Top Phrasal Verbs for IELTS Speaking | Part 1 Topic: Education, Family, Travel, Environment

hi everyone today we would like to share with you the most phrasal verbs that have been used most in IELTS exam these phrasal verbs are categorized by topic such as education family travel etc so please open your notebook to take note of them these phrasal verbs may help you get a high score in IELTS speaking and writing part let's get started topic family and friends get along I found it hard to get along with my cousins because they always said some very belligerent things get together in the weekend my family usually hosts a get-together for our relatives to come and have dinner grow apart as we got older we just grew apart look after in my country it is a tradition that the young look after the old in the family settle down after marriage my husband and I will look for a peaceful place to settle down split up several years ago my parents had split up and my mom decided to move to America pass away my dad passed away 15 years ago grow up my children have all grown up and left home now topic travel and holidays drop off someone or something I really appreciated the man who dropped me off at the airport pick someone up my dad was waiting to pick me up when my flight landed check-in it was my first time to check in such a luxury resort look forward to I'm looking forward to hearing your news as soon as possible take off my favorite moment on the airplane is when it takes off look around I would prefer to travel by motorbike on short journeys so I could look around the stunning sights during the trip topic education fall behind being addicted to video games makes me fall behind in my class catch-up I have been trying to catch up on the assignment from last week go over I always go over my revision notes before I take the exam read up on if you are interested in taking another course in college you should read up on it before deciding drop out nowadays many students drop out of college to work and support their families hand in turn in I handed my assignment in late as usual some up after each lesson it's necessary to sum up the main points topic environment clean up the residents around the area helped clean up the beaches after an oil spillage cut down deforestation requires high considerations since many trees have been cutting down for the last several years dry up due to prolonged periods of drought many areas and rivers have dried up dispose of the nuclear waste must be disposed up properly to avoid harmful chemical for human heat up the Sun is heating up the Earth's surface use up humans have been using up the earth's resources wipe out natural disaster has wiped out many valuable properties in Japan throw away that old chair should be thrown away in the right place

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