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what the fuck is that tree review right here with another top 10 list certainly is well it's been a while since we've had a true review zone so here we have my own top personal 10 visual novel favorites just to make this as clear as possible because believe it or not but there have been some confusion over past reviews unless but this is a list of my own 10 favorite rather than the best 10 ever so please please please for all of those retards out there this is my own personal top 10 choices okay but as for the rest of you who already knew that apologies fist bumps and here have a Twix now let's get this list going Oh an only 1 per franchise head it Metal Gear Solid 3 just kidding I wouldn't really do that corpse party Book of Shadows now you know we've got a good list going on when we're starting out with a bit of corpse party however although I'll probably go with the first game in the series as my personal favorites its gameplay was only half visual novel and half RPG maker style adventuring however the second game in the series that being Book Of Shadows was purely a visual novel so here it is at number 10 having heard about the Sachiko ever after spell Darryl grant those who participated ternal happiness a group of high school students are shocked to learn that the charm was actually a curse having failed to perform the spell properly the students and their teacher now find themselves trapped in a nightmarish box dimension with no hope of escape the story plays out from several perspectives as you see some of the other characters cheat death and bring hope to the group while some will die a death so horrible they'll freak you out even after you've turned off the game had it not been for the numerous beginners traps they'll lead you to a bad ending several hours after making the wrong choice and not knowing it then this game could have made it higher on the list but it made it in all the same chaos heads Takamine shijou is a high school student with not much going for himself he's antisocial extreme otaku and has incredibly low self-esteem but after becoming interested in the next gen serial murders Sammy receives a strange email from an anonymous chatroom user the email contains details and pictures of murders that have yet to happen and things start getting weirder after Takumi realizes that this informants can see into the future but if that's not bad enough the person he suspects of being the next gen killer happens to be a mysterious girl who seems to know him the first half of this novel is fantastic as it really makes you wonder what is real and what is a delusion keeping the player guessing and hooked the second half on the other hand I felt got a bit stupid as it decides to throw out the mistery and instead gets a group of high-school girls to fight each other with big swords and that's fine if you like that sort of thing but yeah I felt there was a bit out of place but it's still an interesting read despite that Katawa shoujo i really hope i pronounced that right whoops if i didn't i can't remember who it was but one of you guys recommended this game to me and thank you so much for doing that because I absolutely loved this game after being diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia you begin to believe that your life has come to an end however this notion soon gets blasted out of the water as you are sent to a special school that caters for students with different physical and emotional disabilities you go to classes make friends with the psycho that lives next door to you and inevitably fall in love with one of five girls that you encounter this is a story of struggle and triumph it's a story about a boy who has lost everything but through his own hard work and perseverance gains more than he could have ever hoped for the novel is categorized as erage and to be honest there are some sex scenes however you do have the option of turning it off if you want but then again if you're interested in seeing an awkward anal sex scene with a girl with no legs then by all means leave it on you dirty bastard but even putting aside the porn this novel will put on your heartstrings on several occasions and is a truly wonderful story Clannad speaking of pulling on your heartstrings how about a bit of Clannad for those of you who have watched the anime then you'll know almost everything there is to know about this game but for those of you who don't then let me fill you in you players Tomoya Okazaki a high school student of course here's who's become bored with life he shows up to school late often skips classes and doesn't engage with this drunk / trihard father but then one day tomorrow encounters a girl names in the geesa Furukawa a shy girl with a strange habit of saying the name of her food she likes in order to give herself courage intrigued by her strange yet gentle nature Tomoya decides to get to know her and helps her overcome her anxieties by encouraging her to be more outgoing and tried to restart the drama club at this point you'll begin to meet the rest of the cast and through your own actions and choices early on in the game you'll be locked into a particular story argh focused around one particular character this novel is meant to be played several times in fact if I recall you'll need to play at about 13 times in order to have covered everything however though this might seem a lot it is time well spent this novel knows how to play with your emotions it will have you laugh one minutes with a light-hearted comedic scene but will then throw many emotional curveballs at you including some major bombshells that you won't see coming which could very well bring you to tears cloud might not be the most macho AVN's and so some of you might just walk past this one without a second thoughts but I can't tell you enough how much of a disservice you'll be doing to yourself by missing out on this title it's a must play and so here it is at number seven fate/stay night the Holy Grail war a secret war fought between the world's most powerful mages for centuries an elite Society of mages have managed to hide their existence from the world and only the brightest of society or the oldest magic using families are aware of the existence of magic however once in a blue moon the holy grail from legends begins to materialize those who possess the Grail are able to have any wish they want granted however to obtain it the we all must choose you and only seven people can fight for it in order to decide the winner the seven chosen majors must fight each other in what's become known as the Holy Grail war to fight these battles each mage or Master is allowed to summon a heroic spirit from history to fight for them the story follows Shiro amia a novice of magic who can't even be considered a mage but on one fateful day by pure accident he summons the noble and beautiful servants from the saber class of heroic servants known only as saber now firmly involved in the Holy Grail war Shiro us make alliances with other masters and attempted to feat the others all in the name of justice containing different endings and paths to follow the story of fate/stay night includes brutal conflicts against your fellow students and famous real-life historical figures unlikely friendships being made with unlikely characters as well as learning about the main character himself fate/stay night is a thrilling race they will not bore you even for one second Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney showing me someone who isn't aware of the Ace Attorney series and I'll show you someone who doesn't play video games Phoenix Wright is a rookie defense attorney with a lot to prove and practically no experience under his belt but never does Wright have a dull moment as potential clients start piling up all charged with murder in the first degree Phoenix must investigate each crime scene gather clues listen to testimony and bring the truth to lighting chords I'd say that the gameplay is 90% visual novel and Temps ain't clue gathering but the highlight of each chapter is most certainly the events that take place in chords you'll have to listen