Toska – Ode to the Author [FULL EP]

40 thoughts on “Toska – Ode to the Author [FULL EP]

  1. Imagine if Steven Wilson ever gets back to his prog metal phase (In Absentia, Deadwing, Fear of a Blank Planet) and does a collaboration with Toska… Highly unlikely, sure. But just think of the awesomeness!!!

  2. You are one of the only artists I bought his EP/Album for yeeaaars. Thank you very much for being so talented 🙂

  3. Often a singer ruins a song. And this Nu Metal vocals are bullshit to me ….because I hate if somebody is growling and than without any matter start singing like Justin Bieber. Great Job Rabea, Really Love It! 💪

  4. I've only recently heard of you and Toska but I just want to say you are making the music I always wanted to hear. You are unique and inventive and full of character and soul. Genuinely something special. Thank you.

  5. Just discovered this EP, it is devastatingly beautiful. The stuff that happens at the end of Illumo has me in tears.

  6. randomly came across this album clicking random yt racomandations. great atmosphere, seems like going 400 km/h out in the desert with each instrument trying to overtake me, then slowing down, going back full speed, a meteor falling down in front of me but dodging it with a sincopated riff. sounds confusing but this is great musicianship and i always try to express the feeling i get from something i listen to. i wish you guys the best of luck. make more. 5/5

  7. Great album, Love listening to this a lot while gaming. Looking forward to the next release boys. Keep it up man

  8. How the ** am I just now finding out about this? This album is so melodic, and badass!!! The last song on this video? It ABSOLUTELY SICK! I LOVE THE GUITAR MELODY'S!!!! Everything from the Alternate picking tones, to the progression chords, and power chords! Rabea! Bro! For what it's worth.. Even on Riff wars, where you dueled it out against Jared Dines, and Ryan Bruce. I know it was all in fun, and the idea was to play a better riff than the opponent. But your sound man.. IT'S THE SHIT! You can hear it in everything you play in! From this, parts of Droje, and every other damn video of you holding a loaded 6 string in your hands lol! Don't ever lose sight of this "sound," or "tone" I should say.. Cheers from Texas man! I love all that you do! I hope financially you're able to do it the rest of your life! Take care bubba!

  9. Could I suggest you get your arse up to the waterloo music bar in blackpool. Great venue, run by a mate. Had loads of good acts on.. check em out. Graham bonnet was just there, geoff tates queensryche next month..

  10. DONT get signed! Seriously, labels just get nasty. For touring, etc., do a fundraiser, crowd-source. Why does good art always have to get corporate? Disgusting. Sell your creative soul for money, you won't keep that creativity healthy in a spritual way. Why do so many artists become massive druggies and fall into the dark-side to keep up the creative demands? I've already said…. The path is always light or dark, your choice. Keep up the great art guys!!!

  11. Just found you guys tonight! Love this stuff!!!
    If I might ask, it seems like you are a person of faith. Is this "Author" in the title God/ The Creator ?
    Thanks for incredible work ! Gonna get some of your stuff now !

  12. Saw you guys at this year's ATG (the best festival on the planet!!). Thought your set was awesome so i came to check out this EP. Hit 'like' after 20 seconds and have now listened to it 6 times in a row! So good dudes. Can't wait for the album!!!

  13. Sitting on my porch as the clouds roll by listening to this wonderful EP.. best damn EP ever if I do say so myself!

  14. Hey I just checked your new guys song Africa out you guys mix so beautifully like Beauty and the Beast type stuff it's really really pretty I'm an old school metal head and I think you guys are like Iron Maiden and Doro

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