Top Five Habits of Successful Writers

many of us struggle to write on a regular basis work relationships and laziness settle in to keep us from writing we're often never in the mood to write are there any ways of overcoming this in this video we'll look to habits of successful writers and how they approach the challenge of writing one of the best habits most successful writers possess is the ability to write everyday without fail Stephen King writes 10 pages every single day of the week even on holidays Ernest Hemingway pledged to write at least 500 words a day and contrary to popular belief never wrote while drunk successful authors know that the mood really strikes when we want it to inspiration or our best ideas come and go as they please without consideration to our needs or schedules this is why developing a daily regimen of writing a certain number of hours pages or words each and every day is a primary ingredient to your success right every day or at least most days of the week make it a habit and you'll never struggle to find the time or the motivation another good habit is to get up and work early many authors including Charles Dickens and Franz Kafka would rise early in the morning to begin writing our energy is most potent shortly after we wake and only gets weaker as the day progresses if you want to get the most out of your writing potential work on writing first thing in the morning when your brimming with ideas waiting until after the day is done after work in school when you're drained and tired while they result in poor output or worse yet no output at all a third habit that many successful writers possess is the almost superhuman power to turn off their inner critic while writing you are very prone to criticizing your own work this can trigger self-defeating thoughts how many times have you written something and thought to yourself this sucks or I'll never make it or nothing I work on turns out right we've all been there even the successful writers feel their own inner critics destroying their work before I can even get off the ground but they have a secret that few others know about they shut off their own criticism until the time is right just like a baby is prone to the elements so too is a piece of writing in its early stages you have to keep it shielded from self-defeating thoughts and habits before it's fully formed once your piece of writing has matured you can open it to your own criticism and then to that of others and that's the fourth good writing habit of successful writers many of us are afraid to have others look at our work we're afraid of being criticized afraid of being put into the spotlight being exposed to others but that's the name of the writing game the whole point is to have others read it successful writers know that not everyone will like the writing in fact they know most people won't but that's okay you don't need most people you need just enough and in order to bring your writing to the next level a professional level you have to let others review it criticize it and sometimes tear it apart your editors are going to rip your writing to shreds but you'll pick those pieces back up and build your story from them even stronger than before your writing will never be as good as it can be without input from others and many times much of that input will be negative but you'll get stronger and your writing will become clearer and more effective let others tear it down so you can build it back up a fifth and final good habit of successful writers is a bit of a wild card many successful writers have strange rituals that help them write of course these rituals don't actually have a magical effect but they come close you see the human mind is a very elastic thing you can trick your brain into believing all kinds of wacky things and some wacky ideas can translate to lots of success Scott Adams the famous creator of the Dilbert comic strip uses daily affirmations each day he writes a few simple sentences about what he wants to accomplish I will be a successful cartoonist was one that he used for years before he made it big in the comic world Adams wrote this sentence up to 15 times daily each and every day and he still does famous novelist Dan Brown hangs upside down in what he calls inversion therapy Brown claims that this helps him overcome writer's block victor hugo author of such lasting works as The Count of Monte Cristo and let me setup spent up to two hours a day plunged in ice water baths do these odd rituals actually give these creators their amazing talent in a way they do these habits are specific to the individual and because they've become habits and are so deeply associated with writing creativity each time that they are done they are believed to work if everyday you eat lunch when the clock strikes one you've developed a ritual even if you're not feeling hungry when you see the clock turned to 1:00 p.m. your hunger will instantly materialize you've trained your mind and body to respond to the stimulus of the ritual a personal ritual to foster your writing skills will work in the same way take a lesson from some of the most brilliant minds in the business and try it for yourself for more writing creative videos please subscribe to the writer's realm channel by hitting the subscribe button below if you're interested in proving your writing creativity even more visit the writer's realm website at

23 thoughts on “Top Five Habits of Successful Writers

  1. 1. they write because they like it … if you struggle or find it challenging then you should do something else

  2. Perhaps you are right but I can't wake up early in the morning otherwise I can write more in the night time, in my opinion night time is more conscious and lofty because people are sleeping therefore marmmard and noice can't distracted you to writing,on the contrary in early morning or day time people are waking due to more distract for writing.i fond of to write a book but I have no experience how to write a valuable book my aim to illuminate the name of my country through my book even I m educated person but don't still write a book,an ancient time the illiterate people even those who were never go to school but still they wrote fascinating book where we read in our syllabus,so I guess if you write a book you shouldn't feel that is this good book for readers or not you should only write,and a time will come where you are able to write a book which is very incredible for readers so don't stop to write just endeavor to write your thinking one day you'll be known as a good writer people will read your book in the syllabus don't watch YouTube for getting experience just do it you can if you are believe to yourself.nothing is impossible in the world,but the condition you don't stop your rhythm let's do for better.

  3. I'm an upcoming writer. I always keep my draft on the phone and edit it whenever inspirations augment. I virtually have no specific time for writing.

  4. it wud be better if you put some different visuals in this vdo bcs your narration is important to listen to but keeping up with the quotes of different authors and following what you're saying is quite hard to cope. Two elements, narration and quote… could be utilized in two vdos of similar topic. Anyway, useful content though. Thanks…

  5. artists or painters are in the best position to write and draw childrens books or comics for a living but the artists i meet say they rather be freelancers cuz they think they cant come up with something original or they think their writing is bad. Theyre both just excuses for not taking advantage of their skills. Writing decent doesn't take as long as drawing decent. these are great tips or habits to obtain for any body who wants to tell a story. who wouldn't want to be a writer? but i can see why most people just want to make money.

  6. 1. Write every day.
    2. Get up early to work – modify if you can't work early.
    3. Stop self-defeat.
    4. Be open to criticism.
    5. Personal rituals.

  7. I…. have… a problem…. I’ve got a lot of homework’s and I have to study for school… how can I write everyday? 🙁

  8. I don't write at the start of the day because it has not inspired my get
    Inspiration isn't give to you from the universe
    Make the inspiration happen to you
    Learn,experiment,grow and fight through the goals

  9. "Many of us struggle to write on a daily basis. Work,relationships, and laziness tend to keep us from writing" how about self doubt. That seems like the write answer to me

  10. You pretentious literate fucks …i write at noon i write i write. And how much work is published? I write short stories what? Who gives a shit. And the photo of the guy with glasses..xD.

  11. You can’t turn off or ignore your inner critic, you simply find ways to trick it.
    Writing early in the morning is one if those tricks. Your critic isn’t awake enough, or isn’t strong enough, in the early morning to stop you. The more the day goes on the stronger the critic seems to become.

  12. Do we really need 2,573 posts all telling us it was Dumas, not Hugo who wrote The Count of Monte Cristo??? I think not.

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