India is where Bollywood is and we Indians love I doses of romantic fiction be to movies or being through books but if you're just starting out with reading books what are the romance Indian authors you should know about in this video find that out related videos on this channel talking about books discussing Indian authors discussing foreign authors discussing the Lord of genre it's not in to watching such kind of videos then make sure you subscribe to me turn your notifications on because I put up a video every other day every odd day so in this video I am going to tell you about six romance Indian authors that are hugely popular those are the new-age romance authors who are being good read a lot in the country so without further ado let's get start with this video so number one author is chapin Bhagat he's the person who brought this college romance stuff with into popularity he usually writes novels about young urban Indian middle class people and he has written several books like three to six of my life five point someone to stage revolution 2020 half girlfriend one Indian girl and one night at the call center these are his fiction books mostly and his books has also been adapted into various movies like Gucci three dirts half girlfriend two states according to a report by New York Times he's the biggest selling in an author till date and has sold over seven million copies butts even thought it might be telling a lot of books but he is also infamous for various differently since I have made two videos discussing about why people hate Chetan Bhagat which are not the right reasons I get I am a second video about Jayden Berger discusses some real genuine reasons on why people buy a chicken burger so both of the videos are linked down below if you want to watch honestly he gathered a lot of hate also because of the opinions about politics and also because he's the TV celebrities I personally had the booktuber do not think it's appropriate for me to comment on what else an author is doing in his or her life but there are two things that I had to mention first he was accused of plagiarism by an author called unbeatable spy I guess there's even a court case pending in the Civil Code regarding this issue and also you the cues in the me to campaign for which he apologized publicly and which is pretty much three don't try to discuss the author because yes I will get a lot of views disgusting didn't brother any title that has Satan but within it will get a lot of fuse but I do not want to get into it second romance also that got really popular and I really like this author a still joy the top he has written a lot of college romances as usual and also he has collaborated with several authors to bring up many books his books include of course I love you till I find someone better really long titles actually has written a lot of books so if you want to know more about his books I have a very specific video discussing all the books of the toilet and what they're about do take out that video in the description down below I linked it there and do what's that video if you want to know more about the Georgia that he's really like I like a lot of his books so do check out this author you check out that video of mine if you want to know more about him next very famous Indian romance author is it of in Nursing he has written eight novels so far he actually wrote his first novel I too had a love story which was based on his real life and it was heartbreaking he went on to write a sequel for that can love happen twice apart from that he has written books like love stories that touched my heart like it happened yesterday tell me a story your dreams are mine now this love that feels right and will you still love me all of these books are written better when the sing and he a lot of people really like his romance novel especially youngsters so moving on to the next author this is also very famous from Anthony Lee and that is too deep nagarkar he has written nine novels so far and the first two books he has written I aspired from his real life his novels include few things left unsaid it started with the friend quest that's the way we met sorry you are not my type and a lot of other books I am planning to do a video discussing to tape the other books so make sure you subscribe to me to know more about it it's very famous romance author in India is Nikita Singh who has written about eleven books are books include another Facebook like a love song after all this time she wrote co-wrote the book if it's not forever it's not love with no joy the top and she's written a lot of novel that I mentioned I'll also do a video about this very soon just like Chapin bye guys make it a sink was also accused of tourism but there's no cold case or Hanukkah PDF page it doesn't even mention that but there is just one author colony I think that's her name she discusses this issue in length and I'll link her blood was on below of the interview of that author discussing this the main thing that author accuse her of course that she sent a manuscript – Nikita saying and it was in graduate when she was working in a publishing firm and then she wrote her own book who comes out and that book has the opening in the same style in same detail with the same scene so so there's nothing had really happened about it but yes you should know about it I thought I should mention it what do you guys think about this kind of you know authors copying stuff I don't know if Nick is I think did it or not I don't know I haven't read both the books so I cannot really make an opinion about it but tell me what are you views about this plagiarism in the publishing and the sweep and lastly we have a very very much loved Preeti Shenoy who also writes romance novels but they're not like college romances get really inspiring and deep and hot cuts in romances and I made a video about all the books for profession I which the video is linked down below we check out that video as well if you want to know more about the books by petition toy so guys these are the top six romance authors in India apart from Dean you know all just like a jape and a case of Anil Ravi Sharma Amazon who are also very popular as romance authors but I feel like this list is perfect with the top six so never top six anyway what do you guys think about these authors have you read these authors do you like the books written by these authors what are you use about it to let me know in the comments below and I'll wait for your comments while you get a thumbs up and comment anyway I hope you enjoyed watching this video if you did make sure you two thumbs up and follow me on my social media this might be signing off I'll be back with another video base soon


  1. So much personality in you. Not to mention cute. Indian women (πŸ‘Œ). Definitely subbed. Happy New Year.

  2. kalki2 pahle padhne main koe problem hn maine 1st part nhi padh hn which one is beat 1st or 2nd?????? plzzz suggest me

  3. For me, it has to be Anuja Chauhan and Sakshama Puri Dhariwal. I love Chauhan's formula of romance and use of Hinglish. It's lighthearted and not very heavy. Her stories are very quirky and witty. And the interaction between her characters make for swoonworthy romance IMO😍
    Sakshama Puri Dhariwal books are also very fun to read. The characters really stay with you and the dialogues are amazing.

  4. Ravindar Sing ke Books ke uper at video chahiye Di…I really love ur videoes…pls pls pls….β€οΈβ€οΈβ€οΈπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  5. I have not yet read any Sudeep Nagarkar and Nikita Singh books.. As for Durjoy Datta, I have read only one book by him "Our Impossible Love" and liked it very much.. So planning to read more books soon.
    Plagiarism a serious issue that mars the writing industry today. Being a content writer, I know how serious it is. But it is so sad that established writers like CB and NS have been blamed of plagiarism.. I don't know how true it is but CB's brother Ketan Bhagat has made some subtle remarks about his brother hiring writers to ghost write books in his book "Child/God"

  6. Best romantic authour in india for me is ravinder singh
    His best books being i too had a love story and your dreams are mine now

  7. Nice video but you should have specifically recommended your favourite indian romance books instead of the popular opinions as say common people really like chetan Bhagat books but a real critic and expert knows that he is not that good. He is just popular

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