TulipTV meets Joël Bons, Composer

Jordan where you come I'm coming from em for them did you study also there right I studied the conservatory I did guitar and composition and why exactly a guitar composition work well i started my own pop band as everybody did from my generation and when I I I made my own songs and they became more and more difficult than I couldn't play them anymore so I did thought how how can you learn that so I have to go to conservatory then I went to in composition and once you start playing you always want to do a more difficult game so it became a real challenge to to study this fantastic thing which is composition and then I went abroad to see ni in Italy study with Franco Donna Tony and later with Brian for now in Freiburg why did you pick these tools well there were not so many schools to study abroad and there were just a few of them Ligety was in Hamburg but he didn't accept any students he's a very famous composer and so it was more or less by accident I didn't even know them and then once I got to know them they were becoming like big father's for me how would you describe the musical style if you because because you're using classical instruments to not really to play classical music well maybe i should add something for this particular case and the vancouver intercultural orchestra is a very interesting initiative including non-western instruments because you have a large asian community here and similarly i do something like that in Amsterdam which is called the Atlas Ensemble and this is quite unusual because we normally as composers we write for Western instruments but I have been growing up with the wonderful collection of Records of my parents knowing all these instruments from Vietnam from China from Japan from from Africa and I always wondered why do we always limit ourselves to just Western instruments as composers I mean if you want to have a real multicultural society then it's really great to integrate these these sounds so for this group particularly it's very special to write for Chinese and Iranian and I don't know so when do you head back to Allah I'm still in a couple of days when is it monday Monday yes and you will come back for the next year I mean you gotta do some rehearsals yes yes yes yes mother that will be just before the concert from the 26 and then we rehearse until the concert about 30 were at first so now we just had the very first experience of I was all geared up and well first even like yes I'm really because at the beginning I thought oh my god I I imagined something far too difficult and so on but then you know slowly hmm uh-huh and we're not at the temple yet so it's really a little bit dragging but it's coming it's suddenly so wonderful experience to to see that it's suddenly sounding as you imagined and that it can work once you understand each other that's really great from I mean it's quite unique in art if you're right or write something that's the thing if a sculpture makes it or a painter that's the object we composers we depended on musicians a musicians are dependent on composers without each other you cannot do anything unless you're your improviser of course with composers without musicians you know so you're in the hands of the musician and you have to really collaborate it's it's a very social and wonderful human thing also do you think you learn actually something from the other cultures yes very much I mean the ways of playing I even incorporated several things that I thought where Chinese like Glee sunday for instance which is in our language or the way they approach to music the way they think about time it's a different approach and so we learn all the time from each other that makes it so incredibly valuable it's like you know if you if you if you look at art in general whether it visual or literature once you read Iranian or Chinese poems or haikus from Japan it's a different way of thinking and it gives us so much i think this inter cultural exchange is really worthwhile and enriching joy that's great thank you very much for your time and we're looking forward when you come back on one was a 31st of March 31st of my keep great thank you thank you mochi mark thank you that you had time for us what is it all about the event which you are organizing on March 31st mark why did you take off on that okay well this is a actually a associated with the Olympics and the Vico won a special award to Commission pieces and the award was supposed to link the local regional activity with international activity and so the first person I thought it was you Oh bombs and of course the person that we have from Vancouver who is a Canadian composer of quite great renown his name is Steven Chapman and so the two main pieces in this concert that we are developing as part of this development project is are the pieces by yo bonds and the piece by Steven Chapman and the Steven Chapman piece will include choir and a large array intercultural instruments to Lola when would it happen it happens at the Rothstein theater which is an adjunct to the Jewish Community Center on Oak Street well it's actually I'm 41st just east of oak street vancouver is itself has always been a place where people make room for each other I think that it's also been a place that the government promotes through policy and understanding of how people get together I think the bank of intercultural orchestra is using that to attract very different types of crowds I feel in Vancouver you always have to keep in mind in about 20 years it's going to be an Asian city so it's very different it's transforming itself very quickly building infrastructure building communication vehicles like the Vancouver intercultural orchestra is part of building a city that is open and available so people who bring their their skills and their riches and their ideas here can feel at home can express themselves and of course relate to their particular community and so we don't want to have a sectional city where the Chinese live here and the Indians live here and the Iranian live here we want to have it so that it is intercultural so people are learning off each other and enjoying each other's culture motion mark thank you very much thank you for having us my sutures hope to see you on much different we certainly hope to sleep take care please thank you you

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