to key witness testimonies and show the relevance evidence to contradict their flaws with the infamous phrase objection the series sure does love its plot twists though with some being quite cleverly thought out though some are at times ridiculous but nevertheless Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney is here at number 5 Oh Higashi when they cry the series that I'm all about right now I only discovered this a few months back after I got the first story arc on my phone and then I've been living the series ever since since in June of 1983 the story initially follows Katie my Barra as he transfers to the small rural village of henna misawa he soon becomes friends with a group of girls and enrolls with the local school and everything seems fine and fun to begin with however he quickly discovers that the village holds a dark secrets known as the curse of oil shear Osama where on the night of the villages big festival one person will die and one person will disappear but if that's not shocking enough Katie also discovers that the most likely suspects for this sinister tradition are actually his new group of friends as his new friends become suspicious of him ket must now try to solve the series of mysterious deaths before the curse claims his life – the overall story is told through eight different story arcs where the plot resets at the beginning of each chapter allowing you to see the plot play out from a different perspective as well as seeing different events play out this has been described as a sound novel where the game focuses on its soundtrack and sound effects to set the tone and is able to pull it off in an impressive way for those of you who are familiar with the anime which is also wasn't so I'd highly recommend playing the novel as well as there are certain twists and revelations that appear to be more shocking there than in the anime each story arc begins in a very innocent manner with all the characters having fun and enjoying each day however the plot always takes a very dark turn for the worse as that all familiar feeling of dread and impending doom soon falls upon us a novel that somehow manages to freak out the reader without a single word being uttered Higurashi when they cry is by far one of the most underrated visual novels ever virtues last reward did I mention this in the last video oh yeah I did well I never really explained the synopsis so I guess we'll call the second enter in the zero escape series you play the parts of Sigma who has been suddenly kidnapped and have awoken in an underground complex with 8 other strangers and everyone is wearing a bracelets with the number 3 on it you're told that you're trapped in this facility for the rest of your life the only way to escape is to raise the number on your bracelet to 9 so that you can open number 9 door and escape the only way to raise your number is to play the ambidextrous of three one pair must enter one room whilst the other enters a different room inside each room is a computer terminal with the options a lie and betray on them should both teams pick a lie both teams gain two points if both picked betray then no one gains any points however if one side picks a lie and the other picks betray the side the picked betray will gain three points once the team that picked a lie loses two points should the number on your bracelets reach zero or negative numbers a powerful toxin is injected from your bracelet into your veins and you'll die the game is divided into two sections one half is a visual novel where the story progresses wants the other half focuses on logic based escape room scenarios if you watched my last video then you also be aware of the game's story flowcharts we're picking one option will lead the story down a different path and should you reach a dead ends or you die then you'll have to go back to the flowchart and go back to the points where you made your initial decision and pick the other option this game's atmosphere is worth noting as there's this unexplained feeling that something terrible and shocking is right in front of you but you'll have no idea of what it is a long game but very very enjoyable xeriscape virtues last reward z' is here at number three danganronpa – goodbye despair now that I think about it I mentioned this in the last video as well sorry I'll leave these two franchises alone for a while after this some of you may be surprised this isn't in at number one but that's only because not all of it is a visual novel as some sections break away from the genre sixteen students from Japan's most prestigious high school have awoken on a tropical island told that they're trapped here forever their only hope of escape is to murder one of their fellow students and get away with it through a class trial if the killer's identity is revealed then that person will be executed but should an innocent student be branded as the killer then the killer will be allowed to leave whilst everyone else will be executed much like virtues last reward this is by the same developers if you haven't already guessed the game is split into two sections one side is the visual novel where most of the story takes place but the other half consists of finding clues and much like with Ace attorneys classroom sections the class trial will consist of listening to other students testimonies and throwing the correct piece of evidence at them to punch holes in their arguments despite being presented in a bright and wacky anime style the series is actually really fucking dark where the game will go to great lengths to establish a varied and lovable cast of characters and then spends the rest of the time systematically killing them off in horrific and bizarre ways I'm going to go with the second game above the first as I honestly believe that danganronpa two beats the first one in everything except for atmosphere fans of this channel probably sick to death of me covering this game by now but it's only testimony to how good it is and should be played if you haven't had the chance yet it's been Stein's gate and last but certainly not least we have the critically acclaimed novel that is Stein skate in at number one set in 2010 the story follows Rintaro Cobb a a self-proclaimed mad scientist and college layabouts who along with two of his friends have turned his one-room apartment into a lab his goal is to destroy an evil organization that he's made up in his head called simply the organization and to reduce the world into a state of pure chaos and anarchy by creating new gadgets and devices that are in practice really really useless however on one fateful day the members of the lab accidentally turn their microwave into a device that can send text messages back through time they begin to test this device to improve their lives and the lives of the new lab members who everyone quickly becomes friends with however ochre based fantasies are not as ridiculous as we're led to believe as an international technological company known as son gets wind of ochre based creation and now attempts to steal it for themselves in order to rewrite history and to install their company as a global dictator with all of the lab members lives on the line Okabe must now undo every message and time change that has occurred up until this point in order to save the world from the dystopian future as well as saving the lives of the people is come to love given the choice between this in the anime I'd have to recommend the novel as there are many scenes that you'll not be familiar with the flesh is out different characters backstories and how they are affected by the time shifts but there are also multiple endings as well most of which are better Swedes Stein skaters a tale that will make you feel every human emotion that you can experience you'll laugh you'll cry you'll get angry you'll feel terror and you almost certainly fall in love with this product and that's why there is no doubt in my mind that steins gate should be in at number one on this list and that's what we have this time but if you would like to be number one on this list then like and subscribe for more shit oh and there's Twitter and patreon and yeah see ya

