Top Ten #105 Best Power Rangers Writers

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Every part of production is important. But without a script, nothing can be created.
The writer has a massive amount of responability, in shaping the universe. Doesn’t matter the
scale. Telling a side story or some epic crysis. People will remember those details. The writing
is what decides what properties are remembered forever, or multilated in critiques, over
the internet. par Power Rangers has an extra gear in the clock.
They have exsisting footage right at their finger tips. At a quick glance, some would
be happy. They don’t have to do a lot of work. Almost all the work is there. But when you
go into the sea of spandex. Than you realise you have to do a lot of things for this to
connect. It be like cutting out all the Delorean scenes, in Back To The Future. What do you
do to explain how Marty went back in time? par
Now, do that for a whole season. Create six characters that people like. Follow a formula.
And get it out the door to be succesful. That’s lightning in a bottle. Thank you Jacob Lockett
for this suggestion. If you have an idea or a topic you’d like me to cover. Shoot me one
down below. I might use it someday. par 10: Stewart St. Johnpar
Besides sharing the same last name as our Red Ranger actor. St. John covered most of
the major episodes of the first MMPR season. Doomsday, Green With Evil, even Island Of
Illusion. Zyuranger is a very zany season. I was amazed how they changed so many things
around, and got them to work in MMPR. You sum him up as the epic battle writer. par
These episodes are the reason why, I belive, it became a franchise. We lost the Green Ranger
powers twice. What kid show did that, in 93. The closest you got was the death of Optimus
Prime. We care about seven robotic Dinosaurs dying. All the feels in the right places.
That’s what Stewart St. John accomplished. par
09: John Tellegenpar Tellegen was one of the main Disney season
writers. The quality was hit and miss, depending on the season. His first work, along with
Mark Hoffmeier. Was Shane’s Karma. Great starting point. That’s one of my favorite Ninja Storm
episodes, and my favorite Battlizer episode. Just beating Facing The Past. He’s great at
doing solo or group character pieces.par You want to see who Kira was. We find out
she used to sing with an old friend, in Ocean Alert. Want to take advantage of Ethan’s weakness
with Video Games. He wrote Game On. Even that crazy meorite episode, Leader Of The Wack.
Scott’s problems with his dad, in Ranger Red. Tellegen has a good range of fun and serious.
He’s also great at adapting Sentai material. He used all the good parts of Dekaranger,
for the Sophie episodes. A lot of times I really don’t care about these guest characters.
par They almost never do things. They’re just
there for info dump. This two parter was more about Sophie. than the SPD Rangers. It sucks
that she didn’t end up being Nova Ranger in the finale. That’s a missed opurtunity. Tellegen
even made good clip shows. Insomnia. He gave it a purpose using the stock footage. And
Koragg’s Trial was decent enough. Even in the seasons that people usually don’t like.
That one episode that you love, he’s probably wrote it. Like Petrified Xander, Man Of Mercurary.
par I will say he did a few clunkers. Such as
Ronny On Empty, and the horrible Don’t Blow That Dough episode. You where doing so well
with clip shows. I would like him to come back and do more episodes. You characters
have complicated backgrounds. Get this guy. par
08: Eddie Guzelianpar While Guzelian did screw up and got himself
fired from the season. He came up with probably one of the most original ideas for a PR show,
in a while. Not in the characters and direction. But with the Super Sentai he was using. RPM
is nothing like Go-Onger. All under a show that’s low budget, and is being cancelled.
He pulled off a lot. Some of the older aspects from the past seasons, did get phased out.
Remember how they would slowly introduce us to our characters and gear. par
But more and more seasons started to cram origin stories, their weapons, their Megazord
all within one or two episodes. Those seasons started feeling like check marks. Everything
just got sped up. The show is about selling toys. That’s never been a problem to me. But
you really should build stuff up over a few episodes. Look at Lost Galaxy. There was a
full episode getting the Transdaggers. Than finding the Galactabeasts was another one.
It took a bit to see the Galaxy Megazord. par
Now adays you’re lucky to have the Megazord saved for the third episode. Here, they kept
all the Rangers backstories for solo episodes. Extending it out like this. Gave some breathing
room. While still promoting the toys, and using the Sentai footage as much as it can.
Dillion and Ziggy got thrown in jail, in the second episode. Ziggy becoming a Ranger, was
the stupidest thing ever done. And I loved it. You don’t need to be heroic all the time.
par They even did some fun pokes at Sentai. Having
Gem and Gemma totally insane. While the Go-On Wings where the complete oposites. All the
weird stuff that happens. Like random explosions, the designs. Shows rarley ever joke on themselves.
RPM hit that right balance of comedy on the nose. I wish the Neo Saban seasons were able
to replicate this balance. Even though the ending was a copy of the Andros/Karone dynamic.
RPM still ended on a good note. par 07: Douglas Sloanpar
This man has done a lot of stuff. He’s worked on a good chunk of the franchise. The first
half of the Saban seasons, and a few of the Disney seasons. The mans not perfect. His
first writing job was a pig surprise. And I will always hate when Tori and Shane talk
about the Rangers not being real. But He knows how to ultilize the cast. He loves to work
on muiltiparters. It gives the characters more to do. He can focus on US material longer.
