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hey guys welcome to my top five upcoming visual novels I recently did a video listing my top 10 upcoming game releases this year however I wanted to do something similar for one of my favorite genres the visual novel the thing with visual novels though is that many VN publishers avoid announcing specific dates until very close to release so a video talking about those coming out in just 2019 would be a bit more difficult as such I will be listing my top 5 upcoming visual novels that have an english-language version in production regardless of its potential release date in making this list I referenced VND B for upcoming english-language releases also do know that this list is in no particular order and with that out of the way let's get started with the first game Angel Beats Angel Beats was one of the very first anime that I ever watched and has always been one of my high rated ones so a visual novel adaptation that further explores the different characters and such is right up my alley the story is already set up in a way to allow for such an adaptation it is just a matter of adapting and expanding on it properly fortunately this adaptation was developed by ki the same visual novel studio that brought us classics like Little Busters and clone odd so I have high hopes however the game is kind of stuck in a limbo an english-language version was confirmed and was even revealed to be about 50% complete but the last update we have heard was almost three years ago regardless I still hold out hope for an eventual release hopefully one as polished as Keys previous works this next one has actually already made an appearance in my top 10 upcoming games of 2019 but it also deserves a place in this video and that is senran banca just a few months ago I played my first yuzu soft game localized by neck onion sabot of the witch and I was rather impressed with its quality the game had some great artwork an interesting storyline and a bunch of configuration options and such that really made it feel like a proper modern visual novel as such I have high hopes for yuzu soft Senran bonk as it was released after Sabbath of the which in Japan and was also positively received there it may not be a pure love story like sabot of the witch but I'm definitely interested in seeing how you zoo staff makes use of a more fantasy setting neck onion has been on top of getting vient announced and released in a timely manner so I would likely be reviewing this one later this year and now on to the next game Boulder's sky I will admit that I know little about the Balder series I do know that it is a sort of Mecca mystery hybrid story but outside of that all I know is that both ball their sky games have very high ratings on V and DB in fact Baldr skydive 2 is the fifth highest rated visual novel on the site this puts it above some of my favorite V ends Little Busters and dangan ronpa 2 specifically so on top of the genres being right up my alley I'm very interested in seeing just what everyone sees in these two games sekai project did announce this project quite some time ago but we finally got an update a couple weeks back at the time of writing sekai project has d translation and editing at 70% so we may even see a release this year again this is just me being optimistic as this is sekai project but there is at least some hope next up we have boku 10 why I became an angel I have had my eye on boku 10 for quite some time always watching and never make any progress on manga gamers status updates the game is basically about a depressed lonely MC who comes across an angel that wants him to see the world differently as such it takes a very depressing approach to the romance genre in fact the game is even classified as a nude sugan which literally means depressing game I am all for a visual novel that can tell a good yet depressing story which is exactly what boku 10 is trying to do fortunately the game has received a lot of status updates over the past couple months and is now currently sitting in scripting one of the last phases until release again this is another visual novel but I will definitely be reviewing upon its release all right so I started this list with the game from key and I will be ending it with another one this time it is four keys critically-acclaimed rewrite he has continuously set the bar for what to expect from a good romance drama visual novel so I'm hoping that they do it once more with rewrite the game already has a fan translation but I've been holding out for an official release the official release carries the added bonus of being based on the Plus version of the game which includes a number of improvements not seen in the base game the localization was announced a while back and seemed to be dead until a couple weeks ago when an update appeared on Sakai project status tracker putting the game at 35% translated considering Sakai space it probably won't come out for another two years but I am definitely looking forward to it regardless just looking at all the reviews that already exist for the game have set my expectations pretty high and that's the end of my list I'm looking forward to more than just these five but these five are definitely my most anticipated hopefully 2019 can provide us with even more surprise announcements enough so that I can justify making another one of these videos anyways thanks for watching and do subscribe if you want to see my reviews for any of these 5-v ends once they are released

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  1. Dude, you seem to have the same tastes as me, let me tell you, you WILL enjoy Rewrite, that's for sure. Just be sure not to get too hyped for its version of Refrain/AS, as it is not that good.
    But you need to check out Umineko man, you have no idea what you're missing out on (assuming you haven't played it)

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