"Treats" by Novelists

yo when you say thugs get a taste of my baked goods you're gonna drop your prop guns and pick us but because my culinary can make the cake with 100% tail baking pastry that's basically to make it me a Maitre D' surface vacancies from Venice Beach to Jamaica Queens delicacies envelops or synthetics peas so you barely could breathe you needs me weak pathetic teens barely kept reading the cycle ships them having and being too easily breezy on the top types walk right into my shop to cop the Kronk I register with some fakes I serve them cupcakes all

9 thoughts on “"Treats" by Novelists

  1. @x7Chaosbullet ya, he in alot of youtube videos (the food, blueberry,dr. miracles, dumb professor) and he's a comedian/actor, aparently. also, he's apparently a rapper.

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