Top 5 Scary Books That Should Be Turned Into Horror Movies

It’s been proven countless times that adapting
horror novels make for horrifying movies. Think, The Shining, Amityville Horror, A Clockwork
Orange, all incredibly scary books that made for even better films. But, have you ever wondered what horror novels
are out there that could potentially be adapted for the big screen? Or at least should be given a chance? Well, today on Top 5 Scary Videos, I’m going
to be counting down our list of the Top 5 Scary Books That Should Be Turned Into Horror
Movies. Before we begin, be sure to stick around until
the end of the video where I’ll be responding to some of your comments. Let’s jump in. 5 A Head Full of Ghosts – Paul Tremblay
Published in 2015, A Head Full of Ghosts is a horror novel that involves an American family
under strain when their fourteen-year-old daughter Marjorie, exhibits signs of mental
illness — with the story being told from the point of view of Majorie’s eight-year-old
sister Merry. Now, we learn quite quickly that it is not
mental illness but is instead a demonic possession — well, we think anyway. With the family short on money, they agree
to let a film crew into their home to shoot a reality show called The Possession about
Majorie and her upcoming exorcism. However, the show does nothing but tear the
family further apart, and during this time, Majorie drops a bombshell on her sister Merry,
that turns everything on its head. 15 years after the events, Merry recounts
her tale in an interview, and dark secrets surface, secrets that are absolutely terrifying. Any horror told through the eyes of a young
child is haunting — add possession into the mix, and a forced reality show, well, now
we have all the elements for a perfect horror novel. Now, unlike the rest of our number, Focus
Features has optioned the rights to A Head Full of Ghosts, so here’s hoping we see
this story come to life on the big screen very, very soon. 4 The Fisherman – John Langan
First published in 2016, The Fisherman takes place in Upstate New York, in the woods around
Woodstock, where Dutchman’s creek flows out of the Ashokan Reservoir, offering the
promise of fine fishing, and of something more, something far too absurd to be true. When Abe and Dan becomes fast friends after
discovering their shared passion for fishing, they begin to hear rumours of the creek, and
what might be found there. They find themselves drawn into the tale,
and head toward Dutchman’s creek, where long-buried secrets, and a mysterious figure
known as Der Fisher is said to remain. Now, The Fisherman is one of the best horror
novels, of now just 2016, but the last decade. Now, sadly this book will likely not be turned
into a movie, simply because John Langan took full advantage of the freedom of writing — with
the narrative being wrapped in a narrative, filled to the brim with giant monsters and
dark magic. Resembling the work of HP Lovecraft, specifically
At the Mountains of Madness, which would be surprisingly easier to shoot, and that’s
saying a lot. Now, The Fisherman, though filled with horrifying
elements, is about loss itself, and two men struggling to deal with their issues of loss,
and learning to carry on in the face of insurmountable grief. The Fisherman is a cosmic horror, unlike anything
that has been penned before — with its mind-bending and heartbreaking tale of love, loss, and
boundless horrors. Making it the perfect addition to any horror
lovers bookshelf. However, like I said, it’s a comic horror,
and at times even more intense than the works of HP Lovecraft. With the right director, and all the money
in the world, perhaps one day it will be brought to life — I have my doubts though. 3 Haunted – Chuck Palahniuk
From the off, I should say that I read this novel when I was way, way too young, and I
do not recommend, because some of the chapters, and short stories in this book will linger
in your mind for quite some time. One story in particular I have never forgotten. You have been warned. First published in 2005, Haunted has a plot
that has a frame story for a series of 23 short stories, most preceded by a free verse
poem. With each story being followed by a chapter
of the main narrative. Yeah, it’s confusing, and perhaps why the
book has never been turned into a movie, but I still have hope. Anyway, the main story centers on a group
of seventeen people who have decided to participate in a writers’ retreat after seeing it posted
on a bulletin board of a cafe in Oregon. Now, I won’t spoil this book for you, that
would just be rude. However, I will say, after some things go
down, the 17 individuals become trapped in the home — and in turn begin to believe that
an increase in their suffering will provide better stories for when they’re eventually
rescued. So, without the gory details, some of the
characters begin to engage in self-mutilation and cannibalism, all for a more interesting
story. Haunted is a novel that explores how far some
people will go for their art, and the suffering from isolation. Now, it’s no surprise this novel has not
been turned into a movie, the description alone is enough to make some people cringe,
