Tutorial 4 – Staging and Publishing Your Application

our travel application is complete we are ready to publish it publishing in visual builder cloud service includes of two stages the first one is called stage which creates a testing environment for you to test your application once you're happy with that you can actually publish your application before we actually publish our application let's go back to our business object definition if you look in the categories business object on the overview page you'll notice there's a checkbox here it allows you to indicate that this one contains application setup data this means that the data form this business object is going to be copied to each instance of your application so do this for the categories as well as for the airlines now you're ready to go to the main menu will you see all your applications for the application you're working on you can right-click on the menu and choose stage when you're staging an application you can stage it with clean database or with the database form the development data again the stage step basically takes and create a new instance of your application with a specific URL if you now click on the stage status you'll see a link to your application and when you click to it the new URL will be open and this is your application ready for you to work with you can provide this URL to your peers so they can actually go and play with the application once this testing has been done you're ready to publish your application again go to the main menu and in the same location you will find the publish option choose publish and this time we can publish for example with a clean database now you have a production instance a live instance of your application click on the travel and you'll get to your new application without any data since you created the create page you'll be able to go in and fill out information a categories and the airlines would be pre-populated based on the data that you kept in those objects and when you click show stats you'll be able to see the statistics for your data congratulation you just published your first vb CS application

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  1. Great tutorial and thank you. I am using the latest VBCS Dev 1.0 and I have followed you with great success up to the last points on the Main flowchart. I cannot see anything. The window is totally blank and I don't see my flow chart. How can I get it to appear so I can see the flow, please?

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