Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller

Well folks, last Tuesday, November 5th Donald
Trump jr his new book triggered, came out and as expected, it immediately Rose to number
one on the New York times bestseller list prompting Donnie Junior’s father, the president
of the United States to tweet out the following. He said, wow. I was just told my son’s book triggered his
number one on the New York times bestseller list. Congratulations Don, and sure enough, yeah,
you turn in the bestseller list. There it is, clear as day triggered number
one and there’s some weird little dagger looking asterisks type thing next to it. Wonder what that means. Oh, according to the New York times that that
indicates that there was actually a lot of bulk purchases of this book, which means most
of the sales apparently were artificially inflated and here’s the thing. It would have taken some kind of remarkable
super-intelligent visionary to have predicted that this would have happened. All right. There’s basically a zero chance that this
book is not unfortunately going to become a best seller. You have lots of Maga hat where’s out there,
who are going to scrounge up enough money to go buy a copy of this, even if it means
having to forego dinner that night because they just want to support the Trump family. And if all else fails, Donald Trump jr will
do what all other rich people do when they write a book. They’ll buy tons and tons and tons of copies
of it for themselves and then shipped them off to a warehouse. Never to be seen again. But Hey, it actually does show that you sold
more copies of your book. So kudos to you. Well folks, that was from July 23rd July 23rd
when it was announced that this book would be coming out and it wasn’t that hard to predict,
to be honest. This is what conservatives do and that’s what
I talked about in that clip. That’s how conservatives operate. They get these organizations, you know the,
the, the trust funds, the foundations, whatever it is, they buy bulk purchases of these books
to artificially inflate them to number one. Then they give these books out at events and
things like that for free. Now here’s the thing with Don jr, his book
was mostly purchased by his dad’s 2020 presidential campaign. They sent out an email not that long ago,
and Judd legum, uh, who founded ThinkProgress, uh, was the one who caught this. And in this campaign email, which was signed
by Donald Trump jr himself, he talked about how horrible and stupid liberals are and all
that and blah, blah, blah. And Oh, by the way, we can give you a, a signed
copy of my forthcoming book. So in order to have those books, the campaign
had to bulk purchase them so that they had them to give out. And that’s exactly what they did. And that’s why Donald Trump Jr’s book became
the number one bestseller in the United States. Now, I have no doubt that even if they hadn’t
done this, this book probably would have been a best seller. I mean, as much as we don’t like the trumps
and the majority of people in this country don’t like the trumps, it doesn’t take a lot
to get on the best seller list. In fact, it only takes about a quarter million
dollars of book sales in order to do that. And for somebody like Trump, you know, selling
these books at 25 bucks a piece, yeah, you’re going to find 10,000 Maga folks out there,
even a hundred thousand maga folks out there willing to purchase this book. And yeah, that’s gonna put you on the best
seller list. But Trump’s out there praising his son for
making it onto that list when in reality, he is the one who bought most of those books.

100 thoughts on “Trump Campaign Bought Truckloads Of Donald Jr.’s Book To Make It A Bestseller

  1. Hey everybody. Let's remember that this is BUTTHEAD here. Maybe Kimberly should have made him use a typewriter instead of his favorite CRAYONS!

    At least the book would have been displayed in the ADULT section of the bookstore instead of the CHILDREN'S section.

  2. It sounds to me like the Trumps are using campaign money for personal gain.  Certainly it's one way to funnel campaign money into a personal bank account.  Need more money, buy more books.  Money laundering sort of speaking.

  3. Voluminous tax dollars were to granted by Trump Republicans to the wealthy. The willy nilly flow of "extra" money is obvious. "Extra public funding is available for the wealthy to spend." What an interesting moral and legal strategy for governance!

  4. This New York crime family “The trumps” will continue to violate the law, cheat the system, always lie, declare war on the country to make money in spite of being the most unintelligent. Don jr. a writer?

  5. This is the same kind of shit trump has done with everything in his life. Fake Hype. John Miller, John Barron, Straw Buyers David Dennison. Where ever you look there is NOTHING THERE.

  6. Don't fret MAGA people! In a week the shelves of your local Salvation Army store will be full of this trash book and for only 25¢, one shiny little quarter, you can have your very own copy!

  7. This is all bullshit lies thanks as we know the truth the Trump Campaign who bought all the copies!!!! I guess MAGA GOERS WILL BE GETTING THEIR FREE COPIES WHEN THEY SHOW UP TO THEN NEXT KLAN RALLY!?!?!?!?

