1. Don’t see what the mouse guy was all mad about with this song it’s not like he took his song and just rapped over it it sound completely different

  2. This was in a Colby Brock photography video and I loved the song but could never find it I'm glad I found it I really like his music

  3. Idk what to do with the feeling I'm feeling but the feeling I'm feeling is a different feeling this feeling is something else which is very equally the same has sex

  4. can you just fucking upload an audio file that doesnt sound like someone hung themselves with the tape? like holy shit the song sounds so BAD because of the shit audio

  5. Reason why this song was taken off spotify is because they stole the back music from deadmau5 without even giving him a shoutout.

  6. For anyone who is wondering why it isn't on Spotify or just very hard to find on SoundCloud, this is because DeadMau5 copy striked a piece that they sampled in this song…

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