Top 6 Mistakes People Make Self Publishing a Book!

self-publishing is hard and confusing but also immensely rewarding and it's kind of fun to see something that only created your head go out and print people actually reading it there's a lot of people self-publishing for all sorts of different reasons and a lot of us them are making the same mistakes so many mistakes as someone who has self published three books in the last year I kind of have a little bit of knowledge about self-publishing which I am going to give to you because information is power these are the top six mistakes that people who sell publish their book make number one not hiring a structural or general editor for me this was the biggest plus point for self-publishing is I didn't want anybody messing with the stuff and a lot of my friends have gone with traditional publishers complain day in and day out about how their editor is cutting all the good stuff out and completely ignoring their suggestions the author a lot of time doesn't agree with the stuff that the general editor is changing and we so publish you get to do whatever you want because literally you can do whatever you want that being said you really should hire a structural or general editor stuff that makes sense in your mind might not make sense to everyone else I didn't hire one per se I outsource a lot of my stuff to my blog because that's how I got started and that's where I got the idea to do a book itself I have published two comic books my third one I'm waiting for the proof right now yeah both times I send kind of the rough draft to twenty or thirty of my most avid blog readers and said like hey can you make some changes tell me what you like tell me what you don't like in fact the entire structure of my second book came from some people wanted it organized by season and I was like what that's ridiculous but since so many people had said it I organized it by seasons and that ended up being super popular so apparently I have no idea what I'm doing even if you don't agree with everything that your general or your structural editor says you should still hire one because they know stuff number two about the same you need to hire a copy editor a line editor and this is coming from someone who has the worst grammar and we're spelling I've recently discovered I don't know how to spell avocado and I've spelt it wrong and every single one of my comics and you'd be surprised by how many times I use avocado in a comic there are a lot of people who have grammar nazis i'm not one i really care but most of the three star reviews have gone on Amazon have been because my book hasn't been edited well enough outsourcing to everyone on my blog and I paid a couple family members to go through and tear apart my book and fix all of the grammar hiring an editor can be expensive there are cheaper alternatives you just get a really really look for them number three choosing not to buy a barcode or an ISBN and I get it because barcodes are 25 bucks a pop ISBNs are one for 125 10 for 250 it's expensive and if this book is just a hobby a lot of people don't feel the need to buy one but if you let Amazon or CreateSpace or the print on demand company or the vanity press that you're using sign an ISBN to your book they control some of the rights if there's a chance that your book could go like boom super popular and I mean it's a small chance but it's a chance and so if that's the case you really ought to have an ISBN I mean that's the reason you're self-publishing in the first place so you can control the rights and do it or you want you gotta have that ISBN you can buy ice beans and bar codes at wwm I identify as calm and then you can link them together it's all self explanatory it's really not that hard number four skimping on cover design I judge a book by its cover I like to say that I don't but I really do and other people judge the book by its cover to be cover is your chance to be like hey guys you should buy this this book is interesting don't mess it up you should if you if you're not a designer if you don't do art pay someone to design your book cover because I mean you can get it frist Cheeks $50 but since I was doing comic books I just went ahead and designed my own cover this was my first book I really didn't know what I was doing my second one I know maybe a little bit better I don't really know what's good or not I haven't had anybody complain about the cover create spaces the print-on-demand company that i use and they offer actually a very affordable price package you want to have someone else design your cover for you and a lot of my friends have done that number five inefficient or bad marketing promotion we knew you were self-publishing you were you're wrong everything you can't just be like hey world this is my book please buy my book it's listed on Amazon okay I tried my hardest I guess it's just not working no that night you can't do that you gotta get out there and you gotta be promoting the crap out of that book and it's awkward and I hate promotion and I think it's third but you can do it in ways that aren't awkward and aren't stupid in fact I started YouTube to promote my first book it was when I was going to do a Kickstarter campaign which ended up getting funded about $14,000 for my first comic book and I include a short 5 to 7 second clip at the end of all of my videos saying like if you like this video you should find my comic books and that's drumming up a surprising amount of sales if you're writing a book you should definitely have a blog my blog is a lot bigger than my youtube channel have been blogging for about three years now and that's still where most of my sales come from and I have something a little sidebar like hey buy my book and at the bottom of every comic that I draw I have like you can find my book on Amazon if you like this and that's a very non-invasive way to market your book you can also do guest posts for my first book I did about 30 or 40 guest posts on all sorts of other blogs it didn't rub up as many sales as I hoped but it's better than nothing especially if you don't have a thriving blog or YouTube channel you can also start writing for a big website usually paid yay and then include a link to your book in your bio you can link to your blog or YouTube channel or your book on Amazon and if you want to know how to get your book on Amazon you can check this earlier video just click somewhere in here that I did on how to self publish your book you can also send out press releases my first book is sent out about 100 press releases only five of them actually got published but that was my first time ever doing press releases so I didn't really know how to do that for my second book I sent up trend press releases and eight of those got published so I sort of got my shit together basically the best way to promote is to provide something useful for free and then at the end plug your product and so for me I write blog posts and a lot of my blog posts are like how to live in Japan or just funny musings about stuff and then at the end I will link to my my book on Amazon or I do YouTube videos and then at the end I'm like hey if you're like a book that people appreciate that and a lot of time people want to support their artists and I get a lot of messages from people that are like hey normal I'm not interested in comic books but I love your block I love your YouTube channel so I wanted to support you in about your books which Jimmy is like yay a note on promotion don't be shameless and annoying about it I know a couple people that put on Twitter on Facebook every single day like hey buy my book they're not providing anything new or useful they're just always like hey I'm tweeting a ten-time today why don't people buy my book but that's not how it works and you need to provide some sort of service otherwise you're going to lose all your followers and so if you have a blog and every single thing is like buy my book buy my book buy my book and all you're doing is spammy sites like buy my book buy my book that's that's annoying and that will turn people off your idea just be careful with your marketing and then last but not least one of the huge mistakes that all the self-published people myself included make is that they assume because the book is so published it's not a real book and I don't care what other people say if they say self-publishing is this or that self-publishing you get to keep the vast majority of the profits you get to control everything you want you get to do whatever sort of promotion you want give away the book for free or send copies to whoever you want you get all the power in this it is totally a real book you poured your heart and soul into it you are allowed to be proud yeah right the fact of the matter is these two books support my husband and I here in Japan we spend all day writing and drawing and exploring and doing the list fun stuff you say you're a real author and you have some book listed up on Amazon you're selling it when you give speeches everywhere it's a real book screw everyone so if you have any other huge mistakes that self publishers make put that in the comment section and maybe I'll do another video as always thanks for watching and if your self-publishing good luck buy self-publishing since you do it all on your own you only have yourself to blame when it all fails horribly