but I still have hope that one day, the likes of Eli Roth will nab the rights and bring
something wonderfully gory to the big screen. 2 The Troop – Nick Cutter
The Troop is perhaps one of my favorite horror novels of all time, and that’s a bold statement,
especially coming from me. But it’s the truth. Published in 2014, this horror novel follows
Scoutmaster Tim Riggs, and his troop of boys, who once a year heading into the Canadian
wilderness for a three-day camping trip — a comfortable reliable tradition that, of course,
makes for a perfect horror story. On the first night of their trip, an unexpected
intruder stumbles into their camp. He’s shockingly thin, pale, and worse, voraciously
hungry — in turn exposing Tim and the boys to something far more terrifying than any
ghost story. A bioengineered nightmare. A nightmare that spreads through the camp
faster than fear itself. Now, I will not ruin this book for you, because,
like I said, this is one of my favorite horror books of all time. All you need to know is that the camp intruder
— the human carrier of this virus, unleashes something truly disturbing onto the camp,
something will haunt my nightmares for years to come. It’s disturbingly visceral, at times, painfully
descriptive, and terribly sad all at the same time. It shows us the extremes young boys will go
when met by something beyond any of their comprehensions. Now, if you don’t want to take my word for
it, the book even comes with Stephen King’s stamp of approval, I quote, “The Troop scared
the hell out of me, and I couldn’t put it down.” In the acknowledgements of the book, Cutter
even credits King’s novel, Carrie, as an inspiration for the structure of his book. So, you know you’re in for a horrifying
treat from the get-go. And, what makes it one of the greatest of
its time — it will never, ever be predictable, and deserves to be made into a horror flick
that we can experience visually. 1 Wylding Hall – Elizabeth Hand
Published in 2015, Wylding Hall is a terrifying horror that follows a British acid-folk band
that hole themselves up in Wylding Hall, an ancient country home with incredibly dark
secrets. It is in this terrifying English estate that
the band create their album that will garner them all the success, but at what cost? Julian Blake, the lead singer of the band,
disappears from within the mansion and is never seen or heard from again. So, years later, the surviving members of
the group, as well as a psychic, a photographer, and the band’s manager — meet a young documentary
filmmaker in order to tell their own versions of what went down in Wylding Hall, and, what
really happened to Julian Blake. Of course, through the process of filming,
dark secrets emerge about each member and their loved ones — making you questions all
of the characters you thought you could trust. Now, although this story may resemble the
comfortably familiar haunted house story, that is not the case. The book is framed as a set of interviews,
something drastically unique to the classic haunted house structure. However, the interviews don’t go as expected. What we expect is differing events — unique
versions from the different band members. But, that is not the case. Each interview remains unswervingly consistent,
with each person describing a ghostly young woman who was lured into the open by Julian’s
performance of a haunting folk song. Now, there are of course some gothic trappings
— secret passageways, icy sensations, and constant uneasiness all housed within a crumbling
estate. This book is truly terrifying, take my word
for it. And, seeing it on the big screen would quite
easily rival the fear I felt in The Woman in Black, and the horrifying horror show,
The Haunting of Hill House. Well, there we have it! Do you guys agree with our list? Were there any scary books that we missed? Leave us all your thoughts and feelings in
the comments down below and perhaps we can do a part 2. Before I go though, I just want to respond
to a few comments from one of our last videos, Top 5 Scary Kentucky Urban Legends. Frightmare Productions said “As a Kentucky
native, this state is stranger than fiction. You are amazing as usual. Much love.” — Well thank you! I agree, some of the research for that list
was truly terrifying. I would love a folklore film all about Kentucky. It’s the horror movie we deserve. Eric McIntyre said “This video comes out
as I am getting ready to move from California to Louisville Kentucky.” — Oh, Eric. I am so, SO sorry. Just keep your wits about you. Tony Vander Heyden said “I truly enjoy listening
to these urban legend videos. I always find them informative, useful, and
entertaining. So thank you very much Lucy.” — You’re very welcome Tony. I thoroughly enjoy research the Urban Legends
videos, so I’m glad you’re enjoying them. Rhobert The Celt said “Lucy seems like someone
I’d love handing out with.” — Mehhhh. And on that note, if you haven’t already,
be sure to give this video a big thumbs up, subscribe, and turn on notifications so you
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100 thoughts on “Top 5 Scary Books That Should Be Turned Into Horror Movies

