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this would remind you that I've been here once again return Tyrone power was Saturday afternoon oh I just thought he was the most romantic beautiful man I'd ever seen you know I wish you were in some kind of trouble but why it's so I could get you out of it he wasn't arrogant he wasn't full of himself but I've never seen anyone who's handsome this time for nearly two decades he was one of Hollywood's most popular leading men with dark brooding eyes and dashing good looks he captivated audiences in historical dramas romantic comedies and swashbuckling epics but for all his charm and popularity the actors off screen life was a maelstrom of romantic entanglements and torturous self-doubt whatever the intrigues were with Tyrone Power everybody just loved him on may 5th 1914 in Cincinnati Ohio korone Edmund Power was born into an illustrious theatrical family more than a century before his birth the child's great-grandfather Tyrone Power the first became the toast of New York when he brought his repertoire of Irish comedies to America two generations later Tehran's father Frederick Tyrone Power the second toured the country as a well-known Shakespearean actor with his wife pichia a respected actress and drama coach in 1916 the powers moved to Hollywood where Tyrone senior found work in the burgeoning silent film industry but after the birth of a second child daughter Ann in 1917 the couple's marriage became strained by the popular actress frequent backstage love-affairs went over the lead in a Broadway musical her own senior headed east leaving his wife and children behind he tried to remain close to all the family but he was gone just how the picture good part of the time left alone in California patient filed for divorce the single mother supported her children with a series of acting jobs in local theatre companies she also prepared ty and his sister for the family profession schooling them at home and voice control diction and fencing in 1921 seven-year-old Tai made his first stage appearance in the role of a young Franciscan monk his debut impressed a reviewer for the Los Angeles Times who singled him out as a miniature hit but pressure power found it difficult to make ends meet in Hollywood and in 1923 returned with her children to Cincinnati she said to her son you have to remember to bend like a tree because life is difficult and it's got a lot of storms and heavy winds and if you don't bend your breaks so bend as the Jazz Age dawned terone matured into a strikingly handsome young man a young man obsessed with the stage in his final year at Purcell high school he starred in his class play and the yearbook proclaimed him the logical successor to John Barrymore his father had been a Shakespearean actor and he wanted to emulate him he had a letter he received him as dad giving him all this advice about his career kind of like Shakespeare's advice to the players in Hamlet but Todd was very proud of it and he said I'm gonna live up to this and I'm gonna be a bigger star than my dad in a career spanning 44 years terone senior had by now played opposite the most famous stars of the American stage and appeared in numerous films including Raoul Walsh's epic western the big trail and when I supposed to wet-nurse their wooden head pilgrims cross the plains where now the more that goes are always better for them and for you they see Indians jump what the YouTube myth before oh I reckon not the macho screen image of the veteran actor stood in sharp contrast to that of his fair featured son that at 16 the aspiring actor sought the guidance of his worldly father he didn't feel I think that either mr. power his father or his great-grandfather the other Tyrone Power would say boy you are following in our footsteps agreeing to take the boy under his wing Tyrone senior planned a rugged camping trip at his summer retreat in the Canadian woods it was here that young ty would finally get to know the man who had abandoned him so many years before they had their first time along together on several weeks and Tyrone told him of his ambitions to be an actor and he spent most of that time tried to teach his son to project his voice impressed with his son's dedication the experienced actor brought the boy to Chicago where power seniors starred as Shylock in the Merchant of Venice and junior apprenticed in a minor role in hopes of establishing their acting dynasty in Hollywood terone senior next invited ty to accompany him to California while young Tyrone attempted to break into the business seniors work as a character actor kept the two afloat success seemed assured when the elder actor was assigned the title role in Paramount Pictures the miracle man but shortly after filming began tragedy struck when the 61 year old actor became gravely ill he was stricken about six weeks into that film felt badly and had to stay home and he called Tyrone and he was staying in the men's club and he to run went over to him and right away he says his father wasn't well at all on December 23rd 1931 only six months after their summer reunion and