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hello everybody here welcome back to another top 5 Friday today we are talking about my top 5 coming-of-age novels not written by Stephen King and not the girl next door every time you hear about best coming-of-age you hear about Stephen King's it or the body or numerous some some people even say a dream catcher because of the flashback scenes but I'm going to not include those books I'm not going to include the girl next door' by Jack Ketchum either I'm gonna try and give you guys options that are not the most popular one of them I know for a fact that it's probably on everybody's list not everybody but it's going to be on quite a few people's list but I I can't help but to include it now the the inspiration for today's post is a fight we're finally getting if there's other ones available I do not know I haven't read them I have a minute we'll find them but we're finally getting a coming of age about a group of girls called the dead girls club by Damien Angelica Walters I'm super excited about that one it's coming out in December 10th and hardcover ebook audiobook I think all that I got an AR C from net galley and the publisher so I'm gonna be getting to that well before December I'm super excited about it I'll probably be getting to it maybe maybe as soon as next week who knows how long it'll take me to read it because I think it's like four nights on my pages but I'm definitely going to be getting to it soon let's go ahead and jump into it the first one I these aren't really in any kind of order and now looking at it I know at least two of these are gonna probably be on a whole lot of people's list but I know one of them is gonna come out of left field gonna come out of nowhere I got a bug flying around here is just a moth I think but the first one is boys life right by Robert McCammon this is this is an easy pick of course it's one of the it's one of the best coming-of-age novel because it's just a fantastic novel overall and if you haven't read it I highly highly recommend you do there are the complaints that I do here when I when I do hear complaint is usually sometimes that they complain about it being overwritten for what it is I don't agree with that I think it's very spares for what it is maybe not as fierce as or stark or succinct as a Jack Ketchum kind of novel or one or two the other ones on this list but it is I don't think it's overly wordy especially not compared to some of his other stuff like uh trespassing which I just finished is definitely nowhere near as wordy is that one but this one is a fantastic novel about a little boy growing up in Zephyr Alabama I think I'm pretty sure the Zephyr is a hundred percent Nick make believe that it's a fictional town you know like Dairy Dairy main and Council Rock and all that stuff but a boy's life is on here it's it just be it's just a saga feel of it there's there's so much life crammed into this one story and so much goes on and one of the coolest coolest parts of it is the alligator the alligator and the wasp there's a lot of stuff in here that you that as a boy I ran into myself now I didn't run into alligators but everybody has a story around their hometown about the monster in the water or the monster in the woods kind of thing and what McCammon did for Zephyr was create that monster in the water and I really really enjoyed that aspect of it I let's go with the other obvious one I almost dropped books all over the place a summer of night by Dan Simmons you can see this is a fantastic cover unfortunately I don't have a really good version of it and the version that's available now has a really ugly boring cover it's like just foggy kind of like a foggy night foggy morning kind of deal but this one's pretty cool it has the die cut I don't know but it's the cut hole in it and then you got this gorgeous bit yeah it's very very nice I'd love to if there is a come on focus focus you gonna focus stay focused if there is a like sign limited edition to this book I'd love to get my hands on a copy because there's so many especially like the rendering truck the roadkill truck sorry my nose Edition I would love to see pictures of all all of that stuff especially like the the school and whatnot this also has one of the most surprising character deaths ever that I have ever come across this and song Akali Dan Simmons really knows how to kill his darlings now that that term is actually used for writing you know getting rid of your fancy language or whatever or sections that you really really like but he gets rid of very popular characters and he's that he was he's long been an inspiration from my own work because of that if you've ever read any of my work you'll know that nobody is safe as the same way in a Dan Simmons novel next up maybe on quite a few lists also but less so than the other two is the traveling vampire show by Richard layman this in my opinion is laymen's best novel it's his most mature what work and that's saying something because the book is still very very immature but I think there's a lot of theme he played with seem and that kind of thing was with the book and the ending especially is fantastic it comes out of nowhere you're thinking okay well this is just gonna be your typical you know layman Gore porn fest here at the end and then you get to the very last couple pages and you're like holy wait well what what layman didn't do too many twist endings um and if he did they were