Two Ways to Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

well hello everybody Matt close Kowski here and one of my favorite tools inside a Photoshop is the content-aware technology I think it is by far the best distraction removal technology I've seen in anything out there and knowing some little tips and tricks on how to use it and where and how best to use it I think it can definitely help you get better results from so I want to show you a quick tip here we're gonna grab the lasso tool and we are going to just I'm gonna draw a lasso around what we have right here okay so I'm just gonna lasso around doesn't have to be perfect it can be a very loose type of a selection and then from there a lot of people don't know so we the old content-aware we would come to the edit menu and you could go down here to fill you go into the fill dialog box and then under contents you could go to content aware the thing was was before October of 2018 we didn't have any choices that was just go go there and let Photoshop do its thing and I click OK and it does a pretty good job I can click the deselect its kind of selected a darker patchy or shady area from there and repeated it over here but it's not bad but let's say you know it's not what you want it's not as perfect as you want it to be so I can undo a couple of times and we'll get back to our selection there I'll come back up here to edit and then we can go down here to the content aware fill dialog box so we still have both and that really is gonna take me to the the bulk of the tip here I'll just extend my canvas a little bit there but I can I can tell it what I don't want it to take into account which is gonna be this little shady area down here because I know that that's what was causing the problem and I can say you know leave some of this out of there as well because we don't need it and even some of that darker shady area and as soon as I let go you're gonna see it redraw itself over there and to me I can see in the preview that's so much better than the other version was so this does work better it just takes more time so the happy medium and what I would say the tip for you as let me cancel out of here is try them both nothing says you always have to go into that dialogue box first and I'm gonna show you a keyboard shortcut that's gonna help this out which is shift delete or on some keyboards that might be the backspace key so just press shift delete or shift backspace that's gonna open up the fill dialog box where you most of the time have it set to content-aware just click OK and you can evaluate it again I'll undo really quick and just show you how fast it is shift delete okay hit the enter key and I can look at it if it's not good I just press command or control Z to undo head up here and I can go into the menu and go into the content aware fill dialog box and spend a few more seconds or even a minute and get in there and refine it and just overall I think that will speed up the process the easy way may work for a lot of what you're doing you don't always have to go into that dialog box so there's a keyboard shortcut and there's a nice fast way to give it a try and then if it doesn't work you can always jump into the dialog box and get a little bit more refined and finally just wanted to take one quick moment to pay the bills and point you to Matt Kay comm slash preset – system this is my photography preset system is my new release in the last couple of months here and it works it's a preset system that actually works for both Lightroom and Photoshop it's got a bunch of different preset packs that are inside of it you can always find out more over here on the website and they are on sale right now so swing by and check it out

6 thoughts on “Two Ways to Content Aware Fill in Photoshop

  1. hm I have ps cc and I am updated however I don't have the option other than fill and stroke no content aware fill, I would love to have it any idea how?

  2. wow great tip Matt. I didnt even realize about this 2nd more advanced Content Aware Fill option and I could have used it for many recent fixes for some items that I had to go multiple times with using the standard one. So glad I now know about this. You rock

  3. I have the time, so prefer the second method showing PS where not to copy from. It’s amazingly accurate..

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