two days before Christmas Tyrone senior's suffered a massive heart attack and died in his son's arms now broke and alone the teenage actors struggled to find work but while his family name and striking good looks off of open doors his lack of experience landed him back on the streets desperate he took a small part as an extra in Universal Pictures Tom Brown of Culver but the lack of other film offers suggested he might have better luck on the stage heading to New York tyonne for Katharine Cornell and Guthrie McClintock the impresarios of one of the nation's most prestigious theatrical companies after being hired for several small roles his first big break came when he was cast as Benvolio in the company's landmark production of Romeo and Juliet when the show opened in Los Angeles in 1935 ty was spotted by a studio talent scout who quickly offered him a seven-year film contract at $200 a week tight end who his mentor Katharine Cornell for advice she said don't do it you're not ready she said when you're ready you'll get more and you'll you'll it will be the right time but don't do it now and he didn't he told him no declining universals offer Tyrone continued his stage training appearing with Cornell in a revival of George Bernard Shaw's Saint Joan but at the end of the season Hollywood beckoned again and this time the 20-year old actor couldn't resist it was a telegram from 20th Century Fox Scout who was in New York if he would take a screen test oh he went out and celebrated he bought champagne and we had we were just so excited for him and then when he took the test and he got the contract of course he was uncloudy nine in 1936 the studio star system was thriving and while metro-goldwyn-mayer boasted more stars than the heavens fledgling 20th Century Fox struggled to establish its own galaxies of talent Shirley Temple reigned as the studio's top money maker and Alice Faye was its leading lady but studio boss Darryl F zanuck desperately needed handsome male stars to complete his roster in order to test his new contract players screen appeal zanuck gave ty a small but effective role in the romantic comedy girls dormitory what will it take to cheer you up diamond bracelet a million francs or a dance with me I don't feel like dancing have a drink of champagne or maybe I could entertain you with a few pod tricks though given just a few lines at the end of the picture tie captured the attention of powerful Hollywood columnist Hedda Hopper who claimed she sat through the movie twice just to learn the dashing bit players named nevertheless the young actor could not convince zanuck to give him his big break frustrated tie called and his father's old colleague director Henry King who was beginning work on Fox's most prestigious picture of the year Lloyd's of London although popular Don Ameche was already slated to star King recognized potential in power and decided to give the young man a screen test and they ran the test of Don Ameche in costume for Lloyds of London and then they ran the one of her own well all of the yes men around zanuck said Oh amici's the one he's great because I thought that's what zanuck wanted to hear but zanuck turned to Henry King said well now which one do you want and he said I I would go with power for one thing he's better-looking and he said in a few years time he's going to be a great star if you do the right things for him a 22 Tyrone Power heir to an acting legacy was about to embark on a career that would far exceed anything his ancestors could have imagined Lloyd's of London was Fox's number one grossing film of 1936 in his very first major role Tyrone Power had become a star I'm a waiter and Lloyd I'll show you I'm so high so I was having a vision dr. Tighe was 23 when he became this gigantic star he never seemed to be a neophyte or a gangling boy he was a young leading man immediately with his newfound success power was rewarded with a new dressing room and arrays two three hundred and fifty dollars a week he was also receiving an astonishing 1,000 fan letters each day many from women requesting more love scenes in his future films recognizing his new stars potential zanuck rushed power into a series of light-hearted musicals and gripping dramas oh you crazy you crazy maybe I was sane enough until tonight then I heard you singing and something happened to me something swept over me I'd never felt before or ever expected feel again what are you talking about I'm in love with you boom in just three short years Tyrone Power would become one of the nation's top box-office attractions surpassing other stars like Clark Gable and Spencer Tracy somebody would say to him about well how was it when you first started and he always answered the question in the same way which I thought was so typical of him I was the right person at the right time and I was lucky to be there there was a panache and a Grace and a breeding about him that was enviable I think to both men and women mothers would like to have him take their daughters out you know guys would like happened with a brother if the public fell in love with him so did nearly all his