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what's going on guys welcome back to everyday struggle nadeska academics and we know here Serena and I were at comic-con Chicago this weekend working super hard academics clearly missed it though yes so much energy don't take a sick day no no I will be honest with ya I was so happy to see out today I had to me I was a lot okay yeah winner you straight they text me once I should wait okay into a big mess I'm like I've seen the desk I don't even over the desk was there that good you both listen alright so what I want you what I want this was more scary than go to area 51 on earth let let's dispel this fellas myth of like Chicago being this place that as soon as you step off the plane I love Chicago is a very beautiful city very dope people I went to I went to UM like a block party I had and I'm not being funny I hadn't seen so many black people in one space without it being an altercation in my life like if there's so many people every block you turn you could it was like the VIP area in the club where you couldn't walk but it was just like a block party they was enjoying like food and drinks and cigars and motherfucking music you know had the best complex con ever I had he was out in the club at Pusha and Freddie Gibbs what do I say and by the way I offended by Wayne you know kick with a big mess because to be honest one thing I give credit to its away no and I'm glad that you know you know I'll go to Chicago support but community outreach and really getting in there other than hey we have some boots and we're popping up that's one thing you're just trying to get some sales going into the communities and try to make some change and touching the actual people respecting I'm glad we did it thank you yeah I always for that you know save money save life complex community week yeah night out night out against gun violence you know me and vic mensa was not having conversations about defend yourself besides with him i'm gonna call it that like I've always given him credit like he does care about his community like I seen them do things the thing that I still applaud him to this day for what he did with the bait car thing so again doing things like that of course we're like I don't feel no type of way about that I'm glad that way no Inc you acted obviously is putting himself into the community because one thing again one of the reasons why we even got weighing on here way don't be he cares by its community he in the community you know I mean it's such the people who that should we really do you know we do have an academic school today shit is wild oh can we can he addresses his a future reconcile is that what we're addressing or I know we gotta talk about his new music but we'll get to that I do want to say though it's very rare that I come back here with a changeup it very but you change your hey listen I won't believe in all those little zodiac signs but I am a Taurus that's fast I'm a Taurus stubborn and I think that stubborn yeah I will admit and I'm coming back here to say you know what even have to tremendous in the outpour of people saying act you know we love you but you're wrong future dirty sprite to is indeed a classic I've looked at it from a different perspective and I went back and I say you know what if I could sit here and I've called the chief keef finally rich a classic based on hold on based on this impact how he did how it influenced other people the moment right and I was really kind of downplaying the moment because of other things you know because you know he did a joint out with Drake before they gave us three great projects sounds like school cares that it's called an album but I'm here to say you guys are right future thank you dirty sprite – that's just a class you had me so easy you're asking that question I'm starting off the week way no one I could demo a machine no no that's the that's the audience shake me on that well you're talking that bullshit still like they came with they came with some different angles and I looked at and I said yeah right it's a classic out alright shout out to the audience a lot of them said hello by the way some people that are you ready to Chicago who wanted to see you out there oh we're gonna be there soon we missed you too it's good to be back in our little studio here let's get into some news so update on ASAP rocky so a Swedish judge has sided with prosecutors and ordered that rocky stays in jail until at least July 25th they think that he is a flight risk but Kim and Kanye have stepped in so according to TMZ Kim hit up Trump's brother-in-law Jared Kushner who then spoke to Trump about rocky and the president apparently thinks he's being treated unfairly on Saturday he tweeted just had a very good call with the Swedish prime minister who assured me that American citizen a stop rocky will be treated fairly likewise I assured him that ASAP was not a flight risk and offered to personally vouch for his bail or an alternative and then later he said that some negotiations were gonna happen so that same day he addressed this at the White House saying that he's gonna apparently work with the State Department of Health get rocky out take a look ASAP Rocky is a situation in Sweden Sweden's a great country and they're friends of mine the leadership and we are going to be calling we'll be talking to him we've already started and many many members of the african-american community have called me friends of mine and said could you help so I personally don't know ASA rocky but I can tell you that his tremendous support from the African American community in this country and when I say African American I think I can really say from everybody in this country because we're all one Wow oh man we weren't lucky to get out but who are these African Americans he's