Two haiku poets – Ken Smeaton & Anna Fern

from you stay please welcome thanks Megan [Applause] I'm not sure that whether I've got em like you saw epigrams at the beach the students sir from their laptop biting into the animal a woman in the [Laughter] the photographer reflected on our brawling neighbors window the sky black and blue walking home drunk red paint spill on the path brings my walk black velvet sky silver eye moon and Venus Knights nose the Auslan singer writing the poems and the eyes of the audience it takes more than caps and traps to prevent mice and lice in a dirty house trams and trains beautiful curves on horizontal planes phonies and phonies communing on mobiles and devices all alone II this generation is a touch phony you'll ever make dumb jokes okay one more a strange thing for these days interesting beauty from within grows more beautiful Thank You young beauty fades to rebuild the ravages of skin thank you very much Sentinel and thanks for bringing the the kind of inside that frogs night the puffle punk punk I love that name I love that name do they pop up punk thank you and now please welcome Sammy's Sally's poetry teacher and a fern so this little series I wrote a couple of years ago it's called up after muff night before funeral carpark shopping bag explosion kind stranger remembrance cards dreadlocked office works dude perfects my print job no extra charge neighbors in our lane I scheduled inside don't say mom died writing the eulogy standoffish pussycat extra smoochy weeping a truck on the street Tooting uncontrollably that day gar painting of the absinthe drinker thought it looked like mum now it's me

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