female co-stars and soon ty began dating some of Hollywood's most famous leading ladies Sonja Henie and Tyrone ha just before the opening of Hollywood's latest triumph we mustn't miss Tyrone Power escorting Janet Gaynor what a pair in 1939 MGM superstar Norma Shearer was so struck by the charismatic young actor that she personally requested him as her co-star in a lavish production of Marie Antoinette but after the film opened to disappointing reviews zanuck vowed he would never again loan his number-one leading man to another studio returning to Fox in Suez an epic costume drama power was featured with Fox's newest European import the glamorous French actress with one name Annabella at your service Mademoiselle make him bring back my little house my clothes are highly well why don't you come out and get them yourself shame on you my dear young lady I don't mind seeing you in your bathing dress Oh shame on you oh the first time it was hello hello and like all the girls were crazy about him I was a little cool not to do exactly like the others so I called my mother I'm going to have dinner with her horror what you create your own power but you're the old suit and fetch shoes I said doesn't matter mother he asked me to go out for dinner power was smitten and the elegant French actress and Hollywood's favorite leading man soon became inseparable but zanuck disapproved of the match bachelors the boss believed made for better box-office zanuck wanted to keep him in that that that role of the glorious matinee idol that all the girls would absolutely flip over the shop girl in the supermarket it might be could dream of saying you know maybe I could meet him and I'd be mrs. Tyrone Power one day in the temp to squelch the romance zanuck ordered Annabella to Europe to shoot a slate of pictures refusing to go she was placed on studio suspension Annabella being a very strong-willed lady I knew that she was fighting zanuck a good part of the time theorem he had maybe one little fault he didn't know enough to say no to somebody like me Susanna I'm truly wanted thrown to belong to Fox didn't stop my love for theorem let's hear on love for me the romantic Hollywood wedding of the 20th Century Fox star king of the screen and the charm girl from France their marriage long rumored has now occurred Tyrone Power and Annabella are now two stars that twinkle as one now married despite xaniix strenuous objections Tyrone Power and Annabella sailed to Europe for their honeymoon soon after returning home terone adopted Annabella's daughter Annie and the new family moved into a stately house on salt air boulevards in Brentwood California this was a very close little neighborhood in those days Gary and rocky Cooper lived right across the street and then Kenan wind that catty-corner the Cooper's every Sunday morning this whole group of motorcycle nuts would come to our house and roaring into the into the back entrance terone Watson Webb Clark Gable fred macmurray cesar romero whom we all called butch they were so handsome you couldn't believe it they had these big goggles on and the mud all over them happiest clams they were so thrilled and then they start you know having a nice little drink or two and swap stories about who did what to whom and who spotted the most mud on somebody whose motorcycle went out fell down the hill it was fun very cheerful and full of friendship and heart that was the most important we are all that I was kidding in and having fun but while purchasing their dream house the couple made a shocking discovery Tyrone Power one of the most successful actors in Hollywood was almost broke Uncle Frank Adams who was his business manager and agent and it have been a great friend of his father's there was no money for you to buy a house like that and they found that mr. Adams was skimming off a huge percentage of his income for handling his money he didn't like to have to face issues it was going to be unpleasant he'd rather walk away from it if he could terone hated that kind of scene until Frank was a member of the family so it was kind of rushed under the carpet Uncle Frank was fired and Ty was forced to let Annabella pay for the house never one to bring his personal problems to work however Tai maintained a reputation as something of a practical joker we will wicked then we had fun now you know like addressing him you know their great big square boxes and they're on wheels over on location and Ty and Dawn get out in the back and push this dressing them and let it go and I'm telling you with a hairdresser and a wardrobe woman and myself in it it's pretty dangerous in 1940 he secretly filmed this scene for the Mark of Zorro and slipped it it as annex daily screening this time excellency I take only your money next time sanic I let that be a lesson to you dammit adios with the Mark of Zorro Tyrone Power inherited one of Douglas Fairbanks most famous roles and the mantle of America's most popular swashbuckling hero I needed that scratch to awaken me in blood and Sand released the next year he reinvented the part of the swaggering Matador once made famous by Rudolph