talking about you think he's just cardiac anyway it's good that he's trying to get involved but some mixed messages here so according to the New York Daily News Sweden's Prime Minister said in a statement that Trump cannot actually interfere in Rocky's legal process quote they said the Prime Minister made sure to point out that the Swedish judicial system prosecutors and courts are completely in the so we don't know if he's actually gonna be able to help but it's good that he's getting involved that Kim and Kanye want him to help gez also spoke about this over the weekend he said he was arrested there back in 2018 and he thinks there's definitely some racism at play here he says this is the sad truth the difference between me and Rockies treatment in Sweden brings to mind two concepts that discussing Lee go hand in hand white privilege and systemic racism okay all right I think those are all of my updates right now I give to folks with the Sweden prime minister says when the most powerful man in the world would you buy what we domestically here think of him like makes a call and personally vouches and is lobbying and we're talking about negotiations I'm pretty sure it's gonna move some needles and I'm pretty sure there's gonna be some incentives to make sure again while he can't just say free and it just he's out I'm pretty sure those additional eyes of an entire US government or the guy who leaves it essentially will make this process go a little bit different especially since we've been under the thought that hey we don't think he's being treated fairly so now it might be a little bit different I will say you know I gotta give a lot of credit to Kanye and again it's crazy how you know of course we know the Carters they're super powerful and even outside of music and you know just their influence they they take on a lot of social issues but Kim and Kanye I like what they're doing to have the to have the ear the president whether it is this particular president but anybody who's sitting in that seat is very important I'm hoping this is a good thing for a sob rocky because right now it doesn't look right and gez made a great point yeah she's made a great point he got locked up he got released in the day like in a day we're gonna actually locked up for um it was kinda like some like it was like that but like he was released and just really fine right but ASAP rocky their Ramon's manager managers like a hotel they want to see his phone they're investigating ASAP Rocky as if he was being under investigation for like molesting a minor as they were saying about potential victims so if y'all if y'all was saying the victims are under investigation for possibly assaulted or molesting like some kid or whatever yeah and yeah fine they got an altercation with some other guys and y'all investigating the other guys more right kind of raise the red flag again it's troubling to me but I'm not gonna lie whatever you think about Trump and of course he has his ways of what do you hear him talk you're like you know what you Travis and he says uh my african-american friends in you gotta clarify when I say african-american you know I mean I mean oh yeah whatever but I'm glad we have someone who could have the ear of that thing about this I feel like it's a catch-22 for Rocky and I feel and the reason why I say that is because like the rocky who is not a person who talks about politics at all and we know know that he has a certain type of stance on political views cuz he you know he lives in Soho and you know all that stuff if he does get out because it is I just feel like Trump is gonna flip that shit just as fast as he did that and rocky don't come out and do a press conference and say I'd like to thank Donald Trump and his organism what did he call a like what the affection under them like the Republican the regime yeah well Venis Asian administration right if he doesn't think Trump and the Trump administration then he's gonna face backlash should be of him saying you ungrateful son of a bitch like you know how he gets and then if he's does say that then he's gonna do with more we also had a fan question about this which is an interesting point so someone wanted to know do you think Trump is pulling the biggest clout chase move ever by getting involved do you think it's genuine because he think it's unfair treatment do you think he thinks this is just gonna help him look good with his african-american community okay he's trying to win a vote two things it's sorry because it could if you weren't done yeah but I'm you are right in terms of that's you did the same thing before with Lee Angelo ball right and he got involved somewhat or at least yes I'm crazy but I do I think it's a cloud chasing move politics is cloud chases right and it's not really cloudy chases vote chasing that's just our culture using that word but yeah of course yeah like he's basically tried to plant those seeds to say hey this would be good with your african-american okay I'm pretty sure like when he got briefed on the situation your African Americans they love a rock he put the dollar sign in a sack he put the dollar sign in the ASAP sweet he's definitely expecting you to come home if you get out to say yo man Donald Trump shout out to them then think Kanye in them and I we know how this goes with Trump if it doesn't go his way he's gonna say all types of shit about call him ungrateful and all types of stuff so it's like I'm kind of conflicted with it as well of course I was like ASAP to be home because it's such a petty situation or a petty charge but it's gonna be a lot to come with that shit I really want to hear hey sups thoughts when he comes out just overall in the process but you know like sometimes experience allowing people to experience certain shit enlightens them I do think you