either phoned in or they were so off the wall as to be considered cheats you know just fixing something there at the end with either uh well he ran to use a supernatural but fixing something with the most outlandish possibly possible conclusion this one is outlandish but I find it exceedingly awesome what he did there at the end it just it comes out of nowhere and it fits somatically with the rest of the book next up is one of my personal favorites that has somehow which stood the test of time if you're a fan of the channel you know how I feel about this author nowadays in fact we're doing the whole series on his stuff as I go back and reread through his stuff but the voice of the night by Dean Koontz this is one of the first coming of age' novels I ever read that I actually you know sat down and read yeah I had seen stand by me which is based on the body by Stephen King and Goonies and all that stuff I had seen those movies but I had never actually read one until I read this one oddly enough I bought this because it has a train on the cover and I was a huge fan of trains when I was a kid I still am a fan of trains but I've never actually been on a train so that that's where I it's probably more along lines of you know something something I I can then not never have but something that I haven't experienced it's one of those things also my grandfather not my blood grandfather but the one that married my grandmother after my real grandfather died he his son his son Scott owned the train that was used in Back to the Future he also did all that he did several several movies because he owned his own trains he did his own stunt work he drove the trains he did all of that stuff and I thought that was pretty cool a little tidbit but I can't remember hit I guess it's is Scott Clark is the guy's name because my grandfather's name was Jim Clark I don't think that's gonna give anything away because Jim's been dead for a long time so anyways but and anybody who knows Jim hang on anybody who knows Jim my head's itching completely anybody knows Jim already knows who I am just by the look so I ain't too worried about it but yeah the voice of the night finally is one that's gonna come out of nowhere for a lot of people especially since you all know that I don't like why a I don't like a young adult I feel that the writing is usually too dumbed down or too simplistic or the themes are too heavy-handed I also don't like that it's called why a called young adult I don't believe in young adult or new adult or any of that stuff um I it's not that I believe like it's a figment of my imagination but I don't agree with labeling these things that not even so much maybe maybe middle grade is fine of course children's books are fine but middle grades even kind of float in it because with wonder wonder was a fantastic novel and it wasn't written in that dumb down way that even King Stephen King has had a problem with when he tried to do the eyes of the Dragon it came off as him writing down two people and one of the only authors that I know of I know of I know there's probably more out there people would I know of is Andrew Smith he wrote winger stand off I think is the sequel and this utter joy grasshopper jungle this was a impulse by you see how yeah I love not guilded but I love painted edges and this one kind of just called from me called to me from the from the shelves at one Barnes & Noble in Oak Hill Alabama it was sitting there and I saw the beautiful it I pulled it out and I saw this and I was like I have to have it I don't I don't care what what it uh what it's about and then oddly enough I got home and I read I read a list of the best current ye authors and they were talking about Andrew Smith I read the book over the course of like three days I blew right through it and I fell in love with it it also has LGBTQIA themes it's got all the kinds of wonderful stuff in it it is all super super brutal I enjoyed the horror aspect of it and yes it is about gigantic not grasshoppers it is about gigantic like praying mantis esque type of creatures in fact I think they actually are praying mantises that have come into human size or else they were as human beings turned into praying mantises but there's a sequel coming the book is fantastic if you have not read it you need to go out and check it out if you haven't read angry Smiths at all you need to go check out andrew smith if you if you're not too into the weird side of things then definitely pick up winger that that's a fantastic novel and that ending just utterly destroyed me there's also a thousand million something steps or it's kind of horse on the cover whatever it is but he's got a bunch of other stuff that I haven't read the only three that I have read is are this one winger and standoff but I highly recommend his stuff just because of the way he writes he he's got this almost like a male Caroline Katniss so if you enjoy Caroline kept missus writing style you're definitely going to like Andrew Smith so my challenge to you is without using Jack Ketchum's a girl next door without using Stephen King without using those ones that you hear about all the time yeah I know I did I I did boys life and that's kind of cheating but without using those ones that are used all the time what are your favorite coming-of-age novels let me know down there in the doobly-doo but until next time I have Bini yuvan you this has been another top 5 Friday I'll talk to you guys later bye bye