Valentino I dedicate the death of this noble bull the beauty of the women of Spain the Hollywood heartthrob was now a box-office sensation but his TYIN Anabella began their fourth year of marriage the public couple wrestled with a very private pain he very very much wanted a son and Annabella very very much wanted to give him a son I mean the other thing about the Tyrone Power name going on but I think it was more an obsession with Annabella than it was with Tyrone that she couldn't give him the son I think it frustrated her more as a further strain on the marriage rumors of Turin's extramarital affairs began to circulate around Hollywood sure he had a couple of flings that everybody knows about it they were numerous but they there were some important ones and one of course was Judy Garland who was crazy about Tyrone when the affair with Garland developed into a serious romance the high-strung superstar pressured her own to leave his wife he wanted to be all things to all people and you couldn't he would like to divide himself up into little minions of pieces of you know for people that wanted this or one of that and it just it just couldn't be while domestic conflicts were erupting in the power home a much greater battle had begun in Europe England and France declared war on Germany and the United States was on the brink of joining the fray zanuck drafted power and pin-up girl Betty Grable for a strategic piece of pre-war propaganda a Yank in the RAF well I haven't looked at another girl since you left well I've looked another men maybe but I'll bet you didn't look at him the same way he looked at me that first night in Kansas City remember you were going east and I was going west and we saw each other and I was going east to the same old spark still there honey sure we've been off course a few times but we can get back on again after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 power enlisted for real as a flyer in the US Marine Corps an experienced pilot he wanted a chance to show that he was not just a Hollywood pretty boy but yet another obstacles stood in his way he would like to have gone into the service right after he signed up but it was zanuck who requested that he be allowed to do crash dive zanuck Pelton and the Armed Services also felt that it would increase volunteers substance talking a lifeboat trying to knock off a rescue ship let's see what we can do for it On January 1st 1943 Tyrone Power reported for active military duty at Camp Pendleton left behind was an uncertain marriage and a career of wealth and privilege awaking in was a world and a life that would be changed forever in 1944 the world was at war and Tyrone Power international matinee idol and star of over 25 films was a lieutenant in the US Marine Air Corps he loved flying he loved excitement and he loved danger he had a wonderful war record and he was an extremely good pilot and he said it's different when you're not in a movie with the uniform he said it when it's really you and he said it's very satisfactory but while battling the enemy Tigh also battled his conscience and when the 30 year old actor returned from the war he decided to repair his failing marriage to Annabella her own power the twentieth century-fox motion picture star is welcomed home by his wife after war and battle as a Marine Corps pilot when he came back from the war when we found his father again that was marvelous Canada's wind and snow whip up a welcome for Tyrone power and his wife Annabella after three years of fighting in the warm Pacific Tyrone chose Canada's wintery plans for a vacation and it looks as if he got him they're going to enjoy this reunion Tyrone's out of service now after a distinguished record that included participation in the campaigns at Iwo Jima and Okinawa they would never like this for his return to the streams and a cast power in the razor's edge a powerful adaptation of Somerset Maugham classic novel all the things that had been confused before suddenly became clear to me I had a sense of knowledge more than human I felt that I'd broken away and was free the film captured the hearts of post-war audiences searching for more realistic mature dramas and went on to earn an Academy Award nomination as Best Picture his box office status secured power next begs zanuck to let him star in nightmare alley an uncompromising drama concerning a carnival con man whose web of lies leads to a downward spiral of despair and degradation icy fields of grass and rolling hills the boy a barefoot boy is running through those hills a dog is with him the dog is with him yeah his name is dawn go on easy how easy it is there welcome stock reading fits anybody never misses of course sanic didn't want power to do nightmare alley if you're a studio head and had this great staff suddenly want to act I didn't sit well the role of Stan Carlisle was his finest to date and became his personal favorite but the actor felt betrayed when the studio rushed the film in and out of movie houses giving it little publicity I think then he felt resentment that zanuck is still being the patriarch I've served my