Top 5 Most Terrifying Gods In Literature – Part 2

Literature is the perfect vehicle for some
of the most existentially terrifying beings ever conceived to take hold of your mind and
live rent free in your head long after you put the book down. From all-powerful human-shaped deities who
could end everything we’ve ever known with a snap of their fingers, to more abstract
mind-bending beings that we could never hope to understand, the written word has provided
us with enough nightmare fuel to last many lifetimes. Now that I’ve talked up these oft-omnipotent
entities, let’s find out how scary they really are. Hello horror heads, hope you’re well, and
welcome back to the scariest channel on YouTube: Top5ScaryVideos. My name is Keegan Hughes, and I hope you’ll
welcome me as your newest horror host. Today we’re going to run down a new bevy
of infinitely powerful incarnations, it’s time for the Top 5 Most Terrifying Gods in
Literature, Part 2. Jack has done such a good job with this in
the past, I feel like it’s gonna be hard to live up to his legacy, but I’ll do my
best. Like last time, we are not including any H.P. Lovecraft or Stephen King on this list, as
we have plenty of other lists featuring exclusively their work. You all had so much to say last time we did
this list, so please keep the conversation going in the comment section. Before we start make sure to give this video
a thumbs up, and subscribe to ensure you never miss a scary video. Let’s get started. NUMBER FIVE: THE OTHER MOTHER – NEIL GAIMAN’S
CORALINE I might turn some heads for bringing this
one up, but I will defend my choice with great fortitude! You might argue that The Other Mother is not
a God, but I say: she created her own world from scratch, and ensured that every element
was to Coraline’s liking! What is a God if it is not creating or destroying
worlds? Sure, she can only copy and warp what already
exists in the real world, but she does quite a lot with that power alone. You might also say that The Other Mother couldn’t
stand toe-to-toe with other Gods on this and other lists, but nowhere in the title does
it say “most powerful Gods in literature.” We’re not looking at exclusively combat
prowess or destructive power – although those are definitely factors. I’m going for the spook factor on this one. Sewing buttons into your eyes and abandoning
the world you have known your whole life in favour of a mirror world is a scary proposition! Plus, when a person who looks just like your
mother turns into a giant needle-equipped spider who wants to trap you forever, you’re
gonna get scared. A lot of other scary Gods just don’t have
that personal touch while ruining everything you’ve ever loved. It’s the thought that counts. NUMBER FOUR: DESIRE – NEIL GAIMAN’S THE SANDMAN “A strong feeling of wanting to have something
or wishing for something to happen,” Desire is the anthropomorphic personification of
its name. It is quite possibly the most destructive
human emotion, because it can be so easily warped and manipulated. Desire can lead people to commit heinous acts
at the drop of a hat, and often it is never fulfilled in a way that is satisfying. There are so many things that can go wrong
once one begins to desire, or covet. “Where I touch, things want and need and love
– drawn to their objects of desire like butterflies to a candle flame.” Despair can take the form of a gorgeous, gender-mutable
figure who can change form to fit whatever situation it finds itself in. It’s always the pretty ones that cause trouble. Desire is described as being of medium height,
smelling a bit like peaches. It’s smiles are brief and sharp, its skin
is “pale as smoke,” and its eyes are “tawny and sharp as yellow wine.” It has two shadows, one black and sharp, the
other translucent and wavering. Within the Sandman mythos, Desire is the most
casually cruel of The Endless. Forever meddling in the affairs of its siblings,
it constantly acts without considering the consequences of its actions. Much meddling results in dire consequences,
and at many points these consequences have almost world-shattering results. This flippant behaviour from one graced with
the powers of The Endless is hugely horrifying, because it can cause so much to go wrong with
seemingly no meaning. Again, it’s the human touch that makes this
so scary. We discussed another one of The Endless, Despair,
in our last video and found out plenty about what makes a being like that so terrifying. However, it’s hard to imagine Despair even
existing without first the existence of Desire. It’s an interesting proposition; can one
feel despair without ever knowing what they desire? NUMBER THREE: ODIUM – BRANDON SANDERSON’S
THE STORMLIGHT ARCHIVE “I am emotion incarnate. I am the soul of the spren and of men. I am lust, joy, hatred, anger, and exultation. I am glory and I am vice. I am the very thing that makes men men.” Are you picking up on a theme yet? Human traits are scary in an omnipotent being! We can’t be trusted with that kind of power,
why should they? One of the sixteen shards, or pieces of the
power of creation, Odium is a godlike being who has already killed others on his level. Following the Shattering, an event where the
creator God was killed by sixteen people, Odium was one of the shards that came to be. After ascending, he methodically sought out
and killed four other shards: Devotion, Domination, Ambition, and Honor. A God that kills other Gods is nothing to
mess with. Some say that Odium is the wrath of a God,
