Touchdown By Jai Da Poet ft. Lil VEXX

[Applause] niggas were talking so now we up now cut the cash in there would be no I got them bust down cooling on the but what the Munson my son come up now watch out for that birdie shooting like I'm curry imma doing birdie do it different – imma do it in a hurry I know my vision Barry I keep it in at a the so it hasn't left your time hasn't passed you tryna come in first but you still came at last you time has a past he tuned your hair plug here in like a Diller II if Donald Trump cursing niggas like I'm Hillary ain't got his sentence but the haters just hearing me but ain't nobody put in hearing me fighting off you Dean but I do this shit no my – spiritually my music seriously till you get the bomb deeper this shit right near to me okay okay do you think I love it – jumping off a watch and you push it to you shove it thinking what's above me hi I'm up next a typical egg foo base that's respect don't go fill me with nobody

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