Toxic Love | Spoken Word Poetry

I gave you everything wasn't enough it was never enough you made me feel like I was nothing made me believe that I was difficult to love I'm like a fool I kept trying I kept trying till it became too much I got in so deep that I lost who I was I knew it was toxic I knew it wasn't right but no matter how bad things got I couldn't help but try I told myself it would be different this time I just couldn't give up constantly battling over whether this is love or lust because if it's love then why was it so messed up I would treat myself like nothing get to you I gave so much and then you go and break my heart tell me that you're sorry I know this is a fresh start and like a fool I'd wait wait for the day you'd make another mistake apartment wants to speak up by hesitate it's like you're controlling me you've affected my brain how do I escape when you become part of my DNA even when you're gone I'm still the one left with all the pain he said he's sorry you told me he didn't mean and that he's going to change and I choose to believe in when he says he won't hurt me again I'm not expecting you to understand go ahead judge me if I lose him I have nobody do you get that who wants to live a life with it alone and empty I need him just as much as he needs me in some sick twist of fate he completes me that's why it works we just keep going so one of us inevitably gets hit so yeah I choose to stay go ahead and call me week I'm not expecting you to understand just know that leaving someone it's not that easy he's gone into my mind without him I'm paralyzed to the point where I force myself to believe him every time he apologized even though I know it's all lies every waking moment I cry I've gone used to it it doesn't hurt so much anymore I become numb to it I become soul I was a sick twisted way he's my only pure what can I say all kind of explored love isn't like what you see on TV this is why it's like this is my reality it's not as magical to portray in a Disney movie it's a lot of pain and sacrifice you just keep pushing until you plead

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  1. It hurts to see how so many people relate to this kind of sad and toxic experiences. I know it’s hurtful and that life is hard and doesn’t care about how you feel but I’m here to tell you all I AM SORRY in the name of life. I’m sorry you are or were hurt I’m sorry you had to go trough all this I’m sorry☹️😢

  2. she said she lost faith n luv, because it just hurtz 2 bad
    & everytime she tried it,
    it just made her sad.
    feeling hurt,
    confused, waz tha weather patternz n her life,
    no sunny dayz & long dreary nitez.
    but 2 her surprize there waz a warmfront fastly approaching her doorstep,
    & all she gotta do iz open her door 2 see whatz there.
    with her broken spirit she opened tha door 2 her batterd heart,
    & on tha otherside waz a MAN who waz willing 2 give her a fresh start.
    he waz everythang she wanted & needed n her life,
    he took tha time 2 listen 2 her story & consoled her when she cried.
    he even gave her a little advice,
    he told her 2
    have fun & njoy life,
    dont waste ur time wit sum1 whoz gonna tell u liez.
    be free set ur goalz high
    & when u feel u just cant make it, look 2 tha skiez.
    tell Him how u really feel so he can understand ur heart,
    then he will start 2 move thingz & people who were tearing it apart.
    her eyez now open with so much life,
    Love again?
    she might!

  3. I wait for her … I truely do no matter how much it hurts even tho I know I went wrong, no I didn’t cheat or physically hurt her but it was that type of inevitable hurt … if I lied or told the truth she would still hurt & I wait for her to this day because my heart aches & it hurts losing someone you love & someone you gave all your time to

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