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  2. The Great God Pan I always thought would make a good horror movie, and kind of surprised a movie wasn't made of it back in the B&W horror movie days.

  3. LOVED The Fisherman. Thought Head Full of Ghosts was just OK. (Without it's gut-punch of an ending I'd actually argue that this one was pretty mediocre.) Hate Chuck's writing style in general, The Haunted was no exception. Thought The Troop was exceptionally excellent! Having read Wylding Hall, but it sounds pretty neat, right up my alley actually. Out of all of these though, I think The Troop most deserves to be created as a film.

  4. RED SKY by Nate Southard
    CHILLS by Mary SanGiovanni
    THE JERSEY DEVIL by Hunter Shea
    PRETTY MARYS ALL IN A ROW by Gwendolyn Kiste
    THE SPECIMEN by Pete Kahle

  5. Hmm the troop huh? ima have ta read that en lol Hey Lucy great video thanx gurl, all these were very intrestin and yea ur right a few of these would make some badass movies 😏 im actually workin on a werewolf book myself that i hope gets published n made into a movie, i gotta few horror books in mind but my werewolf book is called Black Mountain Madness hopefully soon ill get it done n published and u guys can check it out 👍 hope yall have a great weekend hun. Mmfwcl 🃏

  6. Have not read The Fisherman, now I need to, you have already sold it to me, I'll let you know what I think after I read it.

  7. Dear Lucy, one book which I am still hoping for it to be made into a film is Bentley Little's The Summoning. Very interesting vampire horror novel…

  8. Have you ever read The Monster series, first book is called Monster Island, it's a wonderful twist on the Zombie genre, same writer, can't remember his name also wrote the Laura Caxton novels , another twist on a classic monster, the vampire, first book was called 13 Bullets.

  9. They announced recently that The Troop is going to be a movie 🙂 I believe James Wan is part of the team to bring it to the screen

  10. Hey guys, you’re all awesome!! Have you ever thought of a top five final girls( or guys) that you wished died or top five witches that you wish have their own movies?

  11. I would like to see
    Sperm Jackers from Hell – Christine Morgan

    65 Stirrup Iron Road – Various authors.

    Crabs the human sacrifice – Guy N Smith

  12. Lucy I loved this video….. What about "The divine comedy of Dante's inferno " I would love to see that in a movie !!!!!! Please read this on your next video please 🙏🙏🙏

  13. I’d LOVE to see a visual adaptation of Alexander Gordon Smith’s Escape from Furnace series. Mainly due to how it’s a dark take on juvenile prison with how descriptive and haunting the story’s mystery unfolds. Honestly it never fails to send chills up my spine

  14. Some more to look into:
    By: Thomas Olde Heuvelt

    Kill Creek
    By: Scott Thomas

    Black Mad Wheel
    By: Josh Malerman

    Love watching y’all.

