True Ending + Credits (Doki Doki Literature Club)

{Miraie} Hey, what’s up guys? It’s Miraie. Welcome back to the final episode of Doki Doki Literature Club. It’s been a really long journey. If you look at my channel, I don’t usually make this kind of video. But Doki Doki Literature Club is definitely one of the best things I’ve tried this year. And, I really hope you guys enjoy the journey along with me. It’s one of those things that start off really smooth, …but in the end, there are some like, plot twists and stuff. So I hope you guys enjoy, and let’s get right into the final… final Doki Doki Literature Club. ♪ Dan Salvato – Doki Doki Literature Club! ♪ (Doki! Doki!) ♪ Dan Salvato – Doki Doki Literature Club! ♪ As you guys can see… *sighs* Monika is gone, all right? So, let’s play a new game, without Monika, fam. Now… I have the characters’ files… folder loaded up. And as you guys can see, Monika is not in here. So, Sayori’s back already. “Girl 2” [in a girlish voice]
“T-thank you for stopping by.
It’s pleasure to meet you Miraie.” And then she /takes out a fucking knife and stabs you./ “We’re the Literature Club”. Even though Monika is gone, I guess the Literature Club is still here. [text reads:
“Ah…”] “Ah…” [text reads:
“Sorry, Natsuki…”] “G-gomen-ne, Natsuki-chan”
(S-sorry, Natsuki) “Miraie, don’t tell me… Masaka! (It can’t be!) Cerys eyes like sup no way I wanted to thank you for getting rid of Monica I Can’t wait to spend every day like this reduce forever and Fuck’s sake she scared me. Why did you come in front F? Oh? Yes, what about for forehead eh fuck for for for forever ve No oh oh this is gonna get fucked up please no jump-scare what I wouldn’t let you hurt him who it was ah “I’m sorry. I was wrong.” is Monica back? “Goodbye. Sayori. Goodbye, Miraie. Goodbye, Literature Club.” [Monika] Uh, can you hear me? Hm-hm. Hi, it’s me! So you know how I’ve been like practicing piano and stuff and Not really any good at it yet like at all But I wrote you a song [Miraie: Is that Monika?] and I was kinda hoping that I could show it to you. [Monika] Cause I worked really really hard on it. So… yeah! *piano starts playing* Miraie: what the fuck? ♪Every day, I imagine a future where I can be with you♪ *hums to the tune* ♪In my hand is a pen that will write a poem of me and you♪ *hums* ♪The ink flows down into a dark puddle♪ ♪Just move your hand- write the way into his heart!♪ ♪But in this world of infinite choices♪ ♪What will it take just to find that special day?♪ [Miraie and Monika] ♪What will it take just to find that special day?♪ *guitar joins piano* Doki-doki literature Club, I think this is a credit. They finally did it. This is the true ending right? (Monika continues singing) Let’s go man fuck yeah, that’s it for Doki Doki Literature Club Hope you guys enjoyed. Be sure to leave a like I want to say thank you all so much for joining in the journey be sure to subscribe And I’ll see you guys in the next video [Monika] ♪I’ll leave you be♪ *music fades out* J̬̦͉̤ṷ̮͎̜̲͔̓ͬ͌͢ŝ̇t̎͑҉̹ ̮̳̞̲̟ͯ̃̓̈̓̋̈M̗̼͇͎͓̘͒͒̄̚͟o̥̫̲͓̻̭̻̊ͮn̓͐̾̅͢i̳̠̱͉̙ͦ̏̋ͫ́ͅk̡̭a̶͉̗̘͐̄̊͆̂ͪ̒

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  1. Thank you everyone who joined me on this beautiful journey ♥
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  2. If Monika was delete, then Sayori will be happy to thank the protagonist to delete her (then goes to the same room as Monika did)

  3. This isn't actually the "true" ending. It's actually one of two that so far I think is known of. My boyfriend and I played and managed to get the other ending. 🙂

  4. that is not monika's voice, no, that is just, not how it sounded like.. at all in my head, nnnoooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!

  5. Dude if i were you i would seriously replay this qatching every key characteristics and secret things like the good ending and shit ….and also

    Day3:take good care of her -monica
    Chptr2,last day:i I'm jealous at her so i maked her kill herself .


  6. so is the meaning of this game that people have problems we may not know and that we have to help the fight through it? that's what i got out of it atleast

  7. А чё описание на русском, а видео нет ?) Но я инглиш знаю и монтаж гуд, короче лукаса поцу)

  8. Helloy привет я не очень шарю в Английском но не судите что я не правильно написал привет по Английскии но я могу написать стихи вапще я очень хороший человек я люблю Все страны кроме извините я могу обидеть эту страну ну ладно скажу Немцы суки извините за мат я не хотел я могу общаться на разных языках я лучше напишу стих вот я сижу у окна а за окном лёт дождь . Я сижу и думаю в чём смасал жизни и понимаю что я не чего не до боюсь в жизни и зачем жить человек умер и родился заново и понимает что он может жить бесконечно и я не думал об этом я не понимаю смысл жизни я носа знаю что я не чем не выделялюсь среди всех но я стану поэтом !!! Конец стиха . я за читаю рэп чину Чарли кочяет рэп чину Чарли кочяет улицы выри тэил сказка о хуе извините за мат я не люблю материться ну ладно скажу пр личную жизнь я вырос без дедушек я отличник в уневерсетете я не понимаю что я мне делать ну ладно пока ребята!!!

  9. feels bad for Monika, she was a girl that become self aware that she lived in a romance dating sim without a route so no love for her.

  10. مدرسة عثمان بن عفان الابتدائية بجدة النشاط الطلابي says:

    Monika Was The Talking Girl.

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