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  1. I would add 'Bhima Lone Warrior' to the list. This is the translated version of the malayalam original 'Randamoozham' bt MT Vasudevan Nair. I don't know if they did justice to the translated version. But the original one is an amazing read.

  2. My eyes always go to harry potter collection you have kept behind neatly stacked !!!😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. Manprith ji i have one doubt about ajeya 1 &2 n always Amish rama n sita book this four books have original story r imagine story…

    I don't know about puranas now I wants to read this book but now I have this confusion plz tell me ☺️

  4. Really really going to start these all mythological books (mythos are love <3).
    But thinking to start with shiva Trilogy and then Kalki.

  5. I have read kalki part 1 and 2….. My God they are way too amazing….
    Ajaya and asura are the best I can see, although I am not a huge fan.
    I am sure I am never gonna start Sita because I am so unhappy with scion of ikshvaku…..

  6. Again i agree with u..yes palace of ilusions is too great but do try the krishna key also by ashwin sanghi😊
    I m not promoting him but i love his 2 books specially krishna key n keepers of kalchakra

    Manpreet can u plz suggest how do i get cheap books.actually i too am an avid reader but budget is also something to be thought of🤔

  7. The Palace of Illusions sounds amazing! I'll definitely be picking that one up. I've always loved mythology but I haven't read a lot of Indian mythological fiction, so I was so excited to find this video! New subscriber! You seem like such a lovely person 🙂

  8. I am so very enjoying palace of illusions…I have read soo many Mahabharat books..but from draupadis view its soo different.. Soo good..pls read😍😍😍😍😍

  9. Your videos are awesome, but please use a good mike because without earphones it's very hard to listen to your voice

  10. Hey Manpreet, Read the Mahabharata Quest series
    by Christopher C Doyle.
    They are very good and have a really good blend of mythology, fiction and science.
    Seriously what are you waiting for.

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