destroying all that dare to defy it. This is a pretty scary notion, as anyone who
does anything outside of what Odium deems acceptable may be destroyed without a second
thought. However, how Odium describes himself could
be even more terrifying. He sees himself as Passion, a shard of emotions,
especially excessive emotions. Excessive emotions left unchecked can lead
to highly destructive results. Whole worlds obliterated in the name of passion. Countless lives ended because of a disagreement
between two individuals. There is a third, and possibly more accurate
description of Odium. Hatred. This seems to line up well with his actions,
and allows us to come closer to understanding his intent. With powerful magic like voidlight and voidbinding
at his disposal, and an army of Fused at his beck and call, we do not want Odium giving
in to passion or hatred. A whole lot could be at stake. NUMBER FOUR: DIABLO THE PRIME EVIL – DIABLO “He is the root of all fears buried deep within
mortal minds. He is the nightmare that awakens us, sweating
in the dark. He is an entity of pure malevolence and depthless
evil.” Diablo is so powerful, so capable of instilling
terror, he is incapable of feeling fear. Now that is scary. Not that you could convince him that. I know that Diablo does not have roots in
literature, but there are plenty of Diablo tomes floating around in our earthbound world. In 2002’s Diablo: Kingdom of Shadow, the
Prime Evil attempts to open a passage between Hell and Sanctuary. If Sanctuary isn’t safe from hellfire, where
is? He, as the most creative and far-sighted of
the three Prime Evils, has a great capacity for cruelty on all planes he inhabits. Much like the Lovecraftian son of Azatoth,
Nylrahotep, Diablo sees himself as an artist of terror. He does not seek satisfaction in the form
of conquest, but instead from the terror he instills in all of his victims. It could even be said that he is the embodiment
of terror itself. Possessing powerful magical and physical capabilities,
once awoken, Diablo is an extremely dangerous being. Even if defeated or sealed away, there is
always another way for the Prime Evil to make its way back into the waking world. Like a good horror movie villain, you can’t
keep Diablo down for long. NUMBER FIVE: THE GOD HAND / THE IDEA OF EVIL Berserk is a manga that does not pull any
punches. Extreme violence and sexual themes run throughout
this long-running series as it struggles with ideas ranging from isolation, to camaraderie,
to the fundamental nature of human beings. Good and evil come up a lot, and no beings
embody evil better than the God Hand. I’ll group them all into one entity serving
the Idea of Evil because that makes things a little more neat and tidy for the purpose
of this list. Got a problem with it? Make your own list! The God Hand consists of five members, representing
all sorts of forces beyond our control: Fate, Temptation, Deception, Famine, Pestilence,
Gravity, and Space. They rule over the human realm in servitude
to The Idea of Evil, and have had a hand in shaping many major events on Earth. They also look like Cenobytes from the Hellraiser
films, which definitely makes them a great degree scarier. As the most powerful demons, they reign over
apostles and grant beherit users reincarnation, in exchange for a sacrifice. That is part of what makes the God Hand so
scary: the sacrifice. A major character in Berserk, Griffith, is
gravely wounded at one point and unknowingly activates his behelit during an eclipse. This brings him into the realm of the God
Hand, along with all of his comrades. Once there, the God Hand begin the reincarnation
process with Griffith, so that he may become reborn as one of them. However, this means that the people that mean
most to Griffith must be sacrificed. All of the members of the Band of Hawks are
murdered, and only two other major characters, Gust and Casca, survive. The fact that five demons hold such power
over all of humanity, and are constantly looking for ways to add to their ranks is legitimately
terrifying. What is even more scary, though, is that they
are only the functional extension of an even higher power: The Idea of Evil. This is supposed to be humanity’s collective
consciousness finding a scapegoat for all of the horror and atrocity in the world. If I hadn’t already convinced you that humanity
was actually the scariest thing of all, maybe the fact that humanity dreamed up a scapegoat
so powerful that it gained sentience and started to change the course of world events will
adjust your perspective. This concept, The Idea of Evil, was so powerful
that even the creator of Berserk, Kentaro Miura, actually retconned it after originally
writing it in. Miura stated that it limited his creative
freedom, and wanted to ensure that God was left ambiguous. The Idea of Evil was too powerful for even
the author to let slide, so we’re left with just the God Hand. Pretty scary stuff. OUTRO That wraps up our list for now! I threw some odd ones into the mix this time,
what did you think? Are there any Gods from literature that you
think could outscare my choices? Would you like to see another list full of
terrifying deities? Let me know down in the comments! Have at it! Also, if you haven’t already please give
this video a thumbs up, and subscribe if you like playing out the destruction of worlds
with me! Until next time, try not to summon anything
that could end the world as we know it! Thanks for watching.

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