33 thoughts on “True Review's Own: Top 10 Visual Novels

  1. Clannad will be my first Visual Novel.
    I dipped my feet in to the Anime in order to emotionally torture myself before my Black Belt grading.
    I did not cry once through the Grading.

  2. i'm just gonna quote this real quick:

    "but then again if you're interested in seeing an awkward anal sex scene with a girl with no legs, then by all means leave it on you dirty bastard"

    10/10 best fucking words spoken by a mortal soul about a visual novel

    P.S: i don't know, but i think the lube thing went a bit far

  3. Only Japanese games? I want to play a game that doesn't look silly and is set in the real world or a cool alternative world without being silly and over the top.

  4. little busters (from the same studio as clannad) requires at least 12 playthroughs (dang almost) but all worth it

  5. Good list, but I will never know why people like clannad. I always hated it and thought it was generic with cheap shots at the heart. Hated the anime much more but I think something that fueled my hatred was that not only did it fall flat to me personally, but on steam they rereleased it for 50 DOLLARS. No update to it just a port and I remember lots of people getting kickedbanned for "trolling" in the general forum for asking simple questions or nicely discussing something wrong with the game or their dislike. I will never see how this VNanime is considered good since the animation was terrible for its time as well.

  6. This list is missing a lot of phenomenal titles although I can excuse quite a few because of this vid's release date. Here are some recommendations I have for you
    G Senjou No Maou
    Kara No Shoujo 1 and 2
    The House in Fata Morgana
    Root Double
    Sharin No Kuni
    Tokyo Babel

  7. You're missing a lot of good titles, go out and get more VNs dude cause you won't be disappointed. But good list though

  8. I'm curious if you'll also do a top 10 of characters who basically wrote their novels, or who essentially had the most prominent role. For instance, Hongou from 999 who held the biggest influence on everyone's actions. (There would be no 999 without him, honestly.)

    Oh, and if mister who sees this, I've been working on a rewrite of a song by Set It Off from Hajime's perspective and I need a singer, and I don't know how recruiting people works on this medium.

  9. Plenty of VNs I want to play on this list! My personal favorite VN (thus far) is Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom. It's a reverse harem otome VN, based on the events leading up to and including the Meiji Restoration in Japan. You play as a girl looking for her missing doctor dad, who gets mixed up with the Shinsengumi and a secret experiment being used on them. They shelter you because you know their secret, and you need protection from a demon to whom you were betrothed years ago who is working with their enemies. Eventually, you can fall in love with one of six characters and continue their story. The entire thing patterns the actual history, with its own twists woven in. It's even better if you play the PS3 special release, because then you get additional epilogues and a side story, plus little scenes involving the guys interacting with each other. Gameplay is strictly read-and-pick, but you get so many options that lead to good and bad endings, even after your romance begins.

  10. Though I can never get a translation of this title, Jingai Makyou Chaos Gate is a visual novel I was very much interested due to the design of one of the girls in the VN by the name of Ignis. Cannot say much about quality. Then there is the work that got Urobutchi on the map, Saya no Uta. Or The Song of Saya. Everything with Fate:Stay you can see starting with that twisted Lovecraftian horror.

  11. Umineko no Naku Koro ni (also written by the Higurashi writer) is my absolute favourite. It has perhaps the best character development ever in a VN. It's available on Steam, so check it out.

    If Persona 4 Golden could qualify as a VN, then that'd be tied as #1.

  12. Ah Katawa Shoujo, good times, first VN I've ever played. I've seen the Steins;Gate anime(loved it) but haven't gotten around to the VN yet. I recommend the Muv-Luv series if you haven't played them yet.

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