know I see people on Twitter who were dragging him because of comments he made about Ferguson couple years back you know I do think his comments then were very insensitive and really ignorant right again he lives in Soho and he made comments basically saying don't really ask me about shit like that I'm not no political leader I want to talk about some other shit that concerns me personally rather than what concerns people who look like me this situation I think you know I agree with some people who say he's being treated like that because of how he looks now that he's going through it I would like to hear how he views that whether he would admit or basically say oh yeah I went through that based on my own actions or to say there was someone fair treatment there that's what we had Kevin gates here I was trying to kind of like get that question at him because he had I would say similar similar comments but his comments were like hey any time I ran to the cops any time whatever that interaction was it was because I was messing up where I did something yeah but but after you go through certain things that you see certain things that might change your opinion I want to hear what he says but yeah I want she took I mean cuz rocky was a person also that spent time on Rikers Island before so you know in the peril of how he under there's mistreatment evil way but um yeah i'm i definitely want to see what he thinks you know if he's able to get out because they treated him like he thought he shot somebody something the way this is going and and to what they like by the way everybody if you've never seen racism you think you know existed history in the face i remember even wayne said one time he never experienced blatant rate racism and then like it was like a couple months or maybe a year later he like tweeted out that something was racist i think it was someone with the basketball like NBA or something like that which again you claim you never experienced it till you experienced it other than that like just seeing everything with how like ASAP his case is going i'm hoping that for whatever like however it turns out he you don't have to become a political activists because you're involved in something that's super political or social i'm hoping that he could still be him it can affect his music now right because before you felt like he didn't even need to put stuff like that in his music like you said going through it could change things but look so you know a lot of people are said they're gonna boycott sweden a lot of entertainers but it's not everybody some people like davies feels like it's basically his fault that he shouldn't have put hands on anyone since it wasn't in new york saying that they would definitely still go out there and get money so let's see yeah we can't stay like fucking cohesive on anything so like by the way the ban of sweden is already a little silly but like to be honest like even when niggas are saying yo let's not wear gucci you dangle a half a million i'll check in front of 85% of rappers yeah i mean the thing about raqi situation though is like taking you can clearly see him trying to avoid the situation there's a there's a thing with instinct kicks in and self-preservation kicks in like even for a kid that like a kid that gets bullied eventually they're gonna swing back and I'm saying and he did everything in his power from what we saw in the video for him to avoid the situation now once he got tired of it he acted out was it the best decision he could have made no but I don't think that he should just everybody should look at him as he just made the wrong decision he no he's not you know it back home yeah but if you if you're in any type of situation a motherfuckers pick at you you have to defend yourself at some point now now when you defend yourself you just have to be able to stand up for your consequences that's the biggest thing you know if he's standing up for his consequences I mean he has no choice yeah but I don't think that he should be it should be looked at like he just was out there attacking people that's not the case at all and I've said this before and last thing I had it we said this with the mixed situation but I hate when governments or courts feel that they have to go hard to prove to the media or the public and I feel like either the Swedish government or they're like police force or investigators because they're trying to show that you know we have a legit reason to have him locked up for that long that's why we're seeing these raids and that never ends well because that's the meek situation yo we now have to go hard to show that meek is doing some shit to keep him on probation so now we're like doing the most where like in most of the cases that wouldn't even be thought about so like see I hope his involvement does not make this worse then cuz you're gonna double down yeah because that's it you see the statement that said hey listen with all due respect to the president United States yeah we're not interfere what's going on here they're acting like it's still a super big deal you get me it's not like they're saying hey listen this seems like you know they said July 25th so that's three days away so hopefully we have a positive update from Rock you soon music drop the Lost Tapes to 16 track so this is the sequel to 20 2002 compilation of course so it features like cuts from his recording sessions that he did not previously release from hip hop is dead on titled life is good and the sea air and apparently has a lot more I think Lost Tapes 3 & 4 are also on the way so we talked about one song last week how are you guys feel about the entire project academics nah I'll go first I go first um I listen to it and like I said like I'm because I know how critical knives is of himself I'm not really a big fan of like