  8. Money laundering, call it what it is. Trump loves he has such a huge, strong grassroots (on top of all the big, corporate donors too of course) following, and how many people donate money to him. That book really, was designed to legally siphon money from the campaign without having to sneak it off through less scrupulous means. Which to me, really goes to show just how LITTLE the Trump camp actually cares about the people who, for good or ill, BELIEVE in Trump. Their donated money, which they THOUGHT was going towards helping a President they like and want to see reelected, is instead being essentially 'legally' stolen to pay for thousands of copies of a book that only a small fraction of Trump's fans will ever get, and so that Don Jr can cut himself a check from his dad's campaign without actually having to work 'for' it.

  9. The Trump's just can't do anything without cheating, they have probably never even tried.Scared it might take hard work or something.

  10. You can write a best seller but the question remains–what actually happens to all of those worthless books? Besides wasting all of that money by sending it directly into Trump's pocket, a whole bunch of landfills will be more filled full of worthless garbage.

  11. The CLOWN PRINCESS bought his sons books with TAX PAYER DOLLARS. THE CLOWN would never spend his OWN MONEY for a book he will NEVER READ.

  12. Isn't the purchase of non-campaign materials by a Campaign, misuse of campaign funds?
    "Junior's suckcess," just may derail daddy's party & have the Republican Party selling off it's investments in all things orange. tick,tock,tic…>[]<

  13. More waa, waa, was, from the thin skinned DIMMERCRATS, Biden gets his son a 50 thousand dollar a month by bribery and threats and you brilliant minds think that's ok, DIMS are do as I say, or we'll piss and moan about petty and insignificant things anyone does. UNLESS you agree with our debauchery.

  14. Lol the funny thing is they all do it. I like it when all the resistance try and get Trump because they expose the process of what they have been doing for years. Trump has taken a wrecking ball to all that and turned it back on them.

  15. Those books will be in thrift stores for 25 cents soon. Then I will buy it and put it in my bookshelf of shame section under batshit crazy, next to his father's trash, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini, Mao, Salazar, Saddam, and Turkmenbashi. Ya' know, all the best sellers….lol

  16. Of course this shameless scrotum-sucker would pull some shady bs when he realized it WASN'T going to be a best-seller the usual way…by actually selling them to consumers instead of skewing sales with bulk purchases…so pathetic…sad, sad family.

  17. Oh Boy! this manchild is incorrigible super corrupt and phony. Is like stuffing the ballot boxes what this family wouldn’t do for false accolades. Eager beaver to be this gullible ppl can’t even survive after paying their rent money for food is limited and to put more money in trumps coffer is like the last nail in ones coffin.

    These abrasive family will stop at nothing to get money it’s really sickening & pathetic. With all the wealth they’ve accumulated and continue to amass.

    In this modern technology age savvy world were the laser zoom lenses are easy to magnify a sliver of object he thinks ppl are easily fooled by his dubious cheating behavior. It’s embedded into their DNA being truthful now will poison them, so far even when his lies are revealed they don’t care. Reason being his supporters will slurp it like ice cream bc it’s what available by him should be good and look forward for more to come. Birds of the same feathers always together.

    I can see the compilation of all his twitter account being put together into making a book that will make some good profit. Thats were the money is not sniping this much at your opponents to get votes and lying blatantly.

    Them putting blame on others it’s really comical and their ineptitude shows they always had to embellish to stay above board; isn’t that exhausting?. The affectation of deceit is so blatant their selfishness and prejudice even disavowed their own merits and don’t even realize, like father like so
    ( tel pere, tel fils )

    Snr will never ever change he’s septuagenarian and stuck with his destructive habits. Jnr at 41 yrs is right behind him picking up the deceptive gene which he just realize they both have in common he’s already in full throttle taking after him eventually let’s see how long that will last after snr is long gone.

  18. Oooooookkkkkk you know your are talking about the Trumps. We know that the Trumps will buy the books themselves nothing new. Yes there
    are some who will buy the books then
    someone else will write another tell all
    about Trump jr.

  19. Deflecting to Hunter Biden doesnt mean jack shit when your own daddy is using his presidency and taxpayer dollars to con the people.

  20. Watch out for releases by other Trump family members which will also be sold out by their truckloads: fashion, lingeries, beverages, etc using donor funds.

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