Translate Visual Novels using "ITH" and "Translation Aggregator"

[Musica] [Musica] miracoli per san luca [Musica] ho solo da solo solo con nessuno coppeta vetrina se capita si [Musica]

22 thoughts on “Translate Visual Novels using "ITH" and "Translation Aggregator"

  1. Does it have Chinese to translate? I noticed almost every Chinese visual novel is like free while Japanese versions of it cost money..

  2. How do you automatically have it translating everytime you move on with the text?
    I always have to click translate

  3. how good is this translation supposed to be? i managed to get it to work but 90% of the time is just spouts complete gibberish, some examples: 運ぶ魔様が必要だとおしゃ=Carried manitou [you] is necessary [datoosha]. え何問題りた=Title [rita] of questions of food how many. い求めるでもはせん迅速さ=[Rudemohasen] is ….saying.. [**].. prompt. etc etc.
    Also sometimes it doesn't hook the whole line, that last example is actually just half of the first line out of 3 lines. Is it maybe trying to translate from chinese to english instead of japanese to english? Do i need to download a patch for atlas or something?

  4. can you please help everything seems to be running fine it attaches fine and everything but wont pick up the text im trying to play white album 2

  5. it says "Failed to initialize Fujitsu ATLAS v14."
    Before, I downloaded the trial version of ATLAS (and cracked it), but now it's no more disponible on the site (they say it's temporary)
    If you're like me now (I lost my translation tools), you can activate google's translations or another one instead of Atlas's

  6. Really awesome tutorial.
    But no point, just use "Visual Novel Reader".
    It is free, for every OS (every windows, linux) and needs no configuration.
    Download it, install it. Open settings and select the languages you like (only 1 butten: install – for every language)
    Then (when the "Visual Novel Reader" is running):  start the visual novel.
    VNR will do the rest (it loads the configuration for every game from an online database and shows bubbles in the game with the translation. – You can move the bubbles around, too.
    It can also use Atlas if you want.
    VNR is EXTREMELY easy to use!

    After using it once, you don't want to use anything else ever again 😉

  7. I can't understand.. i followed the exact steps, but my TA windows stays white, no one text appears.

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