that shit that he didn't want people to hear initially when he was putting our bodies at work but there's a there's a few highlights on here it is a few highlights are in um wait go down a little bit cuz it there's a song that I really love oh you mean the world of me you mean the world of me and I like I really fuck with Queensbridge politics that's the general he was addressing like him and Prodigy's issues and how prodigies um his a mural had got defamed or whatever and he was just saying like they never got to kind of have closure on this the Ornette their differences that they had um I mess with that one and I mess with um I think it was highly favored but but overall I mean overall it's nice but it's just so in general do we not like the concept of releasing the songs I didn't make your albums to begin with I don't I mean I write for any artists yeah I mean I don't Naz is well let me finish real quick like nas he's done it you know before with the previous lost tapes but like for me I just like the head nods put out exactly what he wanted to put out so I was like going back and picking shit hear it excuse me picking stuff here and there that could have been something at that time especially putting it out in 2019 it sounds dated certain song sounds completely dated but I'm also not receiving this as a new nas project completely I mean but but overall it's cool like I mean it's cool yeah for me I thought it was okay and okay because it didn't again you had some brilliant thoughts about how you receive the first Lost Tapes last time and and I was thinking about this and I was like it doesn't feel like a nas project for me right if it literally feels like a collection of songs that are that you're going you're traveling through time one moment you're here you can can tell out you this one confident like it was probably recording these right and again they're they are bad songs to be honest but like they of course it won't be cohesive effort but it feels kind of all over the place and like you're just kind of finally joined that is cool like there's no standouts on this for me honestly okay and again I've been more used to nas recently I don't know if he said this whole career but it's more in particular projects and leaders feel like a collection of fighting more cool joints they're cool but like again I'm okay elephant you've been really into cohesive projects as of late academics is subtle evolution huh of course of the projects is called let's do a project again no I'm not knocking him for that because it's called Lost Tapes like it's not it's not like yo I just made this in yeah completely but what I'm saying is that all these songs they's all right so then I guess this is your ad talking about this but a fan question was just because we appreciate you guys submitting these there's a Lost Tapes Project full of deep cuts hurt the discography of NAS being that it's not up to par with some of his albums a lot of people automatically consider a new album from him so it's kind of like yeah what were you saying earlier I don't I don't consider it a problem it's just like the thing about it is like when you hear when you hear like these these older records and then it's like okay but some of them is like alright I see why he didn't put it on there right like I see why he didn't put on it then when his last album like the not said it wasn't to me it rings at the bottom of his discography but the night shit I'm so if we ranking like for me when I rank his last album at the bottom of his discography and then I get to older songs and I'm not gonna like certain songs I was on there I'm like damn like he could've had an album with like this direction on there then it kind of makes me as a nice fan being a little bit selfish as to how I receive it because I'm like damn if he would have kept this type of direction when he just dropped that last album maybe we wouldn't be ranking that last I'm in the in the last tear of it but that whole good music 7 song thing it seemed like a cool idea but I don't think it really ages well other than Tiana's album and maybe pushes out okay does it make sense for me absolutely not it doesn't make me look at nas discography any differently I look at like these lost tapes as you know Wayne has dropped official studio albums he's dropped mixtapes but he's had a bunch of lucy's absolutely and it's just songs that even leaked or this is kind of come out of one-offs not meant to be singles but it's just meant to be ingested and when nas has a Lost Tapes he doesn't just drop songs randomly I'm not mad with you curating the song that didn't make projects and putting it out and to be honest I look at even like wait and I wish he'd I wish there was law states for way and even though honestly like we're going like people were like literally binging always so much that we wanted at that moment but shit when you set my foot wasn't no ceilings like kind of like a Lois tape oh it was it like Lois a motionless in and I'm not a human being it's like kind of like a different but no so you said great so modest and of like like I'm not a human being whatever I think it was songs that maybe we're like one or two songs that he may have made during that during like around the time when you were probably expecting them but then it was such a different direction that he just made a whole new project long so you know other people's beats though completely aren't these original you know these original right but um for no ceilings you know they use a few you know sees it uses a few freestyles in there that was a great mix tape okay but um so this is cool oh cool alright um real quick before we get into this this should have been a big fax or be a segment coming up but uh XXL freshmen freeze freestyles we talked about about them last week sorry