how far you’ll go I’ll burn you and
your gods damn Kingdom to ash then you’ll learn just how much of a monster
I can be I had to annotate that because he called her a monster
a couple chapters back and I was about to scream I wanted to end reading for
today after 10 but as I don’t have plans until 12:00 tomorrow 12 p.m. I will
continue and we’ll see how far I’ll go or get I think
I will probably try to read the page maybe 150 today we’ll see I’m such a
slow reader with this book as I’m annotating and I and it’s a quite a lot
but I’m having so much fun with it I love it I love it so much
okay talk guys later oh my god good afternoon
it is currently 12 p.m. I have been awake since 11:00 I have to start
getting ready soon or in about an hour to leave for my cousin’s house but today
I woke up at the 11:00 and continued reading queen of Shadows I’m reading you
through Scribd I need to set myself to the right
chapter and I need to annotate a bit because I annotated through Scribd
I’m currently at chapter 23 which takes me to page 182 so I have already read 32
pages of this book today and it is really good so far they are having a
massive discussion between people and I am so confused about what side I am on I
don’t work today and I don’t work tomorrow so I’ll try my best to get the
page 300 if I am if I’m able to sounds like something I’m not able to do but
we’ll try so what I would be doing is listen to an audiobook and fill in books
I’ve read in here as I haven’t done that in that couple months so I will be
listening to a Reaper at the gates and we’ll see what I think about that
one and I’ll update you guys later when I’m on my way out hi so I’ve been very busy today
I hope the audio isn’t that scuffed so I’ve been reading some more queen of
shadows on the bus I think I’m chapter 25 now my goal was get the page 200
today so we’ll see how far that is if I’m able to I’ll try to get the page 225
or as close to it probably try to get the chapter 30 I’m not sure but I’ll try
my best I also continued with a Reaper at the gates
by Sabaa Tahir and I’m having a massive issue with not being able to connect
with the characters I still find the story very good I still find it very
interesting and exciting but I just can’t connect with the characters at all
so far I am a chapter 9 out of 60 it says with the audio book and it looks like as
I’m flying through the chapters with so much to do in the week I will probably
finish it already next week probably even on Tuesday Wednesday
okay maybe not Tuesday maybe Wednesday or Thursday yeah we’ll see how it goes
the plan for now is to read more of queen of Shadows and then I have I have
to stream as it’s half 7:00 p.m. so I will be doing that and I don’t know how
long I will be streaming we are going into the witcher 3 today and I really
like the DLC so far so I need to continue on with that one and I also
need to get to the last wish because I’ve been reading that book since like
October last year but it’s just so slow-paced and it’s written quite
difficult for me I guess but I’m still gonna finish it I will try my best and
when I do I would be so proud of myself for keep going like as it’s difficult
for me to read but yeah I will probably talk to you guys some more before going
to bed and I’ll see how far I got into queen of Shadows
Happy Sunday the 5th of January it is currently 2 p.m. to be exact I just got some breakfast
I’ve been awake I read the chapter of queen of Shadows and I’m currently on
chapter 26 which takes me to page 212 so I will be reading for a bit now and
eating my breakfast and stuff I will try my best to get to page 250 today I know
I said 300 but I want to be more realistic I know I can do it but we’ll
see I’ve been listening to a reaper at the gates
and I’m currently on chapter 10 and now things are like going down again and I’m
so excited to see how this ends I’m so excited to see what is going on I still
can’t connect with the characters I hear all the words I understand what’s going
on but I just can’t connect and I was so annoyed with one of the characters and
let’s just say Blood Shrike that person is insane but other than that
I think I would just continue on I’ll update you guys more later so let’s wrap
this video up I have currently been filming my first real video I hope the
quality is good or decent yeah I hope the audio is good I hope the quality
is good and all that I am so excited I need to edit at least one of the videos
and tried to get it up on Tuesday that’s what I want to do either Tuesday or
Friday or Monday and Thursday I’m not sure Thank you if you’ve been watching the
video until now thank you so much I ended up getting to page 250 of queen of
Shadows by Sarah J Maas and I also ended up finishing the book called a torch
against the night by Sabaa Tahir both of the books were really good so far I
ended up giving a torch against the night four stars and I think that queen of
Shadows is on a five star with me right now I have filmed a January TBR so you
can see more what is coming and what will be read next week, that is
basically it I really need to go to bed now and I don’t really have an outro
still, thank you guys so much for watching I hope you have enjoyed and
I’ll see you in my next video bye guys

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