Two Feet “You?” Official Lyrics & Meaning | Verified

Why did I decide to title the song You? It just felt like when I was saying it, when I was saying the lyric
right before the hook came in, it felt more like a question, than like a statement. The lyrics are sort of ambiguous of who I’m talking about. Am I actually talking about somebody else, or am I talking about myself? I was in L.A at the time recording a completely different song. That song sort of just fell
through the cracks, it happens. I was really frustrated, so I went out into the parking lot and just kind of like started
humming melodies to myself. Chords came in place around that time too and I just went back in, and super quickly laid down
like a framework of the song. The songs about I guess
several people in particular, not like a specific person. I’m not actually saying to the person don’t tell me your problems, I don’t wanna solve them. I’m actually kind of talking about myself. You project your own
emotions on somebody else, try to like get it away from… Get as far away from it as possible. I usually go to my dad for advice, half the time it’s just terrible. But, it’s still good to kind of hear it. You’re like, “Okay, I
can cross that idea off.” The fear you would have
telling somebody your problems and worrying that
subconsciously they might not actually care at all. That’s kind of the biggest reason why someone might not
tell somebody something. Because, that might could be even worst than just keeping inside, you know? That’s kind of like
the confusing build up, like what’s really going on? What’s going in my mind, what’s going on in your mind? I wanted that to be sort of like… Like a rolling confusion
leading up to the statement before the hook. It’s not about their problems, it’s secretly like, “Wait, am I projecting my issues on you, “because I’m too afraid to say something? “Was I the one who actually needed you?” The imagery in verse two about the room burning, like everything kind of gets going crazy. It’s sort of just like
the confusion you can have trying to figure out what’s going on in the relationship you’re having. And that always feels like
the room you have in your head is all boarded up, right? You know what I mean? Like you need to like go outside and go for a walk, and air out the windows
or something like that. So it’s kind of just the
imagery I wanted to paint for that section. You know when something dramatic happens to you in your life, it might feel like that week was longer than any other week you ever experienced. Waiting for a text back, waiting for some sort of response, maybe waiting to see if
they’re gonna meet you, or they said they’d meet you, something like that. How time really can
feel like it slows down. Before I say that, I’m like tear me to pieces. I’d rather be ripped to shreds, than have to wait in this time that feels like it’s going on forever. Do you need me or not? Do I need you or not? What am I even asking? What am I talking about, what’s the song about? Sometimes when you’re writing lyrics, like you kind of either question yourself, or you reread them and you’re saying, “What do I even mean?” Sometimes you talk about the journey, the song itself. So that’s kind of where I was when I was writing the last thing, when I went into the last hook. I just wanted to like question
mark the question marks, and the rest of the song.

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