y'all this Monday just cannot speak today so we got two more we have rowdy rich and low mozi so boo face and tiara whack did not do their freestyle did either of these two new ones stand out to you guys rowdy rich um I love riding rich I fortunately I didn't see little Moses yet but riding rich did stand out to me um a lot but he kind of went back to where design that you know did the Timmy Turner thing I mean with the snap but it was dope like it was though I'm upset that tiara didn't doing one because I expected her to wait oh is it confirmed that she didn't do it at all a lot of people said that you know a lot of people when I had when I when people seen on the show – I said I think he's gonna have the best one yeah a lot of people were saying like yo she already confirmed that she's not well now we look kind of stupid cuz we were getting at him about the gonna be gonna freestyle cool if you're gonna admit you were wrong about future a week and so we're wrong – okay you know that's what we're kind of getting that and that's what I was trying to say hey listen I see I see Tara whack on Instagram and by the way like all the time like shit read the last wish of upload it would have been like fuckin the most amazing one here but I do believe that the reason why these artists are listen little hesitant on it whether it's for motor you'll be like talent right but taro I clearly that's not the case I feel just for me I feel like because it's not that it's not that flexible to what they would want to do where they could be a little bit more creative with it they're like you know I'm not gonna do it and get played not that I think that's this case is here whack at all but you have to realize this is the year there might be monkey see monkey do yo he ain't do one why don't do one now the other person's like I don't cool then Yeah right I'm honestly I think molten probably came prepared yeah but if you realize other people aren't doing it why would you do it so again I do think this is a dope segment that don't like so does before they're pigs we could mix it up a little bit like makes it open the that format a little bit hmm all right let's see if they keep on coming or if they end up changing it like you said so funny though alright so last Thursday blue face got on instagram live and said he was the best lyricist in the game take a look because that's how my mom and my sister I'm the best lyricist in the motherfucking game bro I might not have the best flow sound I don't know what the fuck y'all be missing it to me I'll be listen to this other bullshit but they come to work okay I really want to know academics things about and the reason why is because top of the year when blue-blue face was his number one pick in the draft right he was said that he tried come on against the bus right now like is he not oh the we night with let me finish let me finish yeah if blue face feels that he's the best lyricist in the game I want to see proof and from fro wait he gave us some proof was the pool these lyrics here that I shall not rap maybe academics can do it for us you say I'm at the ritz-carlton hotel blowing zips this a non-smoking room but can't no home tell me shit get it hotel no way no slogan so cuz bitch I'm this shit Wayne oh hey oh you want I'm gonna be honest with you and wait don't look away no facial expression get over that whole summer shit I don't think he's the best losers in the game I do think he's underrated but he is wordplay he has his flow is trash and I think he understands that like he admitted that he said hey I'm writing some shit where you could get like a dope metaphor or like he's trying to work but I have a problem because because one doesn't have to necessarily do it with the other right like when you're talking about I would say an emcee like you could be a lyricist I'm just only doesn't alert okay I'm only does he alerts okay an emcee now I'm Justin how you deliver those legs as well the second verse and I think I know what he's saying look at this you say enough I let you say enough look you know what I don't like about shit like this because when a person who's a wordsmith and a lyricist says some shit like this then everybody's mad at them for saying it right I bet if I'm hypothetically speaking it's Benny the butcher got up and said your arm the best lyricist in the game nobody could fuck with me it's not even making the news it's not even making a lose the reason why this is making news because people don't take him serious as a rapper now the reason why people take me serious as a rapper is because when you think about his raps his raps are not that good he can make a song I would I'd be a fucking liar if I'd say that Blueface didn't make a song that I like I like two songs they bleed it I like bleed it and I like of course the tatianna like if you out have a fun cool but as far as lyricism and all that come on he's tweaking he's tweaking I'm had you and you don't come on Bieber and I'm quoting wack it's my nigga but he's tweaking burr like you come on bro I'm gonna be honest with you what awesome just wordplay shit that's all he tries for how you say the same shit but pump is completely trolling he's gotta completely show he's not completely totally hell no okay booth yo blue face has good wordplay all right so it's just not all beat and I will never defend this flow he won't he admitted it but he says he believes he loves part of being a lyricist man that's part all that falls under being an MC he says these is best lyricist based on he feels he has really good wordplay I agree that his wordplay is above players above average you think that Blueface wordplay is above average you're wiling I'm not I'm at the hotel can't no Hotel me okay that's above average that was a basic one that he nah brah stop in the second verse nah