Than go into Sentai, when needed. Sloan even tried to bring back Scorpina. par
We where left wondering what happened to her. He gave her a good re-introduction. Which
sadly went nowhere. He also did some bottle episodes. Reusing monster suits in A Reel
Fish story. That was a decent season 2 filler episode. Sloan also worked on the bizzare
Storybook Rangers. I really want to know where he was, when he came up with that one. It
went as far as a PR episode could be done. Without jumping the shark. But barley. Sloan
is also a decent director. par It helps to serve in multiple positions on
a show. You know the intracaies. Focus on that character, this has to be emotional.
The writer wants us to feel scared here. It gives that little extra love. By far, his
best work is Different Shades Of Pink. The only Ranger that’s gotten a proper send off,
in the middle of a season. par 06: Shuki Levypar
Haim Saban and Shuki Levy created Power Rangers. But if you wanted to say who the father was,
it was him. He and Tony Oliver, set the tone of the entire franchise. He was responsable
in writing key Kim and Trini episodes, for season 1. Was one of the writers on the fan
favorite episodes like White Light and Return Of The Green Ranger. However you feel towards
Tommy. He knew how to maximize that full milk. Even sometimes directing episodes he wrote.
par It was fitting he wrote Kim’s first standalone
episode and her final standalone episode. It wasn’t the greatest episode. But you saw
that he cared. It’s basically a sequel to Foul Play In The Sky. If you ever have to
bring back a Ranger, in a big way. He’s your man. I wish he had continued on. But Passing
the Torch was good way to end his run. par 05: Cheryl Sabanpar
Like Levy, Cheryl Saban is the mother of Power Rangers. She created season staples, that
are still done today. Everyone loves food fight. She knew how to work Japan’s odd monsters
and go beyond what they did, and made a memorible episode. If you watch the original Zyuranger
episode. It’s cute and fun. Saban made this go up to 11. Not to mention, the first time
a monster interacted with the Rangers, out of suit,a and in the Juice Bar. par
She, along with two others wrote the second episode of Green With Evil. My favorite episode
from that arc. That’s where I fell in love with the evil Ranger story. This is how powers
like these, can be used in the worst of ways. That episode made Goldar. It’s the one that
showed you why Jason was the Red Ranger. So when I see stories like Trent or Ryan. They
always make go back and remember when I was seven, and watched this episode for the first
time. par She’s also a Psycologist. This was perfect
for Billy’s fear of fish episodes. She tried to do things visually, to show people what
it’s like to be scared. That’s hard to do. Everyone has different fears. Sometimes you
can’t relate. But it was enough for you to understand Billy’s position. She gave Trini
her first leadership role on the team. It felt right. Three of the Rangers where trapped.
You have Billy and Trini. This is season 1. So Billy is still this inexperience Ranger.
At the same time, she kept it balanced. par It’s super easy to have one character look
bad and one character look good. But both helped each other. While Billy messed up.
You can see Trini is trying really hard to control the situation. At the cost of screwing
some things up herself, as well. And who can forget Kim playing Rita in Beauty And The
Beast. It’s the the few times I loved over the top acting. par
I can keep going on. The Mirror of Regret, Storybook Rangers. A good slew of wacky brain
episodes of Power Rangers. It sucks that she stopped at the end of Season 2. It would of
been nice if she remained on till the end of MMPR. par
04: Ann Austen (Knapp)par Sloan and Austen pulled it together in the
early years of the show moving to New Zealand. They’re one of the few producers/writers that
took the critisim Ninja Storm got, and retooled the series in Power Rangers Dinothunder. I
love Ninja Storm. But all the people that hate it. That critisism is totally valid.
There’s a lot of dumb choices and comedy beats that are problematic. And instead of ignoring
fans input, which is pretty common with companies. par
Both of them went: “Okay, fix the comedy, let’s do something better. So they came up
with Mesogog, realistic interpretations being in high school. These few things made Dinothunder,
one of the top Disney era seasons. Austen writing key episodes. Some being super important
to get right. Legacy Of Power. Yeah, it’s a clip show, but if you get information wrong.
You’re gonna get a lot of hate. And writing the return of Tommy, to a new Ranger power,
is a hard thing to do.par You have to make it pay off that fan service.
But you can’t make it over the top. I really didn’t like the whole White Light reveal.
They went way overboard in the hype. No, don’t make him Jesus. He’s popular. But keep things
under control. This episode being a good example. She wrote a decent chunk of Dinothunder episodes.
The Passion Of Conner, Triassic Triumph, Bully For Ethan. Good solid episodes about the guys
par Dinothunder really used the school setting
to its advantage. I miss that so much from Megaforce and Ninja Steel. par
03: Greg Aronowitzpar I know everyone is gonna say: “This is an
odd choice. Why are you putting him as three?” Even though Aronowitz didn’t write that many
episodes. He’s what I love to see on a show. The man has passion. Yes, he didn’t write
that many SPD episodes. But he was writing the show in the background. Not only is he
a writer, but a director, producer, and an artist for SPD. He was responsable for all
the alien work you saw in the US footage. par
He took the idea from Dekaranger and went beyond what they did, with no money. He pushed
those characters, he pushed those plot lines. Watch the DVD bonus features with him. SPD
had quality that we don’t really see anymore. There was a cost from all this. It’s one of
the reasons why Omega Ranger was completly messed up. I can’t say if it was a good tradeoff.
