Trove: Writings of Wonder Legendary Tome JACKPOT! (Courtesy of cheesper)

what's up guys welcome to the weekly hi pop jackpot hi pop video today I gotta give a huge shout out so chest power or is it cheese but I don't really know I'm gonna say chess / cuz it sounds better so huge shoutouts to chess / for giving me a writings of wonder tome if you hadn't heard of this legendary tone before well this thing allows you to gets to tropes of Wonders weekly upon completion of words so that means you can either learn it or sell it on the marketplace for a big amount of flux for almost half a million flags 400,000 here 450,000 and it's closing – yeah half a million flags and this guy is gonna be the awesome jackpot of this weekend's giveaway so stay tuned for that once more this video was meant to honor a chest were to shout him out because he gave bunch of flux to this event and when we're talking about these amounts of flux a simple sign a simple sign shout outs just want to do it so guys there you have it thank you so much just but once more is much appreciated thank you all for watching and I'm gonna see you on the next one

31 thoughts on “Trove: Writings of Wonder Legendary Tome JACKPOT! (Courtesy of cheesper)

  1. IGN: NaCHoSTV12 fafy i just unlocked my first primordial dragon with dragonite and i got in the weekly reset this week a DDE from the empowered boxes. If ill win this will be the best week ever

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