TRASH or PASS! Vin Jay (Mumble Rapper Vs. Lyricist) [REACTION!!!!]

episode a binge a you up the back bottles on me like what you see it's your boy lay back welcome back to my channel 8 two things we got to do you gotta hit that subscribe way we drinking this water you feel me alright check this out tonight a Sunday night vent you know the live show 9 p.m. Eastern Standard Time we go in we have drinks smoke hookah we call people who talk we definitely gonna be talking about this project that I just dropped March 8th for my birthday and if you want to listen to it man the link is in the description it's my last project super fire but anyway y'all kept telling me to react to this mumble rapper versus lyricist video never heard it is do name venj a salute to him young I guess up-and-coming artist you got 40,000 subs or 40,000 in that you know mark or whatever 47 is 46 I can't remember but this video hit over a million views so salute a no man actually where it's at right now yeah it's all where million views you got forty-seven thousand subs at this moment so salute to in bro let's go ahead get into it trash up passed up fire squad was upon me know that I'm running the game purple is all in my veins here cupping the couple of chains Roman so with I'm making it rain Joe how come everybody in the game on a rap like you with the played out close up and in the back is mine every day attract you to rock so whack and fuck your boat well this shit is all that I know rapping bout bitches and close-up eat fucking stupid ridiculous crazy obviously you see what he doing is so busy lyricism going against a fucking mama rapper and shit that beat was hard then you pack the rhythm and every track will hit him and you bow but you back a little bit don't stifle syllables you have to hit him with new folks like homie you know syllables young-min it for cash just when they get me your bag yeah yeah tell them I whip in the drag and I'll be popping in packs in the game for the real shit no copy command in the old pussy gone climbing the swag on sticks I'm chopping to grants go hit him with a bang no stopping it alright so this what I think about these you know these momma records versus these lyricist oh I'll consider myself a lyricist you feeling okay but it's always been a place in hip-hop and rap for these type of musicians artists and I'm saying and it's been that way throughout hip-hop rap you feel me there's always been the rap that needed it you know like yeah you felt I'm saying but it's more popular with the kids you know saying and truth be told these mumble rappers is not winning as much as the lyricist like the drinks and Nicole's and the Kendricks they not selling this much it's just that the is more kids on the internet so it look like these dudes is like just super poppin you feeling I'm saying and they are poppin you get them our saying but they not selling as much as they not making as much you don't I'm saying they not it's a misconception at these mumble rappers is Lee in rap they not it's still the same dudes at the top they selling the most they're getting the most they having the biggest shows these dudes is doing arenas no mumble rapper is doing arena the most they doing is a festival and that's just plenty of other artists coming together type thing but they night headlight an arena tour it's not happening so I get what people saying how they want to get get on these moment rappers and stuff but to me like I said I respect these moment reference because they found a way to make some legitimate money they're not doing anything illegal they making a legal money and provide for a family and they friends of course they message is kind of messed up you get what I'm saying some of these messages investor what he promoting drugs but it's not saying like when I was coming up it was the same thing that was promoting drugs promoting gang violence promoting all type of stuff you know saying in the same way that my mom would be like yo why you listening today it's the same way that now the tables is turned that you know J : you know and the the middle-aged rappers is kind of looking at the young dudes like why y'all rapping like that it's just a fucking cycle of life you get what I'm saying so to be outraged at these young kids is kind of ridiculous because they're kids you feel that I'm saying of course we should help them and guide them but at the end of the day that kids just expressing themselves when you were kid expressing yourself think about if you were kid or think about when you was a kid it was a lot more erratic a lot more crazy a lot more out there lot more risky that you are as an adult so chest heisting these dudes it's different then actually sitting down and having a conversation with these guys they actually trying to give them game that's my big biggest thing on this shit that's my two cents you give them saying everybody want to come at them and want to punch down but I don't really see people coming at them trying to lift them up you get what I'm saying don't stop in the crash I wanna make bets I'm dropping the cash I'm not gonna let y'all kill hip hop in these tracks but we ain't even kill it it's evolved from the ones who came summers Shawn had a ball it's not evolution I like that shit fuck the ones that came before I think that they did that or a lot of artists did that just for clout just to get a name just to get a book because they knew it's gonna cause an uproar the same thing that people doing other genres as far as like comedians or people just do stuff to troll trolling is a thing now when young kids is trolling hard y'all better cool it fuck mumble rap we need a better movement Montville shitting weightless Colusa stop making music that's the best solution y'all figured ok that's just illusion say you will which I don't never proven I'm the leader of the fucking revolution go get prepared y'all executioner wanna kill him on the rap everybody wanna be the Mac of the game but you rapping the same and I put him on the back everybody wanna be the best I wonder from the best rapper let me and put him on the map if you really want to be the best in the game like everyone else on the track loving the money yeah fuck dad you gotta say y'all fingers happy y'all straight trippin I'm off the cane in my place spinning drop in the club on my paint dripping I'm a fucking artist he's building on the straight whack shit so I'm bustin honest y'all leaned out but y'all stop regardless I'm a runner born I'm feelin fuckin long as better plug the chain and fuck him on your momís you were now looking at the youngest prophet nooh became the rapper's got no other option yeah but I'm a fucking gonna track no lien talkin to him telling Hong Kong television floss all venomous above all men and with a stone-cold evidence of flow so relevant a show no benefit of low blow bringing with the Popo never been humble rapper shut your fucking mouth fall back to make another sound tell them me too fucking dumb it down but I'm a buck Amal I got a hundred rounds like that fuck it I guess what I'm trying to say is that I miss the days when emcees were killing and blaze it Greg it's still here MCS is still here that's what I'm trying to say like people keep trying to bring this big shine to these bummer rappers but it's MC still here Eminem is still here black daughter still here you got Johnny Lucas you got logic you got enough you got MCS is still here Kendrick Lamar J Cole Rap City saw how to Prince you know I'm saying like you still got lyrics is that still here is not dead those were different and everybody we'll say some facts and nice saying I'm the best he's trying to save wrap ourselves Ben J mumble rap verse lyricist ratchet pass pass you what I'm saying I think a lot of us is overreacting with this shit man like I told you man they not selling as much they not having the biggest shows they not having the most numbers you killed us and they not they read in the internet though the mildew was running they got they got they post on the Internet but like I said and they message you sometimes it's not what it should be as far as what they kids bro you feel them sad so instead of like you know we should kill them prepare for your execution I know it's just music you understand I know you're just saying it as an expression you give me but it's like if I was a kid and you telling me you're gonna kill what I'm doing I'm not fucking with you so how you gonna reach me tell me how you're gonna reach me then if I'm a little kid and I'm making this music at me and my little home is just bumping thinking this is the hardest thing since sliced bread and this older dude already young dudes don't want to listen to older dudes anyway there's Oh to do is making music and he like yo what y'all doing is trash you need to stop prepare for your execution I missed when back in the day that ended up when I was younger I'm like bridled care about back of your day it's my day so I just don't want us to forget how we was as kids you feel what I'm saying and like I said I don't agree with these dudes messages you know saying sipping lean and remotely drugs but it happened when I was growing up there was promoting ecstasy and promoting Ollie's it's fucking the cycle of life and music for some reason not saying that it shouldn't be corrected you get what I'm saying and this is a dope record by this dude he can rap you know I'm saying but I'm just going back and forth with his argument you know I'm saying and what he said in his music so don't wreck it you feel me y'all let me know what y'all think in the comments below was that a trash or pass trash get that up out of here pants kick your feet up go ahead and go to the VIP section let's talk about this tonight let's talk about this tonight on my last show nappy and young come Carly let's talk about this this would be the topic for tonight where's your boy laid-back man hit that subscribe button man also I'm gonna catch out in the next one self-love a positivity until the next time a