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  1. Aww yeah, I'm reading Boy's Life right now! I'd read Swan Song a couple of years ago and liked it enough to warrant reading another McCammon book. I ordered Gone South from Amazon after seeing your first top five favorite novels video, and while I was waiting for it to arrive I happened to find a copy of Boy's Life at Books-a-Million. It's actually pretty interesting to see the evolution of Robert McCammon's writing. I know his major in college was journalism, and that he worked for a while in the newspaper industry, writing only in his spare time. Subsequently, he wanted to pull his first few novels from print because he didn't like the writing in them. I can definitely see how he's grown as a writer since he started, because the writing in Boy's Life is markedly better than that in Swan Song. Judging by your references to Usher's Passing, I'm gonna guess that it was an earlier novel, because you seem to not like that one a lot. Still, can't wait to finish Boy's Life so I can dive into Gone South and see if that one is even better! 🙂

  2. How's the Simmons book on the spirit of General Custer? I don't remember the name of the title but I read the synopsis and it sounds good.

  3. E! I'm in the middle of Dan Simmons The Terror absolutely loving it. What other books would you recommend that have those same themes in it? Keep up the good work.

  4. The only one that I can think of that has not already been mentioned between the video and comments is The Serpent King by Jeff Zentner.

  5. Good list. Some of my favorites are Something Wicked this way Comes ,Of Foster Homes and Flies, December Park and definitely The Traveling Vampire Show. Show and Savage are my 2 favorite Laymon books.

  6. Wow E, that was great! I haven't read any of the books you mentioned yet, but after watching your video, their going on my list. I heard you mention that you just read Usher's Passing. Lydia Peever (from typicalbooks) highly recommended this book. Are you planning on doing a review of it any time soon?

  7. I have read 100 pages of Summer of Night and I loved the author's discussion about the evolution of childhood through the decades (before the novel begins), but I had to return it to the library, so I will try to pick it up again soon! I'm currently reading Boy's Life, I'm around 220 pages into it, and even though I love the writing, I'm not really connecting with the plot and the characters, but I will definitely finish it!

  8. Other than BOY'S LIFE, MIDNIGHT RAIN by James Newman, THE PAINTED BIRD by Jerzy Kosinski (though certainly not traditional COA), JEDI SUMMER by John Boden, MAPPING THE INTERIOR and MONGRELS by Stephen Graham Jones. I feel like I'm missing one and can't think right I hear WATCHERS by Koontz is pretty good COA.

  9. Would you consider The Lost by Jack Ketchum.a coming of age story? I connected much more with that than the one you memtioned.

  10. Lord of the Flies, IT, To Kill a Mockingbird, A Clockwork Orange, and Where the Red Fern Grows. I would love to throw in The Book of Joe, but this is more a second chance type novel. But, it feels like a coming of age story. so, I will mention it.

  11. Will look out for Andrew Smith.
    Great top 5.

    I'm reading a fantastic coming of age book. John Boden recommended it on his Facebook page. His wife had kept telling him to read it. When he did he loved it.
    Anyway, it's called Change Me Into Zues's Daughter. It's by Barbara Robinette Moss.
    I'm only about 100 pages in because I'm reading about four books at the moment.
    This one is a memoir, but honestly mate, it's so good. Highly recommend it.

  12. I bought Grasshopper Jungle at Barnes and Noble on impulse when it first came out too lol I definitely need to pick it up soon!
    My favorite coming of age novel would have to be Twisted by Laurie Halse Anderson

  13. I just found The Traveling Vampire Show at a bookstore in Ann Arbor after my Oncology Appointment. Looking real forward to giving it a read!

  14. What's up E? I don't know if you've already made this lists, but can you ponder upon doing a "Top five horror novels you can read in one sitting" or "Top five non horror books that feel like horror."

  15. Great Review E. My Favorite Coming Of Age Novels Are The Outsiders, Less Than Zero, Old Yeller And Fast Times At Ridgemont High ( I Know But Bealive It Or Not It Was First A Novel)

  16. I finished the Traveling Vampire Show a couple days ago and I thought it was great! I loved characters and thought they were the most likable of all his characters, most of his others are total scumbags 😂😂😂

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