UH Writing Center's six tips to overcome writer's block

perhaps you have just started to sit down and write your assignment maybe it's a literary analysis research paper or something for your creative writing class suddenly your ideas just stop flowing what do you do when you just can't write anymore you might have writer's block it's a condition in which the writer loses the ability to produce new work be it for an assignment or for their own creative purposes everyone gets writer's block including famous authors like M stock mixture and even Charles Schulz but hold up there's no need to freak out here are the University of Houston writing centers six tips to help you get through writer's block first it's a great idea to start early when you start projects or assignments in the last minute and writer's block events I can feel like a nightmare we all procrastinate but it's never a good idea when you get the assignment try to at least brainstorm or even make an outline the day it's assigned this way it's still fresh in your mind if nothing else make a personalized goal list with deadlines to keep you on track start writing early and you can reduce a lot of stress on yourself sometimes we hit writer's block because we're missing key information it's a great idea to sometimes go back to the drawing board step back and take a look at what you're writing from a different point of view you might need to go to the library to do more research or you might just need to go back and outline your thoughts even if an idea sounds bad don't be afraid to take a chance on it it could lead you to an idea that you would have thought of before when in doubt look at the prompt and make sure you understand what's being asked of you what are you attempting to accomplish what is the purpose and what are the specific guidelines confused after your instructor or maybe make an appointment with the Writing Center next you will want to eliminate any distractions social media is fun but it can easily keep you from being focused while working make sure you only have what you need open on your computer sometimes a blank screen can be overwhelming when this happens try pulling out a sheet of paper and pencil and write from there first finding a quiet place to write might be difficult but it can also help remember maintaining focus is crucial still having trouble try taking a break sometimes our mind becomes overworked and when we are overworked it might not be as productive go for a walk talk with friends or have an impromptu dance party go to the gym and exercise or try some yoga poses and meditation relax the ideas will come to you did you know that your brain is still active all you sleep next time you have trouble putting your thoughts to paper try writing something right before you go to sleep your subconscious sometimes can get used to mul these ideas over in your head when you first wake up your brain is refreshed and you might have a new idea for what you are writing but sometimes all you need is a fresh perspective and finally remember not to panic everyone has writer's block at some point in the process and everyone has a different method for getting through it take a deep breath and because writer's block doesn't last forever remember that you have a variety of resources at your disposal including the University of Houston Writing Center our consultants can help you tackle the frustrations of writer's block all that's needed is for you to make an appointment on our website we'll be waiting

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