31 thoughts on “TRASH or PASS! Vin Jay (Mumble Rapper Vs. Lyricist) [REACTION!!!!]

  1. As much a I hate mumble rap, you're right. I guess it's just that they appear more relevant then they really are. You're also right that they are never going to listen if we "punch down" (as much as I hate that saying, it actually works here). This was definitely one of the more thought out reactions to this song and you really brought up good points. Good job sir.

  2. You the first guy I've seen who sees this with logic everyone just hates on the mumble rapper. Lyricts are still here and mumble rappers are just kids I completely agree with that statement

  3. You are right but the problem is the upcoming rappers now are mostly mumble rappers it isnt like the time when all the lyricist were upcoming…. The problem is all the MCs are here but the future of rap will mostly be mumble

  4. I honestly don't feel like the topic mumble rappers choose to rap/sing about is the issue. There's old school rap that is considered amazing yet covers the same topic. The issue really is just how they choose to rap, just 1 or 2 styles, lyrics are not written in a creative way, rhyme schemes are not complex. Basic at best, I've no idea how much work mumble rappers put into their music, but a lot of them just seem to put minimal effort into their craft as long as it's flashy and catchy.

  5. I have to disagree with you saying that mumblerappers aint sellin out Arenas, They are, Have you seen Migos Concerts?

  6. disagree. mumble rap is garbage period. The world doesnt beloing to the younger gen, it belongs to the stong and the weak only prosper when the strong take a break.

  7. I'm going to be honest I only seen maybe one rapper try and talk to a Mumble rapper it was Fat Joe trying to talk to his six nine but the problem was the Federal wasn't really helping him be a better artist pretty much she agree that his crap music is good in the clubs and making people you know hype so that's not really helping him that's like encouraging him to make more b*****

  8. Most of those mumble rappers aren't kids most are 20 to 27 years old yea the 90s had some music where they was talking about money drugs gang violence and women but the difference was they wasn't mumble rapping in their music you was able to understand what they was saying and everyone had their own unique style of rap nowadays you can't even tell who is who cause everybody sound the same

  9. Bro not all mumble rappers are kids man you are right about what your saying but honestly theres grown men out here going skert skert in dresses n shit come on bro

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