Top Visual Novel Openings and Endings of 2016

7 thoughts on “Top Visual Novel Openings and Endings of 2016

  1. Bit better than most top tens or my favorite x openings. Usually those feature only the most popular, not what has the quality. (from my experience)

  2. im surprised there are not the openings and endings from Trianthology, the spin-off of Umineko no naku koro ni, Xaki and Dai are greats composers

  3. wow the #1 is so good, do you know where to find the full version of the song? searched everywhere but didn´t find it

  4. After many delays our channel is finally getting to the 1 mil milestone. Fire a slug everyone.
    Probably to celebrate this occasion a certain band that starts with the letters "k", "k", "t", "a" and "r" is releasing a new studio album so I guess we should use this chance to make our 7-th Artist top. Please be excited.

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