  15. A suggestion i have for a great horror movie from a book is Robert R. McCammon's 1981 book ( Republished in 1991) They Thirst. This is one amazong story of vampires out to dominate the world, first by taking over Los Angeles, it is a thrilling book from first page to last and would make a great horror movie especially if they go by the book word for word; and not change anything to make it lose its chillingness.

  16. DANTE'S INFERNO!! nuff said don't know why it.s not been made into a movie & as usual can't wait till ya.ll do TOP 5 DANTE'S INFERNO TORTURES!! 👹😈

  17. Ancestor by Scott Sigler hits all the buttons. Unethical business pratices, crazy scientists, bioengineered "safe" animals that are anything but(supposed to be prey but end up predator), secluded locations and a touch of humor.

    Actually any of his novels would be awesome to see but that one would be the best imo.

  18. The Cleanup,The Light At The End, Deadlines by John Skipp and Craig Spector, any of the Special X books by Michael Slade, especially Ghoul and Survivor by J F Gonzalez. Any of these books would make amazing movies!

  19. You should check out "Cain", by James Byron Huggins. A blend of horror, scifi, and religious connotations. I've read it several times over the years and still find it to be an excellent movie adaptable book!

  20. Have you done a top 5 movies of an apocalyptic outbreak that we never really see? Like 10 Cloverfield Lane or It comes at Night. Like there's an outbreak of something but we as viewers never get a true answer if it was an outbreak or paranoia.

  21. The author Richard Laymon has written many horror novels.
    The Cellar, One rainy night, Body Rides and the Stake are just some of his books that should be made into films

  22. I so glad I watched this cause I've been looking for the name of the one novel I read when i was young and now I know it thanks Lucy 💚💙 ( Haunted ) again ur amazing Lucy

  23. I love your videos! Everyone on the channel is so honest and authentic about their opinions and everybody seems so humble! You guys can see the truth in quality no matter what a critic says about a book, film, game, etc. I really appreciate the great taste and quality you all share with us!

  24. Since The Handmaid's Tale became a hit, I'd recommend Not Wanted on the Voyage by Timothy Findley, the 2nd scariest
    fiction book I've ever read. Findely's work are wonderful horror novels that no one thinks are horror novels. I doubt it would though as it'd rankle too many fundamentalists. Can Con southern Ontario gothic The Last of the Crazy People might be another work of his but it'd be a slow burn. Headhunter is nice post-apocalyptic dystopia and Pilgrim would make a good reality bending cross time period piece. There, I earned my Can Lit credits. Next week join me to commiserate the obligatory 'Boy growing up in Saskatoon during the Dirty Thirties' novel every Canadian author is forced to write at some point.

  25. “Invisible Monsters” by Chuck Palahniuk should also be turned into a movie. It was turned into a Panic! at the Disco song, why not a movie?

  26. I LOVE The Troop! I worked in a bookstore and I got to read it before it came out! I had been thinking about it for years and I finally bought it and reread it this year!

  27. House on cold hill is a very chilling ghost story I lost count of how many times I was looking over my shoulder definitely recommended.

  28. Okay Haunted… I DEFINITELY think this novel should be a movie. If the adaption from the pages to the big screen is done poetically and creatively. Especially if it's 25 short poems and stories.

  29. Richard Layman’s novels would make great movies. They sometimes feature monsters but usually show how humans are actual monsters. I miss him. He and Stephen King were my go-to’s in high school.

  30. For a part 2 list:
    The Thief of Always by Clive Barker, where children get whisked away to a magical place where seasons change everyday and the kids can have fun and do whatever they want, or so it seems. The place holds a sinister motive.
    Dragon Tears by Dean Koontz, similar to Stephen King's It, where a group of strangers find each other and band together against a man who harasses and scares them for fun by the ability to astral project himself into created golem like beings.

  31. Wylding Hall reminds me of the stories bands and people have told about my favorite house here in Hollywood call the Paramour, which I have stayed at and had one of the most terrifying experiences of my life in

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