There’s some casts that I really love. SPD’s one of them. That’s why I put him at number
three. Even though he only wrote three episodes. What he did, is remembered. par
02: Judd Lynnpar Even though I don’t like what he’s been doing
in recent years. Bar a handful of episodes. Judd Lynn, has done really great work. Almost
every time I list a favorite episode of mine, 8 out of 10, he wrote it. Lynn has done lots
of stuff. Odd stories, like the Great Bookola Escape. The Power Transfer. Blue Ranger Gone
bad. Trouble By The Slice. He always had the knack at getting not so liked characters,
good. par I think that’s what makes him almost perfect.
Which is why it’s shocking, with the recent PR seasons. We’ve seen in the past, PR can
be great under his scripts. He took a one off suit from Carranger. And turned it into
this giant mystery of the Phantom Ranger. Bizzare episodes like Cassie’s Best Friend
work, because of his talent. Look at his run from In Space through Time Force. par
The countless episodes I could list from just those four years. He’s written more episodes
than any other PR writer. But there are times he has made episodes that where flat out bad.
Like our favorite episode, Carlos On Call. I really wanted to put him as number one.
But I couldn’t. In the recent seasons, where he’s been mostly messing up. There’s one writer
that’s been missing from that equation. par 01: Jackie Marchandpar
I have to give my number one spot to Marchand. She’s been in this franchise for years. She’s
also worked on poor seasons too. But it shows that she was the deciding factor in a lot
of good directions, each of the seasons took. In my opnion. That’s why Judd Lynn has been
messing up. While the writers work on an episode. Both of them are always bantering. One pushes
this way, one pushes that way. par I see her as the compass with Judd Lynn’s
boat. Maybe he comes up with this insane story. It’s all over the place; And she reels it
in. Work with crazy, but hit these beats. Get these moments in. Don’t go too far in
this part. And it shows. When Marchand and Lynn work together. And they get to write
basically the entire season. It’s what you want to see out of Power Rangers. par
It’s two voices that know what they want to do. At the same time, abiding to all the restrictions
the show throws at them. There’s a load of episodes I can bring up. Bulk Fiction. The
deciding episode that changed what Stone, Bulk, and Skull would be doing in Zeo. We
saw his character change. He quit the force, because he got Stone fired. She’s the one
who made Tommy and Kat married in that future Christmas episode. I don’t care for the episode.
par Not because of the future stuff. Just the
way it was framed. But you can see Judd respected that decision, in the 25th anniversary. The
Silver Secret. Where Zhan was revealed to the other Rangers. It showed you that damaged
side of Andros. Ryan’s Destiny. Remember, there’s no 6th Ranger in Go Go Five. And they
crafted an episode that had feathers as bombs. Showing Ryan’s decision to work together.par
Jackie setup the Thunder Rangers and Cam in Ninja Storm. Trent’s arc in Dinothunder. Wrote
probably the best example of fan service, Fighting Spirit. Gave closure to Sky’s story
in SPD. Giving the Legend Powers to the Mystic Force Rangers. One of my favorite Green Ranger
Backstories. Ziggy and the mob. Again, she’s not perfect. She did stumble with Once A Ranger.
I still hate it that the Overdrive team just walks away and does nothing.par
I don’t just like Power Rangers as one way. I love the series everywhere. Goofy episode,
dramatic episode, action episode. It doesn’t matter to me. You can write the most basic
filler episode. It adds nothing to the character, or the plot. As long as it’s a good story.
And it doesn’t block other things being done, or contradict things. I’m gonna like it. par
I’m assuming a lot of people who watch my videos. Think that I want the show to always
be one way. It has to be serious. No. I can apreicate dumb fluff too. That’s why I love
all these writers. They’re veristile in what they do. It’s a blessing that Power Rangers
allows this type of story telling. We’re in a universe that five people wear spandex.
Sparks flying around. Giant aliens and robots, blowing stuff up in a city. People adore a
blue head guy. par One minute Bulk face planting into a cake.
The next minute, Jen is taking revenge. Diviot killing scorpious. Ecliptor loving Astronema
to the end. Very few other shows out there. Allow this kind of flexability. Even though
it’s a kid show. This is a playground for a writer. Look at all the stuff Japan brings
to the table. Who thinks up a giant pig, with a Roman hat. And the only way to get rid of
him, is to feed him spicy food? par It’s a giant collaberation between two countries.
That’s the reason why I stuck around with this series. There’s a few other shows out
there. That have lasted this long. But i’ve long quit on them. Power Rangers has traditional
formulatic elements. It’s what you do with that, is where it counts the most. What are
your opnions on my choices. There’s a lot of other writers on the series.par
But I think I’ve picked the best ones. New episodes every monday. Next week, the seasons
of Power Rangers that worked better than Super Sentai. par
par par
par }

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