49 thoughts on “TOP 5 WRITER ESSENTIALS

  1. I've never thought of making a book bible! I always try and write key information in a notebook I have with my core ideas and points in the story but it becomes so clustered and messy and there is certain characters I don't feel are important enough or developed enough to include… I just get stuck and flustered a lot! And FINALLY a solution!

  2. I cannot wait to see your video on how to make the encyclopedia! I actually have a folder in my Scrivener that is marked 2019 Writing scraps and Notes for ideas. I have them for past years too. I also have a digital bullet journal on my phone to keep notes and ideas on the go.

  3. hope you make that video on the book bible. be really helpful and awesome to have a detailed video on that!!

  4. When ever I’m working on a series I have sort of like a book bible but I call it my info book and it just helps me keep continuity with in the series at that moment

  5. i haven’t watched you in a few years, but i saw you in my subscription box and thought why not!! now you’ve inspired me to sit down and write again and even delve into the reading world as i haven’t for a few weeks (as you put it in your why longer series are better, im in book hangover mood after finishing the Crank series)

  6. just as an autistic person I want the emotion thesaurus!!!! but as a writer I really really want it!!

  7. my book bible is a folder filled with paper that i scribbled on. XD though i did fill out character sheets.

  8. Please, PLEASE can you do a video explaining how you create an encyclopedia for a book? It would really be a huge help to many of us. 🙂

  9. Please ake more videos like this! I would especially love one about the book encyclopedia! I love your videos so muck <33

  10. can i ask you something do you ever go to write and get anxious your going to fail i do all the time lately and i cant get out of it do you have any tips or tricks xx

  11. Omg, thank you so so much. Now I know what I want/need for Christmas! I love your channel and you overall. Hopefully one day you’ll be doing a review for my book. 💕

  12. That moment when you're thinking, "Sooo…what do you do if you don't drink coffee, tea, OR wine?" Lol. Btw, Sasha, I'd LOVE to see a book encyclopedia video!!

  13. does anyone know a good website where I can buy books online? , thanks for the advise Sasha, I can wait to put my hands on the thesaurus one.

  14. Please do another video about this!!! Please talk about the editing process and other things that can help with writers block!!!! Thanks Sasha 👍🏼

  15. More more more! And book encyclopedia please! I’m here for all this info you’re sharing! ❤️❤️

  16. Thank you for this! I would love a video on the book encyclopedia as well as any other writing-related videos!

  17. That emotion thesaurus sounds like everything I have ever needed.

    I love my Book bible. For this project I'm working out of a bullet journal (I have a thing for longhand), but I'm thinking about doing something similar, but rearrangeable for my next one. Maybe a traveler's notebook. I don't know.

  18. this was really helpful! i've always loved writing even though i don't usually do it but i really want to get more into it and i think using this essentials would help!

  19. 1. Coffee
    2.sweedish fish or 3 musketeers
    3. An outline of my book (rough plot ideas )
    4. Family tree of characters (depends on if I’m planning to have a sequel or not).
    5. I like to make a playlist for songs that fit the story I’m writing.

  20. The videos you make now are not all that. You don’t have quality content anymore. You seem fake insincere and annoying. Just stop making lame videos I’m so disappointed in your channel. Glad I unsubscribed.

  21. I think having a book that you like next to you could go both ways. It could also make you feel “my book will never be as good as this book”
    At least that’s how i would feel cause I’m not that confident when it comes to my writing😅

  22. thank you so much for this video!! It was so helpful!! I love all your videos but your writing videos are my absolute favorite, you are a huge inspiration to me!!!!

  23. Oh I lost one of my notebooks with over fifty pages of information for my book when I was 13, I was absolutely devastated! Still working on that same idea. Will definitely check out the emotional thesaurus.

  24. For me, the best tool as a writer is silence. A quiet space gives me a better way to write and focus. I do write in hectic environments but ir's not the same thing. :/

  25. Such a useful video!! I am a first year studying creative writing and I think I'll have to share this with others as it's so useful to know!!

  26. for some reason American handwriting looks so different than the handwriting of the Germans I know (and I know many, being German myself lol).. it's not just yours, it's my cousins, other online people's etc. 😀 they all look very similar yet so different from handwriting over here

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