UBIK – novel by Philip K Dick – Audiobook

26 thoughts on “UBIK – novel by Philip K Dick – Audiobook

  1. That bit about the Supreme Court ruling making it legal for a husband to kill his wife if she won’t divorce him sounds way too plausible these days

  2. This beautiful story is really about Joe Chip for me. The guy who couldn't keep his life together and who chooses women poorly and finally loses the one who he really wants and wants him and whom he is meant to be with and the guy who everyone thought was destined to fail, who pulls it to together and finally focuses enough when it counts at the last moment to save not only himself but also the man he admires as a father figure and the business they built together who has trusted him and put some faith in him. That's me?, I hope, I wish. I hope in that last moment I'm not the loser I appear to be at times. It's going to be a very close call and nothing is assured. Jory is a dangerous psychopath who ends up on the other side. There well be plenty of them we will have to deal with there just as we do here. I miss you PKD.

  3. 0:36 – 1
    16:53 – 2
    34:26 – 3
    1:05:57 – 4
    1:30:47 – 5
    2:00:05 – 6
    2:27:43 – 7
    3:02:20 – 8
    3:38:28 – 9
    4:04:00 – 10
    4:43:52 – 11
    5:12:46 – 12
    5:35:14 – 13
    6:01:49 – 14

  4. PKD is so good. This is my fav PKD. It's always fresh every time I read it or listen. This recording is primo. I love Runciter's voice. We miss you PKD.

  5. 44:00 poor guy is withdrawing from meth, owes his life and more to the credit agency, some asshole at his door at 7:30AM, and the fucking door wants a nickel in order to open.

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