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  1. Why do so many you tubers say โ€œclick hereโ€ and there is nothing put into the video to click? ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™€๏ธ๐Ÿ˜

  2. my first mistake is myself saying to myself 'don't publish don't publish!! who are you to pubish!!'

  3. This was a great video! I self published my first book on 2/25/19! "AND GOD SAID" It is a book about the power of thoughts and words! We, like God have power and our words are powerful!

  4. Writer English teacher here, stuck at home awaiting surgery so for a couple of months I'll be editing $50 per 100 pages or less and will design your cover art for $100 plus give you a release to the art – your right. Email anytime.

  5. Thank you for the info your awesome! Maybe I'll send you my own book when I publish since in a way you've helped me ๐Ÿ˜˜

  6. If you are a grammar nazi and if you have experience copyediting, can you save money by editing your own manuscript (after setting it aside a bit so you can get a fresh view of it when you go back and write it)?

  7. Can i read and promote your books as practice? I am ready for the whole shabang of extras required to be an author and promote others works has been recommended. Where would i do it? Leave reviews or promote others like yourself? Thanks for the heads up. Iโ€™m ready! Iโ€™ve got one finished and at least 5 in my head waiting to be born!

  8. Thanks for the very helpful tips. What do you usually have on your book for the name of your publisher if you have self published? Do you leave it blank or say "published by (your name)?

    Do you still use CreateSpace (or Kindle Direct now after they been combined)? Do you ever use Kindle comic creator for any ebooks or are yours all hard copies?

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  10. Hello, Texan. Thanks for the sharing. By any chance do you know how can I sell my e-book without getting it shared (for free!) by other people? I mean except for Amazon KDP. I want to sell it on Instagram. I really appreciate your answer.

  11. Yay I'm so happy to see your pretty happy self! Watching your videos makes me so happy after a really long terrible day. As a fellow writer, I really appreciate all and any info you can give about your experience publishing. Please make more videos about your journey of creating and publishing your comic book.

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  13. Self publishing isnโ€™t hard just a little expensive ๐Ÿ˜Š Iโ€™m so happy I self published my first book.

  14. I appreciate this. Thank you. I like you little humor comment at the end. It actually made me laugh out loud. Again, thank you.

  15. An Emphasis on Marketing: You really need to have a good understanding of how to market a book… huge mistake if you don't! As well, if you don't send out press releases during the first 30 or so days after publication, most editors will not review your work. So, make sure you do. It's a huge mistake if you don't.

  16. But what if your a teen wanting to get a book published and you dont have the money to hire all these people. I've been wanting to get my book published for years and I dont think my parents are gonna want me or themselves hiring all these dif people for it.

  17. I have a problem. I was planning to self publish my book through CreateSpace, but apparently I can't do so without a membership and the bastards who run that site won't take any new members anymore, for some incredibly stupid reason. So what do I do now?

    Edit: Nevermind, I decided to go with Kindle Direct Publishing.

  18. I'd really like to self-publish a comic book soon. This is really the best video I've come across. I think your best advice is to go to the My Identifiers website. New subscriber here.

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