apprenticeship I feel that we ought to be more partners than it is son and father you totally controlling me as tur owns relationship with zanuck deteriorated so did his marriage though the couple had tried to resolve their differences in 1947 tie and Anabella separated and later divorced he didn't leave a novella for anybody else and I will swear on a stack of Bibles out high that's true there was nobody else in the picture but she was really the one said it's time for us to call quits cause I'm never going to be able to give you that son that you want and there was never one bit of either bitterness or anger or anything after his divorce from Bella rumors began to spread concerning ties and divil and sexual preferences there was a duality in Tyrone uh from a sexual point of view but the men in Turin's life never complicated his life and the women gave him a big headache after a brief and highly publicized romance with actress Lana Turner Tye surprised everyone by announcing plans to fly his plane around the world with actor and good friends Cesar Romero Tyrone Power and Cesar Romero are off on a vacation wonder where they're going we're gonna start off with Mexico and go to Guatemala and the other Central American Republic's at the Roman Colosseum Tyrone Power in Italy and the 20th Century Fox star tosses a coin into the Trevi Fountain Ty's life is an eligible bachelor was cut short in Italy but he met young MGM a film star Linda Christian when he opened the door to his fabulous suite all the bells of Rome started to ring I don't know it was incredible and it was actually the telephone it was ringing and was Lana saying where have you been all evening tell me that you love me and then he looked at me and he said I love you and that was that following a much-publicized courtship Ty and Linda married in Rome in January 1949 Tyrone powers bride Linda Christian enters the ancient Church of Santa Francisco Romana to Wed her hero she's almost an hour late but Thai waits happily when you take younger loans are here present for your lawful wife according to the rites of our Holy Mother the church all of Rome was just along this street and up the the monuments and on the trees and on the lampposts and I was late because I couldn't get through the throngs but when the actor returned home he was disappointed with his next role that of a swashbuckling hero in a modestly budgeted costume drama yes Esteban it's me Orsini in prince of fox's power looked tired and older than his 36 years in 1950 for the first time in 12 years he failed to rank in the top 10 of us box-office attractions despite his career frustrations Ty's life took a bright turn when Linda gave birth to a daughter Romina Francesca but when zanuck featured power in a series of second-rate films that neither impressed audiences nor challenged his talent the actor knew that his days at Fox were numbered you have taken two captives from the country of the Long Knives the pony soldier speaks with a tongue of the snake that rattles his Standing Bear who speaks with a forked tongue he didn't really feel that he had achieved what he wanted to achieve as Tyrone Power actor to roam our movie so yeah he knew that but that wasn't the thing that was all-important to him then he started to become a little impatient and wanted better films and better roles and was looking forward to the time that he wouldn't be on the contract and that he could choose his own material her own power had made over 40 films and become an international superstar but when his contract came up for renewal he refused to negotiate terminating one of the longest exclusive contracts in Hollywood history on the first time in 20 years the ACTA was free to choose his own rules live his own life and make his own mistakes away from what he jokingly called penitentiary Fox power discovered a new and invigorating freedom he was just pleased to be out from zanuck some of zanuck release saying you are going to do this he just felt that with his track record of what he'd done in the business he would like more say with the producer of what kind of picture he would do but with freedom came responsibility and he was faced with an immediate dilemma during the casting of his first project Mississippi gambler which was his first independent film which we were supposed to done together as the power team I had to screen test my competition was Linda Christian her own powers wife I had to walk on the the burning coals to to get the part I was very disappointed and I let him know that he should have been firmer when Piper Laurie won the starring role Tyrone generously gave his co-star some advice he told me about a trick when you're doing a love scene look at look at your partner's eyes and then down at his mouth and then back to the eyes and then down to the mouth he said it's very effective 20 years under xaniix tutelage had taught her own how to make a successful film and Mississippi gambler netted him over a million dollars 20th Century Fox this week changed its entire production technique for all of its principal pictures and started the production of Lloyd C