hello my name is Kat and today I'm going to talk about my most owned authors so I was gazing at my bookshelves as I often do and I started noticing which author names popped out at me a lot I started counting books and trying to determine which authors accounted for the largest chunks of my library and I found it really interesting so I wanted to make a video about it so I have here a list of my 10 most owned authors and these 10 authors are responsible for 86 of my books and most of these authors are what I consider auto-buy authors meaning I will buy pretty much any book they publish even not knowing too much about it like just the fact that they wrote it means I want it now before I get into this list I do want to quickly add that there are some authors who strictly by the numbers should be on this list but if they're not auto-buy authors for me I bumped them for someone who is for example I have these 10 books by Louise Rennison but I don't consider her an auto by author so she is not actually on this list sorry Louise Rennison you're not watching this but sorry but yeah let's jump into this list of my top 10 most owned auto-buy authors that's a mouthful let's go so first up I have my number one most owned author with 13 books I have Rick Riordan I have the three books of the Kane Chronicles trilogy the five books of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series the first four books of the Heroes of Olympus series and yet better Billy if I'll be buying that fifth one as soon as I possibly can it is my most anticipated book of this fall like I'm going to buy it the second I am able to and finally I have the maze of Bones the first book in the 39 clues series next up with the twelve books I have Scott Westerfeld I have the Uglies trilogy and the companion to the trilogy extras then I have peeps and its sequel the last days even though the covers don't match these books do go together then I have the cell yesterday which I believe is a standalone I have an advanced reader copy of afterworlds which is coming out this fall and yes I will be buying a nice beautiful hardcover when that is available and then I have the first book in the Midnighter series I still need to pick up the rest of the series though and finally by Scott Westerfeld I have the Leviathan trilogy next up with 11 books I have JK Rowling first of course I have the 7 books of the Harry Potter series then I have a fantastic beasts and where to find them the Casual Vacancy and finally on my kindle i have her – Robert Galbraith books the Cuckoo's calling and the silkworm coming in next with 10 books I have Holly black first I have the coldest girl in coldtown the curse workers trilogy and then I have the modern fairy tales trilogy the poison eaters and other stories dull bones and finally I have an arc of the iron trial which is co-written by Holly black and Cassandra Clare and guess who's next on this list Cassandra Clare also with ten books so again I have the iron trial by both Holly and Cassie then I have these six books of the Mortal Instruments series and the three books of the Infernal Devices trilogy next up with seven books I have Maggie Steve otter so I have these shiver trilogy and also an advanced reader copy of sinner which is a companion to the trilogy then I have the Scorpio races and the first two books in the Raven cycle quartet next up I have six books by live array first I have the Gemma Doyle trilogy then I have a beauty queens going Vova and finally the diviners next up also with six books I have Kirsten white first I have the three books of the paranormal sea trilogy then I have the two books of the mind games do ology and finally the chaos of stars which is a standalone next up I have six books by Laini Taylor so first I have a black bringer the first book in the faeries of dream dark series and then I also have an audiobook of the sequel silk singer then I have the daughter of smoke and bone trilogy my favorite trilogy ever and finally I have lips touch three times which is a collection of three short stories each revolving around a kiss and finally also with six books actually there are quite a few authors who have six books on my shelves and this one might be kind of stretching in number wise but he's one of my favorites so I had to include him and he is John Green so I have here every book John Green is published starting with Looking for Alaska and abundance of katherines Paper Towns Will Grayson Will Grayson which was co-written with David Levithan The Fault in Our Stars and I also have the audio book read by John Green and finally I have a let it snow which is actually a collection of three interconnected novellas and one of them is by John Green so I'm counting it alright there you have it those are my top ten most owned auto-buy authors and that is everything I wanted to talk about in this video today thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it I hope you have a great night and I will have another vlog up soon so I will see you then good bye god Buster felt scott westerfeld's come to me books by Scott Westerfeld Oh who woke number one I'm gonna lose you okay okay too soon I hate it when books fall it makes me so mad don't call your stupid book stop falling you're the worst oh my all my arcs on the floor in the corner because I don't have enough shelf space back to play William a man down


  1. Oh? You think you have a lot of Rick Riordan books? I have 27 and a quarter, not including my second copy of each Percy Jackson book or my 2 extra Lost Hero-s (because I had a paperback, wanted a hardcover, and accidentally got another paperback, then got the hardcover) and 1 extra son of Neptune (my old paperback)

  2. i really want the information, but that thing she is doing with her voice is painful.

  3. 16 books by rick riordan (cant wait for the dark prophecy and the ship of the dead)
    11 books from cassandra clare (if you count tftsa… and cant wait for lord of shadows GOD bring may as quick as possible).
    8 books from j. k. rowling.
    8 books from sarah j. maas (this year will end with 8 books i promise)
    7 books from marissa meyer
    7 books from jennifer l armentrout (the lux, shadows and oblivion)…..

    i counted shadowhunter academy, cursed child, assassin's blade, fairest and stars above

  4. I have notched that a lot of BookTubers are embarrassed to say they like John Green just because his books get a lot of hype so I'm happy that you're not like that! I personally LOVE John Green with all my heart!

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