so I set you can publishing up probably about eight years ago now when I first came from the book industry because my job before this one I was actually waterstones a head office buyer and I was in charge of all children's books for the chain and that then all the way through the Harry Potter era so very busy job after that I actually came to new clan and set up the MA publishing which is a master's in publishing at the university of central lancashire i really wanted to train the students in a very practical way because that's what Hugh clones really good at and I really wanted to train them you know in the way that it hasn't really been done before so I thought the only way to do that is to get them to do it for real we are student run and student-led and a trade publisher so most publishing houses within universities are academic presses we don't do academic books we do trade books for the open market so we sell them on Amazon we sell them at Waterstones and any other outlet they will stock them and we really do go for the main market so we have produced books with some of the best-selling authors in the UK and we produced a book called pillars of light with James Johnson and Jane is a big historical fiction writer and that went out to the trade did really well for us and we have a number of other books that we've partnered with people so we've partnered with the Olympic Committee for example we've worked out Africa with the Masai and made a book for them and we've been out with the Sami people to the North Pole and we've done some filming out there and these are kind of all original copy books that we've sold nonfiction but we've ventured out into fiction in the last couple of years this is our latest book it's called cold bath Street and it's by AJ Hartley AJ Hartley is a New York Times bestselling author but he's actually born and bred in Preston this book is set in Preston and so he wanted to publish it with us because we are based in Preston but he did trust us to do a good job on this so the students have been involved right from the beginning it's part of their ma this book was actually the equivalent of their dissertation the major project which they did at the end of their ma so there was four students working on those some working on designs and working on types of things from working on editing but we decided that we really wants to do some illustrations in the book and kind of make it a bit special so the fine arts student is still here at the University is helping us out with and some of the events that we're doing so we set something up called the northern why a festival the northern young adult literature Stovall we were a bit fed up of all the literary festivals especially why a being in London so we decided we do something about that and we set up the Northern Wine Festival and really we didn't know how that was going to go it was just going to be an experiment we didn't know whether we were going to get the best authors we didn't know what audience we were going to get but we just really wanted to do it so it went really well we managed to get some of the top name or in fact Holly black his American was our biggest name there and she's only done three events in the UK in last year and one of them was ass so we were really honored to have her so it looks like this is going to be a brand which keeps on going and that we've got to keep putting on events all through the year it's not the first time that we've put on events we have guest speakers and events all the time if you use about we did the Jacqueline Wilson festival so we had a three day event with Jacqueline Wilson and her illustrator Nick Sherratt it's all good experience for the students on the masters in publishing because they have to do it for real it's taught entirely by industry professionals who come up for one day a week about three or four times and then pass on to the next person so we have the senior commissioning editor of Eggman's we have for example we have Jacqueline Wilson and Harry Potter's designer she does some teaching on course factually zinc tomorrow so the students have absolute access to the most important people in the industry Janet asked me is probably graduated about seven years ago now she's our first director level success she was at first which she went to Bloomsbury and she's literally just got a job now as the director of HarperCollins in literary fiction I would say the vast majority of our publishers and when they leave the course they go on to do marketing and production jobs not sure why but that just needs to be the thing so we've got lots of graduates at HarperCollins and we've got quite a few Penn some house now Bloomsbury I could go on most the publishing houses now are full of our graduates

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