Top 5 Writers Of Indian English Literature

21 thoughts on “Top 5 Writers Of Indian English Literature

  1. Missing: God in human form – The Greatest Writer of All Time – but sadly no one knows Who He is. (Really?) – G

  2. How can they even consider VS Naipaul part of the Indian literary canon? He is British-Trinidadian, with ancestral roots to India. And that's about all of his Indian connection.

  3. Its accents like these that is the primary reason why the Indian BPO business is dying.

  4. This woman needs to understand the difference between the french and english pronunciation of Renaissance.
    Also, Salman Rushdie is indisputably number one in Indian English writings. Someone who has read any of his books will know the genius that goes into work in each of his books. The person involved in compiling this list is either biased or just naive.

  5. From your singsong accent the speaker must have got her accent from her Ayah who grew up in a Christian household. This accent does not belong to the Old Christian community in Bombay or Calcutta of the 50s,60s and 70s. It also betrays a complete disconnect from the Indian Christian Community: The uploader has also ignored Riskin Bond.

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