Douglass's famed story the robe in CinemaScope with the robe Darryl zanuck thought he had the perfect vehicle to lure power back to Fox but although Tyrone signed the contract to star he began having second thoughts he loved the theater and he had had it with movies for while he just wanted to renew himself you know vivify two-bike doing trotting the board's as he put it withdrawing from the film power made the rather risky decision to co-star in a staged reading of Stephen Vincent Benet epic Civil War verse John Brown's body but when the show premiered in New York critics hailed it the most exciting theatre event of the season singling out powers extraordinary performance touring with the show for more than a year he turned down one film role after another John Brown's body lies the smoldering in his grave or whatever I thought that he was wasting his talent and his energies doing all these different theater things and taking him away from home and that savory but you can do most beautiful film and that will reach the whole world we're just just limited audience inevitably ties theatrical life took its toll on an already crumbling marriage actually the women would be at his command and call or whatever you call it and I would get these rumours that he wasn't alone then Tyrone came home and he said by the way why do you worry why don't you get yourself a lover too after Linda's highly publicized affair with screen actor Edmund Purdom and despite the birth of a second daughter Taryn Stephanie in September of 1953 tie and Linda decided to divorce I think if she were to do it over could do it over she would have probably preferred to dedicate herself to one man and a family it just didn't really work out that way a bachelor once more ty was on his own and looking for work a welcome offer came from an old friend director Henry King who asked him to return to Fox for king of the Khyber rifles if there's a man among you who will not follow me let him step forward now and make himself known I had the lead opposite in king of the Khyber rifles the first scene was a big love scene I haven't even met him and Tyrone Power comes in and my eye started twitching I mean there's nothing you can do and Tyrone he was he just took over he said Henery I don't know my lines do you mind if Miss Moore and I go and sit on the side and and maybe she can help me so we went over there for about a half an hour we went over the lines of course he knew them but he was just so kind he knew that I was just so completely distraught and nervous who me in your arms he'll tell me just once what we both know to be truth although he could still cast quite a spell on women the 40-year old actor found it difficult to find mature serious roles in 1955 he found just the right part playing Eddy Duchin in the fictional biography of the famed pianist it's a rare and wonderful experience for any actor to be able to to recreate the life of a close personal friend particularly when that life is as exciting and dramatic as Eddy Duchin I went to the studio to watch him he want me to watch him practice the piano this is gonna be interesting cuz I knew he didn't play so he had a piano that didn't make any sound and he learned all the fingering exactly like Eddy Duchin did it he was such a perfectionist his perfectionism paid off and the Eddy Duchin story became one of the top grossing movies of the year in 1957 power formed his own company Kopa productions and released the taut and suspenseful abandoned ship there were 26 survivor than a lifeboat meant for 12 but you must have sent a distress signal you had seven minutes you must have been an SOS and got an acknowledgement one man alone had to say who was to live hey you were home everybody sing and who was the duck by now the middle-aged matinee idol had proven that he could thrive outside the studio that had nurtured him for so long but haunting him was a responsibility to his family and his father that he was unable to ignore since boyhood Tyrone Power had been both blessed and burdened by his theatrical heritage if you go to Grauman's Chinese and you look at what he said in cement are following in my father's footsteps that meant a lot to him there was tremendous feeling of being another Tyrone Power who would be remembered as an actor at 43 Tyrone had reached the stage in his career when he was no longer a prisoner of his pretty face years of training and experience recommended him for a variety of more challenging roles in 1958 director Billy Wilder cast Powers the charming but devious defendant in Agatha Christie's suspenseful courtroom drama witness for the prosecution go kill Emily French no I didn't I didn't do it I didn't kill her I never killed anybody he wanted to be that character who was really very spiteful and vengeful I just didn't understand him wanting it but he said you see it's different I played those sappy parts and pretty boys and I don't want to do that anymore the picture became a box-office success and critics applauded Powers work as magnificent in may 1958 power married again this time to Debra Ann Menard Oh a free spirit in her