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hi guys I'm manpreet and I make book related videos
on this channel today's video is about my top thriller so far now I would say
that haven't read a lot of thrillers I have gotten into the mood of reading
thrillers just this year and I have read a couple of them so far and I'm going to
present you with five top thrillers so far I have read haven't read many repeating
it again but these are the ones from the ones I have read okay
I don't want to be bitchy but when I see a lot of thriller recommendations they are
mostly not really thrillers or the same on the entire booktube which have been watching this like a week at almost books are same so I am fully hoping my
books a bit different or like you know according to you they are a bit
different kind of thrillers which are included although they're very popular
so let's get start with it without blabbering any further
book number one gone girl by Gillian Flynn now I have again forgotten whether it's
Gillian or giving but in my next video I'll clarify it again I clarified it in
some of my old videos as well but yes it takes a little bit of time to get into
this book into the psychological thriller but when you are into this book
you are going to love it a lot of people who talk to me about gone girl like
we started leaving it I couldn't find it good but that is because it takes time
to get into this book but you should definitely pick it up definitely read
it it's an amazing book like you will be like baffled by how the characters are
you know this woman oh my god so the book is about this woman who goes
missing and husband is almost always the culprit but this book you have to read
it and know how amazing in like how unthinkable it is and if you have
watched to movie I mean you just lost a great book like I would not ask you to
go back and read the book because there will be no thrill in it but don't stop
watching movies first okay so obviously Frodo had to move the
camera but the book number two in my top thriller so far is the girl on the train by the paula hawkins now I have done of full one our discussion about this book
with you guys and I absolutely loved it it's a classic case of unreliable
storytelling and it's so good so baffling and it's just so amazing like I
felt like this book had so many lessons about relationships and you know human
lives I do not think there are many books which teach me so much but somehow
I got a lot of terms of lessons from this book and I absolutely loved it for
that and obviously it's a best-seller like everybody's crazy about it the
author is one of the most only like the richest or the ones who have earned the
most amount of money in the last year and it's because this book is just
seriously awesome I haven't watched the movie yet but the book is so so so
awesome go read the book and if you have watch the movie you like another good you
again missed a great book stop watching movies first okay please
number three book I think I heard from me already about this book and that is ice
princes by camilla lackberg and there is this thing about can deviate authors
they are just like I have read about them and this is said that they are like
the best people who write crime thrillers and they're thrillers are like
awesome and I would totally agree camera delicately I read the ice princes
and I was like enchanted I could not stop talking about it I could not stop
thinking about it I could not just you know get her out of my mind because the
book was so good there are more books by camilla lackberg that follow the same main
characters but I haven't read them yet do not blame me or do not think that I
don't want to read them but the thing is the paperbacks I have …i have one paperbacks and the font is so small I cannot read it but but but if you haven't read the ice princess you cannot even think that you have read in a amazing thriller like
it's an amazing crime thriller which gives you the chills
I just cannot explain it in a better way it's awesome you go and read it let me know
movie it I think so so just go and read it now number 4
book is technically something which should not be in this review
because I have not finished reading it yet I mean not many times it has
happened with me that I love the book initially but then aside by Stephen King
I am in a love and hate relationship it something i feel like it's too big and
you know so bad but something like oh my god the depth is awesome so it's a
love-hate relationship it's like it has started giving me that kind of horror
creepiness chills and all that stuff and I am totally amazed like the point where
I thought that you know it's caring like to stretchy that moment was when I started
getting that creepiness and it was awesome it was awesome I have watched
the movie as well it but movie is obviously one part but I would
definitely recommend you to read the book because if you like writing and if
you like everything this is the kind of book which will teach you a lot this is
a kind of book which will be like holy grail for you yes
so do read it and number five book is the four patriots by Sumit agarwal now
this is a book by an Indian author and you would notice that this book should
have been in my favorite book so far video but it was not but when I think
about thrillers and I was think about the diversity of thrillers and like a
contemporary thriller is a good one in the list and I love this book particularly
because of how every chapter starts every chapter starts like a thriller and
I know a lot of people do notice that but I know it notice that and I felt
that it was a very clever thing that the author did it and it was a very well
done thing now I do have my complaints about this book now I don't feel like
you know the book is more being promoted as a book that it's about social causes
or something like that I feel like that if I see the book from that perspective
it didn't really work for me in that way but if I just see it as a thriller about
Indians thriller I would say it's a really good book so
that's what I think about it yes guys
these are my top 5 thriller so far I promise I'm gonna read many more thrillers in the next
year and come up with another video like this let me just complete ten more
thriller and I'll make another video if I have five favorites so can we do that
do comment on below which are the thrillers you think are your favorites
and I must read or you're like you know I mean you were reading this thriller but
I don't know if it's good enough comment down below
I'll read it for you and I will tell you whether it's good enough to be bought or
not if you trust me of course if you don't trust me you can just hit a thumbs
up in the or the whole video you want the whole video you should hit the
thumbs up there are people who would like hit thumbs down because you watch the whole video but
anyway if you like this video do comment down below and keep commenting
about what kind of videos you want from me hope you liked it and I'll be coming
with more recommendations videos like this obviously thank you for watching
this video this manpreet signing off I'll go back with another video very soon

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  1. Woah those posters behind are incredible. I was looking at them throughout the video. And is that Benedict cumberbatch? Can you please tell me where did you bought it from

  2. Not cool. I was watching this video with my son while breast feeding and that image popped up. And he screamed. Will not be watching your videos again

  3. hello ma'am. The video and the books recommendations were brilliant . and as you must already be knowing that the joker picture scared the hell out of me.
    I've only recently started enjoying psychotic thrillers but will have to confess that i've watched the movie gone girl . would it be nice to read the book now ?
    And anybody else who has done this,would you recommend me to do so?

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