I'm not all out with you I'm not laughter I don't even like the song but you could tell the way how he writes lyrics because I think one that's one of the things that got people to like fuck with him he goes out of his ways to write to write these little wordplay like little like songs would you say have standout wordplay to you know truth be told most let's have not learned so what's the average like like I got to know like what's this is like is it a person that scores 5 points to a person that score is 10 like what average we put above average above average I could demyx yes really face and wordplay is above okay okay what do you consider average give me give me an artist or a real artist that because I can name like I can name a lot of artists that just name name anybody and I'll tell you where I feel girls can't see anybody because we're talking about rapping right we took my rapping and when you're talking about wordplay specifically if now if we talk about this nigga making songs and we talk about her making records that hit like to his fan base that's a whole different conversation I can't take that shit away from cuz a nigga got the top record this year we talking about rapping like real this thing they get I didn't do a freestyle now Tierra why wait a second what I didn't look Chira wet in her defense she does free styles for free all the time and put some shits up he bit into a freestyle he was one of the best mother by the way I think he did a freestyle le leakers and he said that was really memorable free sucks but I'm not defending his rapping skills you are in in a roundabout way I am but really I'm just claim I'm just saying hey you don't have to agree he's good but if you can't at least agree that at least the majority I want to say 80 to 90% of his verses he's attempting to try to do to have a good metaphor – Coolio words a lot of it is a play on words CAS can't view his music like that because when we talk about work be honest you said what the average is yeah bro I'm judging everybody the average isn't that high he's above average everyone every talk we see that's why I'm saying above average compared to home because if we open we're gonna have to make a pool for tomorrow because I feel like off the top we can't come up with it this turned into more serious of a debater than I anticipated I don't think he was that written by Roger we're making a pool but based strictly on wordplay it seems out though a rapper in it yeah so any rappers name and I was appearing right Samarra styler created how the creator is above average swimmy it's not fair right now cuz he's talking about just wordplay somebody's that fabulous though we're gonna move on and tomorrow we got all the new rappers new rappers here's what his peers he's above average who's considering look at my nigga look at the double row you got the stuff I'm just keep weight on us they only like I'm not defending the flow but wordplay number one he attempts to do more bars with warm plate than the majority of his peers that's number one alright number two yes very clever ones I just want to give him credit for one thing okay Frank go ahead so you have a fan question about this thing if not blue face what rapper do y'all consider having the best wordplay in the game right now look we're tomorrow or maybe Wednesday because I think we have a guest tomorrow we're gonna have to have a pool of rappers just considering wordplay and delete them I'm coming with my blue face Larry's we print them out because you know what way no visas looking stupid making facial expressions like just looking at me like he's confused brah I'm gonna come with the lyrics and when I start reading them I just need you to understand that at least he's giving him the template all right Brad a lot of people even do these okay so just to close this conversation for today academics we are agreeing that he's not the best lyricist in the game he just has a good wordplay yeah so he recently did an interview with beats one I talked to Zane Lowe about all the controversy that happened with DJ Khaled when Igor went to number one let's take a look first week and again I don't make to be first week or beer ad or whatever but for this work of art and that album cover in these videos and me doing this suit wig thing beat and this is no disrespect to Khaled or anyone but this you had every person in the industry everyone on that fucking album everyone everyone cardi B 21 savage Travis got post Malone Beyonce J everyone who sales billions of records and the fact that I beat him with this that isn't parallel to all the popping music right now was king crazy Birla if hey Tyler was being all cute and like slick on Instagram and Twitter but this is the most I've ever heard I'm talking to shit yeah he deserves it was a great album like a trolling funny kind of way not usually like so direct yeah I mean give Tyler his flowers why he's still here you're like ego is a very very good album is one of my favorite albums of this year no we use actions that nobody said Igor nobody said it was in Chicago but like I think that like words huh like words whatever act you you knew the same person playboy party playboy cards conversation that's all right cuz I was away though right huh it makes baby sounds good playboy cardies oh but he doesn't say anything Eva but um this cardiac better wordplay then blue face or not but he goes a very dope body of work it's a work of art it's not a rap he said yo don't put this out don't take this as me trying to make some fucking supreme Rap Album is just music and I think it should be accepted as that and sonically is one of the best albums and I said it people said I was crazy for it I don't care when we think about this decade I think that there's this album to close there's a lot of people that said