mid-20s who had dated Elvis Presley well he still wanted a son and we used to talk about it a lot when he went with Debbie she told him she would have a boy for him he said I have to have a son several months after the wedding Debbie announced her pregnancy though devoted to his daughter's the actor fervently hoped for a boy who would carry on the power dynasty he said to me Terry if I died tomorrow I wouldn't mind he said I've had such a wonderful life he said I can't think of anything else I could ever experience it's been so brand wonderful and he said wait there's only two things I would like I would like a son and I would like to die on stage later that year in memory of his father's death power filmed this public service announcement for the American Heart Association for all of us the most precious element we have is time but time runs out too soon for millions because of a health enemy that takes more lives than all other diseases combined that's why ten years ago our leading physicians and scientists declared all-out war on heart disease so give generously to your Heart Association knowing that your heart fund dollars will come home to help safeguard your heart and the hearts you love still strikingly handsome the star war the beard he had grown for his upcoming role in Solomon and Sheba the filming of the biblical epic on location in Spain was physically and emotionally grueling coppa productions Ty's own company was producing the picture and the stress and responsibility weighed heavily on him of greater concern was the actors physical condition during a routine medical examination his doctor had requested a second cardiogram power declined if there's something wrong he said I don't want to know then he had to do a Julianne scene with George Saunders and George Saunders was not a swordsman so they had retake after retake and Tyrone was getting weary ER and worried and in the middle of maybe xx take he collapsed with no doctor on the set the stricken star was rushed to the hospital but it was already too late within minutes the 44 year old actor had died of a massive heart attack came on the radio in the car and I absolutely refused to believe what I heard I waited about Haffner than I called back and I said did you really mean I mean is he just in hospital maybe and he said no Evie he's gone the funeral was held at Hollywood Memorial Park motion-picture luminaries came to pay their respects and lifelong friends Cesar Romero delivered the eulogy he was a beautiful man he said beautiful outside and beautiful inside we shall all miss him rest well my friend as fate would have it two months after the actor's death the son he'd always wanted Tyrone Power the third was born in the end her own power achieved all Heat hoped for he had proved that he was not merely a movie star but an actor of stature worthy of his heritage he's like one of the last of the nobility there's ever been anybody else like him that's what makes stars he was he was unique sometimes you meet people in your life you feel as are you you've known them before and I felt that way about time you couldn't help but just like him immediately and when you got to know him you loved him he was a very very attentive a very sweet father but no not long enough I would have liked to have talked to him I would have liked to have hugged him I would have liked to have just had a daddy I think he watches out for us and he's still with us you

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  1. What a well done Biography…Classic Movies are what keep me going at the age of 57…been that way since a young man…I want so bad to go back in time…My Dad was born in 1934…He got to see and live what I dream about everyday…Jealous, oh Yes….Our Country for last couple decades has Gone to HELL.

  2. Why was $200/week for 7 years no good for an unknown with no fame, then $350/week a great deal for being well known in Lloyds of London?

  3. He is the father of Romina Power, the singer with her husband Al Bano. She looks like her father, very beautiful also !

  4. He was an established movie star when Pearl Harbor was bombed. He joined the U.S. Marines, was a pilot flying supplies in and wounded Marines out of Iwo Jima and Okinawa.

  5. L'idole suprême. Beau ,intelligent, immense talent le plus grand d'hollywood
    A jamais dans nos coeurs

  6. The most beautiful man to ever grace the screen. So sad you left this world so young dear Tyrone Power. Love you forever.

  7. Tyrone always has reminded me of my father . They look strikingly alike. My father passed away in 2000.

  8. Many years ago (1932), a fifteen-year-old Diana Barrymore told to a young Tyrone Power: "You are Adonis come to life" and I am completely agree with her!!! The great Tyrone Power, my adored Ty, was, be an will be the most handsome man in the world!! What eyes, what smile, what voice!! He was so talented, so warm, so sexy!!! I love him always and forever!! Thanks!! 🙂

  9. What an absurd looking man. Just look at that silly nose from the side. No accounting for taste I guess…

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