Top Ten Women Horror Writers You Never Heard Of

12 thoughts on “Top Ten Women Horror Writers You Never Heard Of

  1. I love this video because I've literally been working to compile my own list for the exact same kind of video! I hadn't heard of about half of these ladies so I'll have to look up their books!

  2. I just realized I have House of Pain by Sèphera Girón in my paperback collection. Now I definitely want to read it.

  3. Thank you for continuing to come out with these lists and recommendations. I love them! Some great recommendations here. I still haven’t tried most of these authors, but I’ll get to more of them soon.

    Ooh excited for the upcoming streams. I do like the setup. 👏

  4. I have a couple of these authors on my Goodreads TBR already, but will definitely check out the rest.

  5. Jason! This was a fantastic idea for a video! I agree don’t underestimate the twisted side of a women’s mind! 😏🖤😆

    I would love to see your work out in the world!!!

  6. Cover some Dan Simmons novels.
    As much as I love King, Barker and Martin…Simmons towers over them all.
    I'm sure you've mentioned " The Terror " which I rate as one of the best books I've ever read…Drood is also magnificent as are all his others.
    Dan Simmons does not get the coverage he deserves and neither does Barker.

  7. Such a great list! So glad to see Sarah Langan get some love on booktube. I have read her 3 novels a couple of times each, and I am so excited to learn she has something new coming soon.

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