that's a closed out 2019 sonically is one of the best works of art they come out it's in the top five that in revenge of the dreamers three don't know what the rest of my list is yet need some more time I agree with him on what he was saying you know like even though it felt like shaded Khalid while he was explaining it because he's like damn nigga you got everybody who sells most amount albums and I really don't have them and I still I sold you that's just facts though again eight from for whatever reason maybe I don't particularly like it but people gravitated towards it they their praise in the art and you know it's it's a good time it's a good time in music whether whatever I think whatever I personally think about the album or not that people are gravitating to what they like in terms of art and rather than just names so for that to be the conversation and for him to look at like that I agree with Tyler I just decided to create a man he's on this what v he said 56 album now like people thought a future would be over the first year and they're all killing it yeah well somewhat well a lot of cities definitely killing it you're amazing music the internet so a comedian whose name is Dina Hashem if I'm saying that correctly I was in with a lot of criticism after a clip of her Comedy Central apparent surface where she was making jokes about x/x x x desc Beth let's take a look morning xxx dentists young he's a he's a rapper who was murdered he's dead now he was he was shot he was on his way to buy a car with $50,000 in cash and somebody shot him and took the money which is very tragic I think also it would be a very good venmo commercial alright so they took this all off of the Comedy Central like social platforms and then she did apologize an Instagram she said I wasn't trying to hurt anyone's feelings I'm a comic I used joke to make dark topics less painful etc we've heard this before from comedians but did she crossed the line here of course you cross the line she's a fucking imbecile like there's no there's no way to like make light of that event MO commercial so what would the commercial I've been oh if he would have just sent the money like that this he's a young father you know I mean he was a young father his kid is not even going to get a chance to know him but I bet you did see this they'll see that clip one day you know I'm saying like his mother lost his son his fans lost you know their favorite artist like it's def hit that shit is not that shit is not a joke because when like when something happens a different coaching and black people make a joke or some about it we're her sole accountable fucking what's his name home was 21 savage just said I'm getting Jewish money with my Jewish homies or something like that they acted like that was the worst thing possible to say so she can say something about this young man losing his life tragically yeah he was running around with $50,000 that he worked hard for nobody said about that yeah he was gonna buy a new car that he worked hard for and then we got to make a fucking joke like that's a joke you know I mean like that was disgusting that was disgusting yeah there wouldn't be too many I could I'm pretty sure to be any funny thing if someone was trying to make some type of light or a joke about the Holocaust but of course it says negative so anything is acceptable there was a couple of things I found wrong with it and by the way you know I got a slew – there was many communities I spoke to many comedians saluted Neal Brennan you know we spoke via DMS because he wanted some clarification because you know as comedians they want to and I agree with that too that they should be allowed to have the Liberty to touch on topics right some people can and if they could spin them in the light people might see in a different way now there's a saying that says listen it's if it's a funny joke it's not offensive this wasn't funny me and you know while talking the old Brennan he brought up this one point he says he says why do you think that joke particular is offensive when in in opposition to or a compared to actually Chris Chris Rock he made notoriously made the famous joke to say hey listen he was like you people saying assassination blah blah he was like a big Ian Park didn't get assassin everything's got shot yeah and he's like yo he said in his opinion that joke was ten times worse if we're just finding worse in this I felt differently but I then also and I told my felt everybody said you know what what Chris Rock did was funny this felt it add overtones to it and this is sometimes I think that comedians that aren't black who don't understand culture don't get the way the way she described him having cash and even being a rapper and felt they felt like there was a racial overtones to it and I told him that and again you know how people talk about rappers right like oh this one like ignant shit it felt like she was setting that up and then of course she's like building out with the bed motion or whatever cool it just felt insensitive and there was some serious like undertones and certain things that I was like you I'm a little concerned why did that comedian sorry I think that the Chris Rock stroke was more offensive than this one um again well yeah this is Neal Brennan I thought Africa I think he worked on I'm sorry if he's watching this and I don't know exactly or everything he's done but but I know he's been through breakfast called a bunch of times and salute to him because I like constructive conversation like that but I think for him he was like this is even better on Chappelle's Show okay yeah exactly even death could be something where comedies drawn from and and even though I agree with it and you know like I admit I might be a little bit biased because I knew this young man it didn't fit felt