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[♪music♪] AT&T U-verse My Multiview
is a great U-verse TV app that lets you watch
4 channels from your favorite list
at the same time. To access My Multiview,
on your TV, press the green My
Multiview button at the top of your remote. Your favorite channels should
now be loaded into Multiview. Select the channel you
want to see and press “OK”, to bring it to the large
viewport with audio. Three smaller windows
display channel options that can be browsed with
the Up or Down Arrow buttons until you find
the next channel to display in the large
viewport with audio. If you have not selected
any favorite channels yet, you’ll see a list of
channels to choose from. While in Multiview, you
can press the Info button to add or remove channels, as
well as being given the option to edit a current list
or create a new one. My Multiview allows
you to create up to 5 different
favorites lists, each with up to 55 channels. To view preselected
Multiviews, you can select “Multiviews” from the interactive menu. Then choose from kids,
news, sports, and Spanish Multiviews,
and press “OK”. My Multiview makes it easy to tune in to your
favorite channels, make your own list, and
watch what you like. For more information about
My Multiview, please visit att.com/uversetvsupport and enter the keyword
“Multiview”. [♪AT&T jingle♪]

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