TV and film composer Ramin Djawadi on making music

27 thoughts on “TV and film composer Ramin Djawadi on making music

  1. Really enjoy his music. Came to know of him recently. I too compose music (not full time…yet) and I see the hardwork and thought process behind his music. Well done Ramin!

  2. what a legend, there are 3 composers I really in love with their styles, Hans Zimmer, Ramin Djawadi, John Williams

  3. I have the ability to reproduce music through piano too without reading music sheets. It’s just my natural ability and with several seamless guesses i can just play the song. It’s just i know which piano keyboard to touch after.

  4. Why are people still calling Dany Khaleesi? It translates to Wife of the Khal. It's a title, not a name. Calling her that is like calling Tyrion hand of the king.

    Smh, just learn what her name is.

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