tasteless before she got to the punchline they were laughing that's the thing like exact before before she even got the punchline they were laughing here's a rapper he had $50,000 on him and he got shot it would be a good venom oh come on then ain't like before it even got there the thing about the Tupac and Biggie shit was this because I remember that I remember when it went when he said that it was a lot of people that was saying like when you have conversations with people about Tupac's his death your Tupac died like oh no he was assassinated you know I mean like people saying that shit that was a thing that people say now he was a set he was not assassinated he got into an altercation with some some prick nigga in the Vegas and he shot him same she were biggie it wasn't no political agenda that the government conspired to knock these people off our own people from our own communities it killed two of the most two of the most greatest artists of our time and another thing is is he's a black man talking about black issues when it's a right that when it's a white person talking about black issues in that context because I'm not gonna say that white people can't talk about black issues but when you're talking about it in that context and you laughing and joking before you even get to the punchline of it she was like all right this is a serious moment y'all give me a second to say this and then i'ma say that they was laughing about the nigga going to buy a car he said she sets it up by saying anybody in here still mourning that sex like it's already it's already a joke oh yeah some more than you're getting it felt tasteless I just wanna say and you know as we're about to wrap up I hope we get to touch on this and I think we should probably maybe next episode episode after glasses Malone dropped and and since we're talking about death in general right glasses Malone dropped a song and a video called to Parkman's died it's been raising a lot of conversation and you know again I think death is a very tricky thing to address in any type of way whether you're doing comedy about it whether you're rapping about it and by the way if you guys don't know it was like last Malone gave the perspectives of Tupac's killer which is Orlando vanished and there so basically he made a whole song and video saying this is what Orlando was thinking right and you know like it but some people they're a little family cuz they're like yo it's impersonal yeah we don't want to know what he was thinking but but for he's defending by saying hey it's just an I'm a kind of poet or writer I'm giving a voice to someone else you don't have to agree with it but that's what it is so as we even talk about this and we're kind of debating where does art cross and like mix with like just being completely offensive out of line I think that is like like those things are important to think about but for this one I think the main fact it wasn't funny Lee it's all these other things to start that you start thinking about it it's not funny not funny and I haven't met one person who said his money yeah not one person from this culture all right not one person because I also said like if if this joke was was flipped that it was about nipsey still just you know don't matter who it was about right you get me cuz it sounds like she probably heard about him for the first time when she just saw a head lighting passing somewhere yeah I mean alright um hate ending on a bad note but that's our show for today we'll be back tomorrow we might have a special guest hope you guys enjoy the rest of your day have a good day y'all see you later hey hey no one's kicking some now that ad man though he lost all his brain cells gonna there

43 thoughts on “Trump Vouches for Rocky, Nas' 'Lost Tapes 2,' Blueface Says He's the Best Lyricist|Everyday Struggle

  1. BRO BLUEFACE IS NOT THE BEST LYRICIST/WORDPLAY ARTIST..YALL MUST HAVEN'T HEARD OF Rylo Rodriguez and Nocap cause both them use punchlines in every sentence in they songs

  2. I'll just say it. These two are pure clown bozos, this album is amazing and these guys acting like this project was just straight throwaways.

  3. Who gave this assholes jobs?? This is exactly why you do not do a review an album after one listen and why you do not let idiots talk about hip hop. LT2 is pure fire, Nas best work in recent times. Who gave these clowns a platform?

  4. "she probably JUST heard about him for the first time headlining on t.v, in passing somewhere" Bitch exactly, you're too removed from the situation and CULTURE to be making jokes about someones death!

  5. G-Eazy had coke, right? G-eazy was actually hitting a guard or something no? or am i mixing up two different scenarios? yea this is definitely a race thing lmao

  6. This B sides lost tapes album better than a lot I've heard in past 2 yrs by any artist…..these critics do not understand the man Nas style and what he wants to achieve in his music

  7. Trump Wants To Get Invited To A Harlem CookOut…But On A Serious Note This Might Be Just What A$AP Rocky Needs To Get Freed!

  8. All y'all nas fans but hurt like a mafucka i can't imagine crying over another man that don't even know you exist 😂

  9. Nadeska better MODRATE that chit RIGHT mens have TESTOSTERONE involved in that shit.🖕😡🖕

  10. I hate dj akademiks like he really think he knws hip hop he disses my nigga naz but got defend blueface like he need get slapped

  11. Nas getting paid for thus release and was actually busy doing something besides sitting around speaking on other people



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    Peace and Respect my brother, but in my opinion, The concept of 'Lost Tapes' should be reserved for posthumous artists. Call them Mix tapes or something. ☻

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