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Not only do we study a variety of texts but it’s made me learn that I love a variety of literature. The discussion is what keeps it alive it’s all about originality and what you bring to the novel. For last year’s words belong to last year’s language and next year’s words await another voice. A voice suggests that if we intend for this to be the reader, that the readers putting themselves on to it, they’re adding something to it and they’re keeping it alive through the way they’re interpreting it. The idea of voice is its there for the moment and in that sense we give it its own life and specific life to that individual second. I don’t think you really get inside a text until you try to rewrite it because then you take a really close look at the words they chose. I did a creative piece for the Austen and the Brontës reading of the romance module. I did a piece on marriage but arranged marriages in Indian culture so it was kind of taken out of the Pride and Prejudice context, who you should marry, kind of thing like that. Then put in a different setting. The great thing about English literature is it builds up these skills. These skills of independence and self-determination. Which you can do almost any role with because you’ve been developing the skill of analysis. For out of old fields, as men say, Comes all this new corn from year to year; And out of old books, in good faith, Comes all this new science that men learn. Just an old field is made new every year with the new harvest its cultivated each year with with a new crop and maybe that’s the same for the old books in that each time you plow over it with your eyes you get a new crop out of it. It is the idea of texts living but also you have to bring them to life. They are things that are alive but you have to unstop the bottle and let that life out, and put yourself into it as well and I think that that’s a massive part of the reading process as a critic. The reader is as important, if not more important, than the writer especially now after the books been produced. As again the book can’t live without being read.

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